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Free Book: Photographically Speaking by David duChemin (269 Pages, 11MB PDF Download)


Can't complain with free, and it's an awesome read. Some great reviews here. Click the link and you have it beautifully formatted on desktop/tablet/mobile. Enjoy :)

Thank you so much for your patience this last week or so as I've launched The Traveling Lens. As a thank you for your patience, whether you enrolled or not, I also want to offer you a downloadable copy of my book, Photographically Speaking. It’s a lower resolution than makes for a quality printable version (I'm sorry, it's the only copy I could get before the publisher put it out of print), but the content is all there. And since my previous publisher has stopped publishing photography books, this is now the only way you can get a copy. I hope Photographically Speaking helps you take another step forward in this craft we both love. Thank you for your continued trust and allowing me to be part of your creative journey. David duChemin

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