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ALDI Toilet Suite (Nu at Home Brand) $99 Including Installation - Clearance Item, Stock Varies, In Store Only @ ALDI


As per a previous deal, in June Aldi stores across Australia were selling a full toilet suite (bowl, cistern, seat) and installation for $299.

Bunnings countered with a similar deal.

As a result, some Aldi stores have unsold toilets. They have been progressively marking them down. They are now running them out at $99 down from $299.

The toilets are full ceramic bowls and cistern (not plastic). They also come with a soft close seat. These toilets can be installed in homes within 50km of an Aldi store.

$99 for that is RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP.

Stores I have visited recently that have stock include:

Salamander Bay NSW
Raymond Terrace NSW
Westleigh NSW

You can call Aldi customer service to check which stores near you have stock

Your local Aldi store may have lots of stock or none.

To give you an idea, a lot of plumbers would charge $300 or more just for installation of a toilet suite/removal of old one. That is labour only - the actual toilet suite would be an additional cost.

If you buy a toilet at Bunnings, they can install it for you - at an additional cost of $275 on top of the toilet suite (their suites start at $70)

From the Aldi Nu At Home FAQ:
Q. Are there any extra costs?

A. This product includes the toilet suite and professional installation. Occasionally, there will be some additional services required for your new toilet. The most common extra services include: a new hose ($5), a new tap ($5), removal of old toilet suite ($30), concrete removal ($25). Our professional installers can supply these at the time of install if necessary. They will only supply these services if they are required for compliance for a safe install and you agree to them.

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  • +32

    for 99 , tempted to put one at balcony as a 2nd toilet

    • +10

      Advantage is no plumbing required.

      • +2

        But the mother in law lives downstairs, oh right.

      • I had a periscope with a flush button attached in mind

    • Is there something wrong with the one you already have on the balcony?

  • Shouldnt this be added to the https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/290298

    • +5

      Personally I think that thread is a dogs breakfast.

      • Same but that is where my Aldi deal got moved to

  • +7

    Another crap deal

    • Praise from jv is praise indeed

      • How can you poo poor this deal?

    • +9

      I thought it was a suite deal

      • +2

        dunny know about that…

    • Yeah it gives me the shits

    • I’ve been busting for a deal like this. LOO I meant LOL.

    • +1

      Thanks jv, but it's not my deal, someone else posted it…

    • +14

      Wow that's a great deal. Maybe you should post it.

      That would be your first deal in nearly 9 months of membership!

      If it's $0.99 with installation it would be truly an epic deal.

      • +2

        The $0.99 deals are a diy kit to dig a hole in the ground…kit can be reused though so can dig multiple holes if required…enought for the whole family and even guests

        • Another 99c to fill them in?

  • +2

    Are there any cons to these toilets?
    Did I read suggestions here that they use non-standard pipes or something like that?

    • +10

      They are Australian standards approved.

      Cons might include:
      * Hard to get spare parts if your parts break as they arent sold elsewhere
      * they are water saving, so use less water
      * Their cistern is smaller than most older, non-water saving toilets
      * The styling may or may not be to your liking
      * they can only be installed in S-Trap outlets - ie. toilet drains to floor

      • Thanks Aussietivoman

      • I havent checked but I doubt they are jard to get spare parts for, they would be everywhere on eBay but you couldnt just look up a brand or model which makes ot a bit more difficult, but parts are likely to be abundant and cheap.

        They are not a back to wall toilet which is the current fashion. The water saving point os a good point?

        • Water saving is good for the environment, but it means they may not flush as well as an old school toilet due to less water in flush.

          A bit like water saving shower heads - great for the environment but i much prefer an old school one…

        • @aussietivoman: I know what you mean, but the necessary anount of water to flush is a function of the size of the trap, poor flushing is more bad design. I just moved house and had cheap modern toilets from eBay and they flushed perfectly, so much so I used the half for most twos. I am in an older house with an old 12L flush now and its a huge waste of water, flush seems to take 30 seconds :)

  • No Jackass antics please

  • +1

    Can’t wait to unload some big dumps into one of these.

  • +1

    Suite deal

    • No sh!t.

  • +1

    Many Thanks, been hanging on a long time for this deal and relief is not too far away.

  • Time to put one in my lounge room.

  • any in Melbourne ?

