September 12 Apple Event (iPhone XS, XS Max, Watch 4 Related Discussions)

Hi Everyone!

Is anyone else waking up at 3am tomorrow morning to live stream the Apple special event?

What are you all most excited about?

For me, I have been waiting for the airpower to come out. Fingers crossed you can buy it tomorrow.


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  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • Apple Watch 4

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    My alarm is set for 3am
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    I don't care

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        • It's 720p? Are you serious?

        • +2

          Only it’s not 720p, it has ~62% more pixels than that (1792x828).
          Do I think that’s acceptable at the price? No.

          However you should educate yourself before spreading false information because it doesn’t help anybody.

          The XR has the same 326ppi that the iPhone 6, 7, 8 (including Plus models) has, so users upgrading will simply get a bigger and better screen with no change in pixel density, with the same camera and internals as the XS. I can see what direction they’ve taken, I personally don’t like it, but that’s the real info. XR is also a rubbish name.

        • +2


          Plus models are 401ppi.

        • +2

          @Randolph Duke:

          Thanks, I misread the Apple site. Still, comparing the resolution to 720p is just absurd.

        • @Chewiebacca:

          Agreed, although I’m just as guilty focusing on PPI - but then realised my 5th gen iPad is 264ppi, and that looks fine. I’m leaning towards the XR myself.

  • Hmm $2,369 for the XS Max …….

    When you got a bean counter running the company instead of a genius, you begin to get products that are overpriced and under quality.

    This is the beginning of the end of Apple, which is fast going nowhere.

    Samsung will too, if it continues with its dumb pricing as well.

    • I don't think Samsung's pricing is as ludicrous as the 512gb max. There is a huge gap there. If you pre ordered a note 9, you could have had that, and an S9 for the same price as the max.

    • Be interesting to see Telstra's offering, if they do the $199 unlimited plan with the XS Max 512gb. Does state any phone after all.

  • -2

    The 1800 dollar iphone costs 100 dollars to make. 1700 dollars in profit per sale and you have a trillion dollar company.

    • I feel like the days of I have an idea, turns into a billion then a trillion $ company are gone. But I'm sure something will surprise us again. I'm still fighting for my first mil.

    • +6

      Yeah because R&D is free

      • Don’t forget the free Apple Campus 2

      • -1

        Again, wrong! You don't assess the retail cost of your phone based on your R&D costs. R&D literally has nothing to do with it when you have an established product.

        • +1

          Lol, yeah, development costs don’t need to be recouped.

        • @Randolph Duke:

          Development costs have already been budgeted for!!! They don't price the product based on how much they spent to make it!

          A company will have a set margin they aim for. R&D costs are quite small. Labour & SG&A are the biggest cost to business.

      • -1

        R&D at apple. Open up a samsung. Fit it into a 2004 iphone casing. Release next gen IPhone. Done

    • +2

      do you think they (apple) just magically came up with the entire concept, production and design of the iphone overnight? they had to hire the best of the best, from all walks of life, to come to the product you see now. yes the cost of the product might be $100, but thats because of strong networking and procurement rates with suppliers and distrubuters.

    • +2

      The 1800 dollar iphone costs 100 dollars to make. 1700 dollars in profit per sale and you have a trillion dollar company.

      Your kind of people are very dangerous for society, exactly the kind who get influenced by whatever Alan Jones and Sky news says. You simply know the cost of making the hardware phone (even that's not correct iPhone X alone costed Apple $370 in parts so its either same or more for Xs). You have no regard to, R&D cost, Retail cost, cost of running data centre which helps you in making FaceTime call and iMessage etc etc.

      So please don't spread BS here unless you know what you are saying.

      • Most of the margin will go towards profits. Not saying it's a bad thing.

      • +1

        "costed Apple $370". "costed apple". "costed". Is this the average intelligence level of an iPhone buyer?

  • Looks like Optus couldn't hold up the pre-order launch lmao

  • Well tesltra did it… $199 on a 24 month plan, unlimited data for the 512gb iPhone xs Max… Good on 'em.

    • +1

      Only $4,776? They’re crazy!

