What Is Your Most Memorable Video Game/s and Console/s in Your Lifetime

I started playing games 30 years ago from my first console

pc fx,
xbox 360,
wii u,
ps vita,
xbox one,
snes mini,
ps4 pro,
ps vr,
xbox one x…..

Most Memorable console/s:
PlayStation and SNES

Most Memorable game/s:
1) Chrono Trigger - It was a game meant to release on a CD console with an All star Team, but turnout still an awesome on the limited snes console and also the birth of legendary composer Yasunori mitsuda + Nobuo Uematsu Chrono Trigger OST

2) Alcahest - The best hack and slash ARPG for SNES a hidden Gem from Halken, believe its Hal Labs now, makers of Smash bros & Kirby series. The OST is one of the best and its that good you wouldn't even know its from the SNES
Alcahest OST
Note: Sorry this was never released in the west but its such a lovely made S.Famicom game.

3) FF4 FF4B & FF6 - These are my first two final fantasy and they deserve a remake.

4) FF7 jpn launched day, completed in 3 days with CRT television in smokes

5) FF Tactics jpn- 1 month in room, (throwing stones at each character to level up….instead of JP up lol)
FF Tactics OST

6) Castlevania Symphony of night - One of the best-made ARPG platformer with …amazing OST. The Sega saturn is the better version.

Note: Didn't include apple or pc.

Fun Fact Highest Game in total revenue 2017
Space Invaders ($13.93 billion),
Pac-Man ($12.81 billion),
Street Fighter 2 ($10.61 billion)
World of Warcraft ($10 billion)
Fortnight ($8 billion -2018)


  • +2

    I had the most fun with NBA live on the PS1 and PS2 with 4 players on a multi-tap.

    • That's nice, only games I played multi-tap at my friend's house was Bomberman and bishi bashi,
      we were not really the sports type multiplayer gamer but more of a street fighting type button bashing 2 player gamers.

  • +4

    'console' - gameboy

    arcade game - hang-on - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hang-On
    any visit to Magic Mountain included a few games on it and Buggy Challenge


    • lol hang-on the music is still in my head until today.

      Very contagious.

      That shen mue/sega person Yu Suzuki is a visionary.

    • HANG ON!! best game ever. Can I find an emulator anywhere??

      • +1

        it was the actual arcade item I liked the most.

        i was barely tall enough to touch the ground when sitting on it at the time.

  • +4

    The ones that stick out for me tend to have great content rather than just great effects (same with movies). So (taking the times that the games were released into consideration), I remember Wizzball on the C64 being a lot of fun. Then Kings Quest 6 on the PC was so much fun I went and spent a fortune on an 8bit soundblaster in order to get the best out of the game. It was so much fun that the Mrs even played it with me and that's an anomaly in itself. :) And let's not forget Sam and Max Hit the Road, totally awesome game for the time and prompted me me to spend an even bigger fortune on a 2X CD player just so I could play it. :) Then came the Battlefield series but I lost interest after BF3. I would have included Skyrim but then Witcher 3 came along and took it's place..such a nice game. Honourable mention goes to Bioshock Infinite. Probably a heap more than I don't recall right now.

    • +4

      Yes, adventure games without speech pack and the Soundblaster card feels very incomplete.

      I have a special heart for Westwood and lucas art games as they were made with so much quality at that time.

      • hah, yes, Lucasarts had some nice games too now that you remind me. :)

        • Lucas arts made zombies :)

      • +1 for Westwood and Lucas Arts :-)

    • Mate, did you play competitive bf by any chance?? I played for 3FSJ in bf2 and Team Revolt in BF3. Loved it especially in the bf2 days. BF3 was good but I mainly flew Jets

      • I was in a clan for BF1942 and BF2 (NmE) but that was about it. I remember the Desert Combat mod for BF2 was pretty awesome as well.

        • I do remember NmE. Those were the days. Oh how I miss them.

  • +5

    Chrono trigger is great. Loved terranigma too.

    I remember roadrash for dream cast.

    Baldurs gate 2 was an amazing rpg.

    • +1

      I like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance rts style.

      • +1


      • Ya little monkey spanker

      • Lol just realized…..I type rts.

        I meant arpg style.

    • Terranigma, Tales of Phantasia, Lufia 2 and Secret of Mana 1 & 2

  • +3

    Most game changing consol for me was the PSX.
    The first modded consol I owned and allowed me access to many games.

