This was posted 1 year 11 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Battlefield 1 - Base Game $6.24 (85% off) + Free Premium Pass @ Origin


Battlefield 1 for PC $6.29. Pretty good price. Looks like dropping price in prep for Battlefield 5.

Thanks to SpaceGhost for the info that the Premium Pass is also currently free for BF1.

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  • I picked this up this morning for my spare account. All the DLC is also free.

  • Worth the cost and online play for couple of months before BF V is out. I am sure BF1 servers will have players playing after that as well.

  • How do I get the free premium pass? Seems need to purchase the revolution version to get a free pass?

  • Worth the cost for the single player campaign.

  • Free Premium Pass to Battlefield 1 from 11th to 18th September. Go to that post for more info (PC, PS4, XB1 all covered).

    This post is essentially a copy of a comment in the Free Premium Pass deal. There are other cheap offers mentioned in that post (for other platforms). I can understand why some people like a separate post, but it would be nice if OP at least put a link to the other deal.

    This is old news if you are aware of the free premium pass. I + voted for the free premium pass deal (happy to do so), but I refuse to + vote this (it does feel like a duplicate to me). It leads to people asking repeated questions already answered in the other post.

    • I disagree. I ignored the previous post because I didn't own the base game. This is the news I needed, I'm off to purchase. This is a great deal.

  • Thanks OP, glad I've held off paying $17 from cdkeys yesterday :p

      • I was going to get it yesterday before going to bed but kinda held off because I thought there are still days to go. I was checking my phone in bed this morning and saw the Origin deal :p
        Just paid for that and got the premium pack :)

        I'm now waiting for origin to drop their price on BF4 instead of paying $8 from cdkeys lol

        • Yeah I kind of panicked which I am paying for now. Definitely wait more for the BF4 to drop imho.. personally if I could refund right now I would.. BF1 and BF4 don't really interest me after seeing BF5.. yet to try out BF3 but youtube videos look good it might be the one.. also gonna try hardline but not sure if it is my type or not. But for some reason BF1 and BF4 don't do anything for me visually.

  • Pricing available from last night but could not checkout!
    Bought it just now from mobile and came here to share, good to see it's already posted!
    Now to add the premium!
    Great deal!

  • +11 votes

    Despite this being a good deal, and I will upvote it because it is, I am not buying another thing from EA in protest of all the atrocities they have caused the gaming world - and I haven't since the abomination of SimCity. Those bastards can rot.

  • Avoid bf1 on pc they even have a refund policy set up for australia cause it's so dodgy

    • Oh they do? can you explain more I may need this.. do you know if one exists for BF4?

      • There's a link posted in the BF 1 free premium thread.

      • battlefield 4 is by far the best for online so i can't see getting a refund for it as it has a huge community still even on ps4 xbx and pc, i got a refund from origin for bf1 4 months after i bought it straight away. under aus consumer laws is all you say to get a instant refund if bought online.

        • It is just hard for me to go back to the older ones even bf1 after playing the bfv open beta and that being my first Battlefield since 1942.

          Personal opinion bf1 looks cartoony.. Bf4 feels like bizaro old mw1 cod.

          Personally graphics plays a huge part nowadays in what I play and honestly some of the older battlefields have a lot of stuff going on in the ui and overall game compared to bfv layout while not perfect is much better in my eyes.

          I don't know I just really like what they have done with Verizon now after seeing 1 and 4. Maybe 3 is the best but have not tried that or bad company or hardline yet

    • No, they have a refund policy due to consumer law. So does every game on steam, are you saying every steam game is also dodgy?

    • I play it on PC and have no real issues. What stuff are you talking about?

  • Great deal but anyone else have the problem with installing origin, getting an error 20:6 tried everything

  • I'm super excited for BF5. My wife's son still plays BF1 and he loves playing as a black nazi which gives me mixed feelings.

  • it's been updated for premium origin accounts on mine, maybe just live chat with to fix the issue

  • if anyone has ps4 it's23.95 for BF1 BF4 and BF hardline all with premium all dlc's etc… It's called Battlefield Anniversary edition in search bar for ps4

  • Bf4 was still worth 20+ some years after it was released. It hasn’t been that long and bf1 is worth $6.24? Times have changed

  • Does this have a good single player / campaign?

  • +1 vote

    Meh, I paid 6.99 for EA Access for 1 month and beat this game in less than a week. It's quite short.

  • Would be great if I didn't have that stupid "Well, that didn't go as planned"

    "Origin encountered an issue loading this page. Please try reloading it – if that doesn’t work, restart the client or try again later."

    issue. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same… Origin still sucks.