    • Signed up on this plan… what a deal! Currently way better value than Optus or Vodafone for sure.

  • Telstra is actually cheaper than Optus :O

    • doubt it

  • +3

    I'm genuinely amazed that people are still excited about iPhone these days.

    I mean, it's well behind other phones in just about every single aspect except price.

    Seriously, try a high end android phone. You'll never go back to the inferior ios.

    • +2


      I am a techie. My house is full of google homes and is mostly automated. My laptop is a surface pro 4. I have a server, 2 htpcs and a gaming computer.

      I have tried android multiple times. It never works out. Android is not an equivalent platform to iOS. The ecosystem that iOS offers is just too good. The consistent updates is amazing. iOS 12 is being released on the 5S!! That’s a 6 year old phone. It also improves performance of that phone such that it completely revives it.

      You people just look at the price but don’t see the benefits. By far and away, my iPhones have outlasted my android. They are worth it just on that alone. But then add in iMessage, FaceTime, a solid ecosystem, regular updates, amazing Apple warranty (I’ve never had any issues getting phones replaced on the spot for relatively small issues). I doubt anyone is using their gs5 or lg g2 still like they could a 5S? That alone makes the premium worth it.

      • Watch Louis Rossman's repair videos. Apple designs flawed and force users into planned obsolescence

        • +6

          My wife’s 5S would argue against that regardless. User experience is what matters and fact is that they are still updating it. You people are delusional. Sorry. Android phones just aren’t very good for long term use.

      • But then add in iMessage, FaceTime, a solid ecosystem, regular updates, amazing Apple warranty

        Don't see what's so great about Facetime and iMessage. Even then, you'd likely also be messaging/calling someone on Whatsapp/Facebook messenger.

        Android is also a solid ecosystem.

        Seen a few updates on my ipad. Maybe because I'm not invested into Apple apps, there doesn't seem to be anything new.

        Never needed warranty with my phone but it would sure be great if I could go instore if there was a need for it.

      • -1

        Funny how just about all techies use Android

        • Not from my experience whatsoever. I used to be a software engineer and the majority of folks I know from those circles use iPhones. Not saying they all do, but it's a common theme that folks just want a phone that works and will last for years.

        • +2

          @blergmonkeys: if it's to last for years, it can't be Apple then. Just about everyone I know in the tech field uses Android (in particular, Samsung or pixel) owing to the fact that you can do more on them. Iphones can't do anywhere near as much, lock you out of a lot, have very limited storage, etc.

          I think these days, since Jobs died, Apple has been well behind the competition and lost their edge in innovation, only fanboys buy iPhone in clear denial of the better alternatives out there.

        • @imurgod:
          The point is that most programmers, sysadmins and other power users don't do work on their phones. They don't need to have access to the file system because doing work on your phone is ridiculously inconvenient - that's what laptops are for. What they DO need their phones for is calls, security, frequent updates, reliability, good warranty in case something goes wrong. Apple nails this. Every android phone I've had (GS4/5/6, LG G2/G6, HTC M9) stopped getting updates within 2 years and suffered from frequent slow downs and crashes. The problem is inherent in android as it's a fragmented system which begets poor long term reliability.

          I agree that Apple has lost the plot recently since Jobs went away. I guess it is a testament to how good the original apple iphone was that they have been able to ride that wave for the last 5 years with minimal innovation.

          As for your point about only fanboys buying iPhones — you've completely missed the point mate.

      • -1

        Another fanboy ranting about apple and their amazing updates. The updates are so amazing because they practically havent changed the UI since iphone got launched. It looks old and outdated, Lacks features and gives the illusion of reliability because low end android phones break down quicker where as there is no such thing as a cheap IPHone. Not to mention the fanboys get a new 2000 dollar device every year and rant about how reliable their phone is for the one year before they get an update.

        • +1

          The hipocrisy of your own fanboyism is showing…

        • -2

          @blergmonkeys: Did you get your 4700 dollar iphone package from telstra yet or waiting it out to buy it outright after sleeping outside an apple store for 2 days ? I am guessing the later.