    Noteworthy child hood games for me
    Donkey Kong Country 2
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy IX (never got to finish this one due to bugged copy)
    Chrono Cross
    Pokemon Blue
    Super Mario Kart
    Super Mario Allstars

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    you give yourself away referring to it as a famicom and your fave game being chrono trigger, in oz we had the NES, and chrono trigger was never released here. I played it on an emulator when I was older and agree its an amazing game. would easily be in my top 10 games.

    probably my most memorable game would be the tony hawk series. we'd play that all the time as kids, was always good because you'd get 2 mins then the next person would get a go.

    honourable mentions go to the zelda series. I finished 1 on the nes, and like 2 as well, OoT and MM on the 64 were also epic games.

    edit forgot about PC, I spent so much time playing Civ1 (I still play it every now and then)

  • +8

    Memorable Highlights:
    Commodore 64: Boulder Dash & Bubble Bobble
    Sega Master System: Alex The Kid & Golden Axe
    Super Nintendo - Street Fighter 2 Turbo & NBA Jam T.E.
    Nintendo 64 - Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie & Zelda: Ocarine of Time

    After that its been all PC gaming

    • +1

      Agree with all this. Add Impossible Mission for C64 and Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and Mario Kart for SNES. :)

      • +1

        Add Impossible Mission for C64

        "Another visitor. Stay a while. Stay Forever…"

        Still burned into brain after what? Thirty years?

    • +1

      *Alex Kidd

      • +1

        It's a Robert the Bruce == Robert Bruce situation, bestowed after he saved Radaxian.

  • +3

    street fighter on PC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

    Rockman 1/2/3

    Wing commander 2 .
    star control 2 (available for free now under The Ur-Quan Masters
    dusk of the gods

    Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
    Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom

    There is also a pc game get in the medival period that involves alchemy it was a very detailed game set in an open world. I remember liking it but I cannot remember much about it.

    • +1

      Wing Commander was great with the flight stick and Mark hamil in cutscenes.

      Yes, I remember many…many coins went into D&D shadow of Mystara especially the last boss fight.
      Took a while before we found out that you can hide the flames lmao.

  • +3

    Spending countless dollars on batteries for the gameboy playing pokemon - was worth it

    • erm didn't own a gameboy but a plus to you ^_^

  • +2

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    Mario Galaxy
    Dead space
    Crash Bandicoot

    • +2

      Mario Galaxy tunes were my daughter's lullaby music when she was a baby.

    • +2

      Oh man Crisis Core… The Ending ;(

  • +8

    Sid Meier's Pirates
    Street Rod

    Mario Kart
    Rock'n'Roll Racing
    WWF Royal Rumble '93

    Game Gear
    Sonic the Hedgehog

    90's PC
    MS Hearts / Minesweeper :D
    Warcraft 2
    Unreal Tournament :: Tactical Ops mod

    Destruction Derby

    Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

    Currently enjoying Horizon Dawn
    * Waiting for WreckFest for that Destruction Derby nostalgia

    I would have missed a few others, but can't think of them atm.. ;)

    • +5

      omg Rock and Roll Racing that game is GREAT FUN!

      had the first Warcraft - love it when you click too many times and the orge says stop poking me.

      • +2

        or continually clicking on the sheep :)

      • +3

        Rock n Roll racing soundtrack was awesome. Crazy train in 8-bit.

        The stage is set the green flag drops!

    • Dude you have some great picks there but where's the PlayStation games?

    • +1

      You can download Rock and Roll Racing free from Blizzard via Battle.net.

      I uploaded it here if anyone doesn't want to sign in or create on account

    • Tactical ops was amazing!

  • +3

    Donkey Kong Game Watch i

    i think i still have it somewhere. now worth $450!!!

    • My sister used to have it and we would fight over it all the time…..sigh

    • We had Oil Panic, Donkey Kong (orange), and Greenhouse. All most excellent.

    • I saved my pocket money for ages to buy that game. I absolutely loved it. I still have mine somewhere too.

      I also had the single screen Snoopy Tennis but didn't like that as much as Donkey Kong.

    • Actually I sold a 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Game Watch a few weeks back in eBay in good condition (for a 36 year old device), but no box or manual. Only got $100 for it (plus $10 postage).

      I've also got another Donkey Kong Game Watch in worse condition (one cracked hinge, faded screens - still visible but just not as dark as it should be, and a bit of crystal bleed on the top screen - but does not interfere with gameplay), and there were no takers at $70, and I listed it twice for 10 days each time (will relist it next time there's another free eBay listing promo).

      So it ain't worth anywhere near $450 …. "tell 'em they're dreaming".

      • +1

        You should have sold to the americans.

        They usually offer more.

        *list as international minus ….dodgy countries

        • Oh, sounds good! I only usually sell on eBay to clear out household items we're no longer using, so I don't really know the ins-and-outs of selling options. Dumb question, but how do I sell to the Americans? Do I list on ebay.com, or just on ebay.com.au as usual but just set a listing shipping option? Asking as I've got a 3 more game and watch (or similar) items yet to sell.
          Edit: sorry, just saw your edit adding list as international minus dodgy countries - got it, thank you!

        • @nickj:

          Ebay au.

          Checked Usa/uk and au only.
          *checked +ve feedback users

          *checked postage paid by buyer, i would suggest put your own fixed postage make sure it has tracking.
          *describe item in details and test it
          *consoles voltage is 100 in US….important have to put that as it will fry an au console. They will need to buy their own transformer.
          *videogames is a religion over there and thier exchange rate is 70 cents to our dollar lol.

  • +5

    California Games on the Atari 2600.

    • …>_< still a baby

    • +2

      Showing my age a little, but one of my fondest memories is playing Combat on the 2600 with my brother.