    • +2

      There’s about 4 or so at West Melbourne, but ticket price is $149.

    • I saw some in Abbotsford, Also $149 I think..

  • Shame no Aldi store within 50km radius of me has stock :(

    • +1

      extra cost: if your install location is further away for a small surcharge of $1 per kilometre for all travel over 50km (not a lot more…)

  • +4

    Very hard to book a time to install it, almost no one answer the hotline for booking.

    Finally booked a timeslot online, took day off from work, no plumber showed up, no call either. Tried to call hotline several times, then was told local plumber accepted the job, but left message in last minute on their system said no go. Informed local plumber would call to reschedule job. Well, four days later, still no call.

    If this is worth your trouble, you may consider.

    • +3

      Keep hanging in there. Once you do make contact, I'd tell 'em to get their sh!t together.

    • You must be bound up. I hope it gets installed soon.

      • I’d say plumbers must have sh1tloads of work on thanks to this deal.

  • +2

    Buy this just for installation of xiaomi smart toilet?

    • I'm also wondering this.

      Anyone here with Xiaomi smart toilet and Aldi suite?

  • +1

    Saw one at Kenmore QLD today (went to pick up a bike!).

  • rang ALDI but Westleigh don't have stock, when did you see it in store @ $99?

    • Wednesday morning

      • +1

        thanks so much must be aldi phillipines call centre mis-informing

  • Can confirm Raymond Terrace had none left.

    Destined to keep crapping in the back yard for the foreseeable future :-(.

    Edit: Aldi customer service said one left at Baulkham Hills, and one left at Kellyville.

  • +1

    $99 is all very well, but where are you going to source parts from in a few years when a washer needs replacing?

    • +4

      lol. It's not the space shuttle.

  • +1

    Picked one up from The Gap Qld for $149 as I needed a new one for my flat. Still a pretty decent price.

    • +1

      Buy another then return it straight away with your $149 receipt. Save $50. I did that when they dripped from $199 to $149. Can't be bothered found it again though.

  • +3

    Just a warning. Don't try before you buy.

    It's not written anywhere in the store and now I'm losing a day of work to settle this thing.

  • Well if my new Xiaomi bidet doesn't fit my toilet maybe I grab a new toilet too!

  • Tried to post earlier, but four hours ago I rang customer service and they told me
    no stock in NSW.

    • They are liars. They said there was none in store but then I went in and they had stock. $149 though.

    • That is definitely not right.

      I purchased one from Salamander Bay today - roughly noon - they had 3 left after that.

      • Thanks,Spy & Aussietivoman.
        Well that's a bummer - especially as it took about 10 minutes to get through on the phone.
        I asked if they had any stock in Sydney region, she replied, "No." Then she followed up with, "None left in NSW."
        I'll have to keep my eyes open next time I'm at the shops, buut the problem with living in as inner(-ish) city is that good deals don't last long.

        • +1

          I have found the Phillipino call centre to be friggin useless
          They put you on hold for ages and come back and literally make up answers

      • Hi there. Any more at Salamander? I notice that you say 3 at lunch time yesterday but I am worried they have been Broden-ed. I can't find them in Newcastle area. I would drive up there if there is.

  • +2

    Aldi are constipated with stock and finding it hard to move.

    • Its kind of a shitty deal :D

  • Temepted to install one in the wild at a rental property as owner can’t afford more than one toilet. :D

  • Pu at home

  • Can someone please post a $99 receipt for price match purposes as sound stores have it for $149…

      • hi mate, any chance you could include the date / time of the invoice and re-upload your scan please ? thanks very much.

        • +1

          Sorry metalhead. I have been advised not to do that in case i need to claim warranty or do a return.

          The item numbers are clearly shown on the receipt, as is the price. That should suffice for 99% of Aldi store managers.

          This item went on sale in June, its now September. They will know the price is legit.

          Also they can call Salamander Bay if they really want to.

          If they wont match with what I have sent you, they dont want to match.

        • @aussietivoman: ok no problem. thanks mate. cheers

  • Can this be installed in my kitchen next to the fridge or does it require extra Plumbing?

  • At that price I'll get one installed in the car. Luxury.

  • Just curious, how do they install for $99 when it's $30 extra for removal. Double decker? $99 isn't going to include a new installation from scratch (ie a new sewer connection etc).