        • +1


          Attacking the person rather than the message eh? I’m good. I’ve got an 8 I got from Optus via last December’s awesome deal. I won’t upgrade for a few years because, unlike android phones, I can expect 4-5 years of use out of my phone.

          But yeah. Nice one. So funny.

        • -2

          @blergmonkeys: Ah, got mine 5 years ago, still going strong and cost a fraction of what an iphone costs. Still wondering what this reliability issue you are going on about.

        • @trickster:

          slow clap

  • Rocking my Oneplus 6 and wondering what all this iPhone X bs is all about.

    • +2

      Thats until it goes wrong or OnePlus abruptly stops software support after a year after promising 2 years of support. I would say though that OnePlus is the Android phone to buy if you want to buy Android. Pixel is too expensive, Samsung thinks they are Apple but they are nowhere near Apple. A look at the innards of the iPhone X vs any latest Samsung device will tell you how shoddily the Samsung is made and how meticulous iPhone is.

      That said pricing on the Xs Max (still cant get over the fact that this is such a stupid name to have) is ridiculous.

      • Iphones are made at Foxconn and so are Samsungs. Both of them use processing units, touch technology, lenses etc etc from partner companies. What meticulousness are you referring to apart from the fact that alot of those iphone components are also manufatured by samsung. Or is it the illusion you get out of those white sparkly add campaigns you see on the tele.

        • +1

          Because there is a difference between an architect and a brick layer which builds the wall for you. Architect here is Apple and brick layer is Foxconn.

  • Soon everyone will transition over to Chinese phones and put all their information on it.

    Their phones sell for much less, but has cutting edge components in them - too good a deal to be true or consumer blindness ?

    Apple sucks, but I wonder if the Chinese are operating a charity or something so they can sell superior goods at a fraction of the price charged by their competitors?

    • All iPhones are made in China

  • +1

    iPhone XS is a hilarious name, it's just Excess.
    I haven't seen the presentation but from what I've read the phone just had each aspect tweaked a little higher, nothing exciting.

    • thats what happens when you insist on updating a product every year, there is nothing to update! look at the car world, some models go 3 to 4 years before even getting a revision.

  • Lol iPhone XR…how can you make a $1229 phone and have it be less than a 1080p display

    • how can you make a $1229 phone and have it be less than a 1080p display

      Is it a genuine question? Because Apple just did it, so not sure of your question.

  • +2

    For those who are considering purchasing via the grey market (e.g. Kogan) for non-Australian stock phones, there is the possibility you will not get a phone with band 28 if your stock comes from Hong Kong or China.

    According to, there are only 4 variants (2 Xs and 2 Xs Max) that support it:

    Region Xs Model Number Xs Max Model Number LTE Band 28 Camera Sound Dual Nano SIM
    Worldwide model (Australia) A2097 A2101 Yes Normal No
    Japan A2098 A2102 Yes Always on No
    Hong Kong A1920 A2104 No Normal A2104:Yes
    China A2100 A2104 No Normal A2104:Yes
    US/Canada A1920(GSM/CDMA) A1921(GSM/CDMA) No Normal No

    • lol japan camera sound = always on. perverts!

    • My shutter sound switched to permanently on when I went into Japan with a data sim.
      It allowed me to switch it back off when I was in Australia again.
      Surely it is a software switch by region?

      • It's coded in the firmware of Japanese models. It also applies if you have a Japanese local data SIM.
        I was recently in Japan, but I was roaming with an AU SIM and the camera was able to be switched to silent.

  • +3

    The XR looks real tempting.. nice colors and borderline affordable with deals, I can live with the lack of haptic feedback and super retina - never really get why folks want mobile phones with screens better than FullHD… at the end of the day if I want real visuals, I'd just use my big arse 4k TV - no mobile phone is gonna beat that.

  • Has anyone ordered there watch and got it delivered / picked up? I'm still waiting for mine

    • I ordered one from TGG on Monday. It is in stock, but they haven't shipped it yet :(

      • I ordered mine from apple on 21st shows it will be delivered 11-17 nxt month