      The later on, Yar's Revenge was one of the most awesome games ever.

    • How good was surfing? I loved that game.

  • +3

    Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64. Groundbreaking as it was really the first full 3D exploration nintendo game.

  • +1

    N64 - Super Mario Kart & Zelda
    Megadrive - Alex the kid in miracle world

    • +1

      Bareknuckle, shinobi, sonic and fighting spirits for me

    • +1

      Megadrive Alex Kidd Enchanted Castle actually was garbage…he must have been too busy owning on the Master System.

  • +1

    Knights & Merchants, Age Of Empires. Still play them.

    • hmm age of empires Microsoft's first game.

      • no

      • you mean approximately their ~20th game. definitely one of my most loved, but liked quite a few of the earlier games like monster truck madness and the flight simulator series and close combat.

        my best memories : Missile command on Atari 2600, canon fodder on the amiga, Civ and age of empires on PC,

  • PS4

  • +2

    No N64? For shame..

    Super Smash Brothers on N64. Hands down the most iconic game/console combination of our generation.

    • +1

      Lol thanks for reminding me I had the wii and wii u console too but yeah no n64.

      You know you can only afford that much when you are in your teens. ^_^

      • +1

        Hahaha I didn't have one either (only had a SNES at that point, childhood poverty is no joke lol) - just went over to (one particular) friends place A LOT.

  • +1

    Fav Platform: PC
    Fav Game (at the time): Assassins Creed 2 / Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • +2

    PC TNT2 Red Alert

    • sigh the RTS days when it was great.

  • +2

    Sega Master System music was pretty epic, with Alex the Kidd, Wonderboy and Wonderboy 3 Dragon's Trap. For it's time, Wonderboy 3 was pretty amazing.

    • +1

      Is wonderboy the kid on skateboard and boomerang? can't really remember.

      But I do remember Joe & Mac! that's on a different platform as I never own the master system.

      • +1

        Wonderboy 1 was the repetitious and unremarkable skateboarder boomerang game…but the music still is fantastic. They managed to squeeze quite a lot into one megabit … megabyte / 8

        • Tom Tom’s weapon of choice was a Hatchet, I think Adventure Island was the bomberang.

          Loved (and still do) Wonderboy, I loved Monsterland over Dragon’s Trap, but love the series immensely.

          Best memories would have to be Bubble Bobble on the SMS, so many rage moments playing with my mother, stealing the spoils of war after my hard work.

          Agree 100% with SOTN.

    • Ah my gawwd I loved these, even now I can't get the Alex the Kidd tune out of my head, and wonderboy 3 was insane for its time.

  • +4
    1. Ocarina of Time just loved it so much, was so fun and liked the idea, also was great to go to school and tell my friends where I'm up to and they'd give me tips and stuff.
    2. Fire Emblem (Sacred stones I think on GBA) was just so fun, I was super new to the genre and didn't expect it to be so enjoyable especially as a kid, was soooo gawd hard though.
    3. Goldeneye (64) beating all my friends on it, getting salty whenever I died, such great times
    4. Knights of the old republic, gawd I loved it, I'm a bit eh about the star wars series (haven't seen them all) but I just can't get over KOTOR blew my little kid mind.
    5. Pokemon (red and silver) soo many hours, I used to be obsessed with it, all I'd do is play it constantly, I went through soooo many batteries on the gameboy.
    6. Dragon Age Origins, <3 Morrigan
    7. Original NES Super Mario series, was so much fun but this ones a bit of an obvious one
    8. Grannys garden, Maths dodger, Gizmos and Gadgest and where in time is carmen sandiego. I know they're all educational games but still catch myself replaying when I can.
    9. Age of Empires 1 and 2, so many hours at school playing this
    • +2
      1. KOTOR is looking great at xbox one x ^_^
  • +2

    FF7 on PS1 is in my opinion the best game ever, yes there have of course been better games since, but for its time, it was outstanding.

    Also, fond memories of 'Toejam and Earl' on the MegaDrive 1, I'd be surprised if anyone else remembers this but I loved it.

    • Yeah FF7 was amazing for time - graphics had their own style, still holds up today and worth playing

    • You legend Gaz I love ff7.
      Me and my bro used to always play toejam and Earl. We still do now whenever I go back home to the UK. We flip a coin who goes to be toejam or Earl lol
      New ones comes out in January!

    • Agree FFVII was absolutely amazing.

  • +1

    I played Megadrive Desert Strike on the morning of my year 12 exams instead of studying :)

    Impossible Mission on Commodore 64
    Banjo Kazooie is still quite playable today.
    Zelda Link's Awakening
    Super Mario Land GB

    • +1

      I love the strike series, Jungle Strike is my pick of the bunch - flying a stealth fighter over the jungle and bombing the drug lords crops. And those corny cutscenes were 90s classics.

  • +1

    Sensible Soccer on my Amiga 600+ but overall I think Fifa is the game I have spent most time playing over the years since I first played it around 1995. I haven't played any games in a few years, might have to dig it out.

    • +2

      Never own an Amiga b4 but did play alleycat on PC

      • