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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB 64GB (New) $480.79, Huawei Nexus 6P 32GB (Refurbished) $183.79 Delivered @ Geardo



LG G5 32GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $150.79

HUAWEI NEXUS 6P 32GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $183.79

LG NEXUS 5X 32GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $139.39

LG G6 32GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $234.79

LG G6 64GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $521.29

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL 64GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $744.79

GOOGLE PIXEL XL 32GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $299.29

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 N920F 32GB REFURBISHED Specs Click here $289.79


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Phone: 0395325391 MON-FRI 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Thanks for all the support from OZ Bargain community! We hope you enjoy this great deal.

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  • Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB 64GB

    Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!

    Also Priority International Express Post: A$18.79

  • G5 looks to be alright.

  • +20

    Read the comments here before buying from these guys. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/396152

    • +1

      Yeah, "refurbished" means infested with adware.

    • +1

      To summarise a few, a lot of people received overseas versions that didn't work well in Australia (which isn't listed in the advert), a lot of phones with issues (won't charge, defective screen), and buyer was difficult to contact.

      Definitely a buyer beware situation.

    • +1

      Flashing dodgy ROMs riddled with adware? That's the dodgy crap that Chinese sellers used to do with Xiaomi back in 2014. Very bad.

      Looks like they oversold the product and rushed to get more without losing money. Got a different region and did some googling to find a ROM to cover it up. Unfortunately everyone knows googling for ROMs can be tricky business and they got a dodgy ROM. Rather than thoroughly testing they rushed to send them out before more customers raged.

    • yup i wouldn't go near them based on what ive read and seen

  • The G6 64gb says $521- double the price of 32gb!!… it's actually 250 w/gst

    • +1

      The rest of the phone prices seem decent, but that's without the context that these are actually used/stolen/broken devices that are made functional again… but they come devoid of the original box/accessories and in a visibly used condition.

      And to think I got mine for $460 back in June 2017, when the specs were considered "high-end" and the design considered "premium".

      It's a solid mid-range device, especially with chipsets out there like the QSD 710, devices shipping with AndroidOne, and more and more devices coming with fragile glass design with a notch and locked battery compartments. The faux-speakers are becoming commonplace as well as the adoption of some splashproofing or water resistance in the midrange segment. I guess the worst part is that both Apple and Samsung have increased the price of their flagships quite high, and that has shifted in other OEMs like OnePlus/Xiaomi to increase the price of their midrange phones. So while midrange devices have gotten better than previous, they're now doing so with the budget of previous flagships. So its really a regression and not an advancement, especially if you can think back towards the 2010-2014 era.

  • Mmmm Nexus 6P or LG G6?

    Main priority is display quality and camera.

    Which would you choose?

    PS: previously had an LG G4 with boot loop, fixed under warranty.

    Thanks all.

    • +2

      $184 for a 6P is a very good deal. I can't comment on camera or screen comparison to the G6 having never used it though, but I didn't have any qualms with the quality myself in any way.

      My old Nexus 6P (that's now an active spare) just got updated to 8.1.

      • Im assuming you mean it just recharged the September security patch? Nexus 6P updated to 8.1 from 8.0 a few months ago (well, mine did).

        • Is it likely to get any Pie love?

        • +1

          @ozhunter68: Nope. Only security updates until November then that's it.

        • @Soapdroid: Looks like that ROM is fairly new, meaning a lot of performance issues and/or bugs. Not something I'd want to install on a phone that is my daily driver.

        • @Trishool: Either way, it's being worked on. I don't have my 6p anymore, but would feel comfortable running this rom based on comments. If you're not, this rom will likely have improved in a few months to the point that you may.

        • +1

          @Soapdroid: Yep I'll definitely check in on that ROM in about 6 months - by that time I'll likely be actively looking for its replacement anyway. Thanks!

    • +7

      Don't get the 6P, I bought one when it was new and had the well known battery shut down issues, after getting a RMA the issue happened with the second phone in about another year. The camera and screen are great, the processor was known to overheat after extended periods.