    • +1

      The $30 removal is if you want them to take the old toilet away - ie. dispose of it.

      Thats a waste of money, if its ceramic just put it in your bin.

      If it wont fit, smash it with a hammer (wear eye protection)

  • +1

    We got one of these installed at $299 and it was a bargain, you seriously couldn't go past it at $99. We had to wait 4 weeks for installation but the plumber turned up as arranged, was clean and tidy and even cleaned up the front porch where he had left some dust from cutting a pipe I think. It works well, no issues at all and its now been installed about 4 weeks. S trap installation, $5 extra for a braided hose was the only other charge and we put the old one in the bin so no removal fee. Old toilet was constantly running and it was a major fix of the 20 year old cistern so far cheaper to get this whole unit for $299. There have been a lot of negative comments here from posters saying you will get ripped off but our experience was good all round.

    • I agree.

      Seriously just replacing a 20 year old Caroma cistern would run to $400+ including installation. This is a no-brainer as long as you aren't picky about the brand of toilet you sit on.

      Was your old toilet cemented or siliconed into place?

      My old one is cemented, installer comes Tuesday. I assume they are going to hit me for concrete removal $25.

      Still a bargain.

  • Got one from Aldi North Strathfield, but they charged $119.20

  • I'll pass on this deal…

    • As long as its not blood

  • Any stock in Sydney? I called Customer Service but can't get through to anyone

    • Yep finally got through and they say no stock in the entire NSW 😞

  • Just had mine installed now, took about 45 minutes all up and looks like a pretty tidy install. The cistern is smaller than my old one so i'll have to touch up the paint around it.

    Word of warning though, you can't sit on it for at least 24 hours after the install (cement needs to set).

    I purchased mine at Salisbury (QLD) for $169, told them that other stores (eg, Carseldine) were selling for less than the $249 ticket price and the manager was kind enough to let me have it at $169. He explained that each ALDI store manager exercises their own discretion in marking down items, so I would say it depends on the manager at your store.

    • Interesting. Mine is installed tomorrow but the guy on the phone said they wont cement, only silicone them in.

      • I did my booking all online - but probably should have consulted with the installer this morning (as the last toilet was silicone’d in).

        • +1

          Installed this morning. A tile broke when removing the concrete from the old toilet - I knew that was a risk and sadly it happened.

          Other than that, pretty happy.

  • Mine was due to be installed in SA tomorrow morning and got a call just now to say installations are being cancelled due to a dispute. Until said dispute is resolved they won’t be installing these toilets. Pretty annoyed tbh. It must be an issue between the SA contracted installation company and NU at home.

  • Does anyone know if this toilet seat, will fit the Xiaomi Smart bidet which has been posted the past couple of weeks.
    I've ordered the damn thing and according to dimensaions, it's only 400mm wide. (Arriving today) - I misread.

    My toilet bowl at widest is 455mm wide. (That's a damn skinny seat they're selling)

    Is this bowl under 400mm wide?

    EDIT: NSW only, ugh

    • Ham this is not a NSW only deal - its Australia wide. The MODS who are anonymous put NSW but thats not correct as confirmed from various people across Australia who have purchased the toilet at their local Aldi stores.

      Discounted pricing varies from store to store as you can see in the comments, but this toilet is 2 month old stock so most stores keen to move it on as its also bulky (comes in 2 large boxes).

      Measure your seat when it arrives. Maybe the specs are wrong?

      I just did a rough measure of the newly installed Aldi toilet bowl- ~36cm wide at its widest point. Maybe ~40cm deep.

      • It's ok - I got the Xiaomi to fit my toilet, phew! You could eat a 3 course meal out of my butt right about now.

  • There is now one left at Abbotsford (vic), priced at $119 but the manager was happy to give the second last one to me for $99, installation booked for early October, so far, so good..

  • There are 3 left in Southport Park at $149.00 each. Good luck!

  • +1

    I paid $109 at Wangaratta 1 week ago - the guy installed it this morning - turned up as booked - I paid $5 for new hose - and I paid the $30 to have it removed. It was a great job - is a smaller cistern than what I had - but for the price to have it installed as well - its a ripper. It was siliconed in place.

  • +1

    $74 at Sunbury Aldi
    About 6 left

    • Wow $74

      New low !

      Seem to be sold out in all my usual haunts

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