  • Stores have been almost giving BF1 away for a while now. I wonder if the player count dropped. I stopped playing before all the major dlc came out.

  • I've been playing the single player campaign. I'm not enjoying this at all. It reminds me just how much I dislike this kind of game.

    It's hard to tell friend from foe. I have this problem in CoD also.

    You die in just a few shots. It's only realistic you say?

    The frustrating parts are when you're one man against 20+ and if you've killed 18 of them but the 19th gets you, you have to restart that whole firefight again. 1 v 20. How realistic is a situation like that?

    All of the campaigns are told from Entente point of view. This is tantamount to EA calling them the good guys in this war, and Central Powers the bad guys. I don't like this declaration. In reality, unlike with WW2 there were no clear cut good guys or bad guys. The war was pointless and not worth fighting.

    I'm disappointed that there's no campaigns from Central Powers POV. I understand game devs chickening out of letting you play as Axis in ww2 shooters because letting you play the bad guys would be controversial (I'm still disappointed because I want to see it just once). Those reservations shouldn't apply to WW1.

    There is a mission where you take control of a pigeon. The controls were god awful and unplayable. It's like the bird can only do a steer dive or climb. It can't fly straight forward. It is extremely unresponsive and not agile at all. This was very frustrating.


      Stop playing the single player then, damn. They are only tutorials for the actual game.

      • I don't play this kind of game in MP.

        10 years ago I was still semi-competitive. Now it's no fun for me.

        I only play these and CoDs for their SP campaign. But I haven't played either BF or CoD in many years now. The last CoD I played was either MW3 or BlOps1. MW1 is still a classic.

        SP appeals to me for the story. There's never been a WW1 game to my knowledge. Certainly not as an FPS. This is novel. I've waited a long time for a WW1 game. About as long as I've been waiting for a WW2 Axis POV shooter. As a history buff, I wanted to know more about the conflicts and how they played out. It's a shame we never get to see it from the central powers POV. If you're only playing it for MP, the WW1 setting will be lost on you. It's more fun with better guns. If you're not in it for the story, what's the point in WW1?

        I mainly played it for the spectacle, but I'm finding it a chore now. Why do they make me singlehandedly (no backup) take on an entire village of enemies? You can stealth kill to not alert the others, but once one of them is alerted, the whole village goes into red alert, and stealth is no longer possible. They will always know exactly where you are, even if you are hiding. I hate when games do that.

        You can kill a few of them stealth, but eventually another guard will notice the corpse and go into red alert, which will then spawn new enemies that aren't there if you never enter red alert. It's a bit hard to avoid. Two of the guards are facing each other, so you can't kill one without alerting the other. You have to snipe them both very quickly but unfortunately, this is WW1 where the rifles were garbage and needed to be reloaded slowly after every round. That's not enough time for the other guard to raise the alert and spawn a few dozen more enemies that come out of previously empty houses. I don't like when enemies spawn out of thin air. That's cheap. But it's the CoD & BF style of doing things.

        • -1 vote

          Again, stop trying to play the tutorial for a multiplayer game. There are dozens of amazing single player first person shooters. Play those.

        • @Benjuuuuu: What are they? Every shooter has MP in it.

          Are there any set in WW1?

          What kind of tutorial puts you 1 v 20 with stealth and alerts?

          If they want to do an actual tutorial for MP, there should be no story. It should be simulated MP game modes with bots of adjustable difficulty.

      • If struggling in the campaign I don't like the chances of having a nice time in MP.

        • Campaign uses different rules to MP. They are not even comparable.

          There is nothing an SP campaign can teach you about MP except how to shoot and what the weapons feel like. These don't require tutorials.

          The scripting and set pieces in SP are not there in MP.

          What's missing in SP are the kill streaks and progression system from MP.

        • @lostn: True and all Battlefield games in campaign won't apply guns and upgrades to your loadout.

    • COD WII single play is much better.

      • Yeah but there's been no shortage of WW2 shooters. I got sick of them long ago. They ceased doing anything new.

        I think the Normandy mission is in CoD WW2? So you get to play the opening of Saving Private Ryan for the umpteenth time.

        • It doesn't have a SP campaign, but have you tried Day of Infamy? It has AI bots so you can play objective-based games on your own against AI, with AI teammates supporting you. The gunplay is extremely satisfying.

          I agree with WW2 games being stale. CoD WW2 was incredibly dull for me, it has nice graphics but everything else is exactly like any other WW2 shooter. The storyline was completely forgettable.

      • COD ww2 is better plus zombies adds extra gameplay

  • for f sake, I bought this from cdkey for $17 yesterday…..

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