      I've tried the G6 and it's a much better phone, only cons are the IPS screen (I personally prefer AMOLED), and the worse camera compared to the 6P (Still more than decent). The G6 does have a wide angle camera and waterproofing though, and it's more recent. The G6 recently got Android Oreo and will extremely likely get Pie, but the 6P has reached EOL.

      I understand your priorities are the display and the camera, and the 6P is better in those aspects, but the trade offs of the shitty processor and the battery issues are not worth it at all. I'd get the G6.

      • +4

        Second this, run far away from 6P. The battery issues just make it a ticking time bomb where the battery is either dead, or dying. The fact that you can't get an official battery to replace it with makes it unsustainable for long-term use.

      • +3

        I was bitter about this a month ago but then I decided to buy a $20 battery off ebay and changed it, now my Nexus 6P lasts more than 1 full day with average use. Happy again.

        • How did you change it? Isn't it suppose to be non-removable? I don't see any easy way to open the back in any case

        • @ilikeblue: It's possible, just takes some time and a heat gun. There is a chance of cracking the screen when you do it though. Plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to open the back. Personally, I didn't think it was worth the time and effort, the phone was getting slow enough.

        • @puzzles2:

          I got mine replaced by a store in Sydney city. $70 done in 30 minutes. Battery will last until 1% and no more random shut down at 20%. Battery easily last whole day at work. But buying third party battery needs some luck, you might get a good one which gives 5 hours screen on time but mine is only giving about 3.5 hours screen on time . Personally I would pay someone who has done it multiple times before to do it to save some time and not risk damaging the phone.

        • Can you share the eBay link please? My last 15 hours but gives only 3.5 hours or less on on screen time.

        • @jjjia: Was that $70 for the battery and the swap out, or did you source the battery from elsewhere?

        • @Trishool:

          For battery and labour so quite a good deal for me as the phone will be otherwise too unreliable

        • @jjjia: Im in Sydney so would be very grateful if you could pm me the store details, thanks in advance! I'm charging my phone 3 times a day now!

    • +1

      Currently using 6P and my only advice is to run as far away as you can from it. The battery doesn't even last an hour when the only thing I'm doing is reading on lowest brightness btw, oh and opening snapchat means insta shut down no matter if its charging or "full battery"

      • I just had mine replaced for $70 you might want to try that.

    • G6, easily.

  • Hi rep, any idea if the g5 has the bootloop issue fixed?

    • +27

      Yes it has ( posted from a G5 )
      Yes it has ( posted from a G5 )
      Yes it has ( posted from a G5 )
      Yes it has ( posted from a G5 )
      Yes it has ( posted from a G5 )
      Yes it has ( posted from a G5 )
      Yes it has ( posted from a G5 )

      • +4

        Bootloop fixed but looks like there might be a messageloop issue

    • The bootloop was not a software issue. It was a hardware issue, something got to do with a connection on the board or something along those lines

      • The solder joints coming off. Causing the bootloop. From memory most started to bootloop after a year of use.

        This is also known as touch disease on iPhones. No boot loop but doesn’t recognise touches which is the same as a bootloop, you end up with a useless phone.

  • Is the battery on the nexus brandnew?

  • +2

    Nexus 6p has bricking issues. Best to avoid as mine died just outside of warranty but fortunately was replaced. Some issue with the chips or something becoming faulty. A fix was to root the phone and disable some cores essentially throttling the phone. Not possible if it gets stuck in boot loops

  • Rep are your xiaomi phones the global version or Chinese

    • +1

      no band 28,no nfc …..not made for australia that is for sure ….

  • $200 for a G6

  • Looks like the LG G6 is sold out.

  • Does Refurbished also mean battery replacement? What does it mean exactly..

    • Used.

      • +3

        And with a modified system image that includes malware/adware. I know because I got sucked into buying a S7 from them.

        • Cheap is good but from similar experiences I think its worth just forking out the extra $150 and avoid the headache.

  • Note: Single sim refurbished phone sourced globally.

    Band 28 ?

    • +1

      a lot of models that are made for the “real global market” have band 28 as some european countries use it already and more are adopting eg so eg g6, pixel,have band 28.

      xiaomi idea of global is often , not always, a chinese phone made for use outside of china so they add playstore , xiaomi next biggest market outside of. china is india ….no band 28, they even have 4 factories in india.

      some of the chinadroids are designed to specific markets, and modifying the software and certifying extra bands is waste of them for them.

  • +24

    Negging this deal based on the previous comments in the other post, in regards to adware and malware installed on these supposedly refurbished phones.

    Will remove neg when Rep comes out and states that all phones come with their original firmware from the manufacturer and customers can ask for a no questions asked refund should they find otherwise.

    Too many non techies buy these phones (due to price) only to be scammed via hacks and worse identity theft.

    • +2

      I think this is a valid concern. I bought a Samsung in the last deal and was affected by popup ads but it was a simple fix for me but may not be so much for others.

      I however, suspect this issue might just be limited to S7 models.

      I bought a Lg G6, to me for the price it's worth a try.

      • LG G6 64 GB is not a good price TBH unless you bought the 32 GB one.

        • +1

          it's actually 250 w/gst For 64gb. Click on link.

  • +1

    When are them filthy deals coming back. In April the Pixel 2 XL was going for 59/month. Havent seen any flagships come to this price since.

  • +2

    After reading the last post, get a bad feeling about software modifications and wrong model shipping… No deal for me

  • +3

    people need to be specific about what adware they found on the phone, some is added by manufacturer in certain markets as they are apps people in those marleys use ….like we sometimes get facebook preinstalled, which for a person in china would be bloatware …they don’t use facebook…so compare apps on a china model vs global model , they are different.

    anybody buying any phone should get the latest firmware, and do a factory a rest ….that is just common sense.

    if you want clean OS buy phone with android one and do factory reset

    • +4

      Yes but no phone should be getting full screen popups should they? Even after a factory restore

      • +1

        No they shouldn’t. I have a Xiaomi and they don’t even do that. I know it’s sending stuff to China but it is to their servers. Not some random server as a previous poster has mentioned.

        If the rep can guarantee this then it would be resolved straight away.

        I just have a feeling that they cannot because some of the phones they have are different models and then they will flash another countries firmware and that might have a different feature set. See the other post about certain things not working.

    • +4

      I didn't look too deeply into it, but there was a preinstalled APK called ZZY sucking down megabytes of data usage. There were also numerous shared libraries made by ad companies installed in the system libs directory.
      Busybox had been installed although su had been disabled. Still enough to fail SafetyNet. Knox tamper detection also permanently tripped so Samsung Pay is not usable.

      All of this crap was preinstalled i.e. part of the system image. Doing a factory reset does not remove it, you have to flash a new image. Getting the "latest firmware" is more difficult than it sounds because the phone can't even be properly identified due to having conflicting baseband/app/IMEI regions, plus the samsung phones have downgrade prevention so if a later version of the wrong region has been applied you can't switch back to the original region.

      • +2

        Straight from a user that has experienced… would avoid like the plague now, even with the guarantees. Why risk the headache.

        Thanks for sharing ssquid.

        • +1

          Yeah thanks for sharing I want a phone I can use straight out of the box. Price is really tempting but I'll pass because of this. Cheers

  • Do they support multi language?

  • Not able to buy g6. There is no option to add to cart.

    • They appear to be out of stock.

  • Who received shipping notification?

    • not me, paid Friday at 10pm
      still nothing , emailed them . was told i paid after business hours and have to wait
      yet its now Wednesday with no shipping or message back
      id rather a refund after reading half the comments here

  • My order was shipped yesterday. Finally..

    • Have you received it yet? I got mine, funny thing is I don't recall it being expressly stated the version was LGM-G600S/L/K yet that's what is says now. Likewise there is a band list there and I don't recall that being there when the listing went up. Be interested to know if I am just blind or forgetful.

      • I received mine. The screen is slightly burnt which is a bummer, otherwise it looks new. Not the best condition unfortunately.

        • That sucks. Mine is almost new condition. At worst the screen protector isn't on there, everything else is perfect. The only annoying thing now is trying to get a non Korean based rom (S version).

        • @namgib:
          I got scratches on screen. Small crack on backing and a non working fingerprint reader with a power button that only works sometimes
          Super disappointed

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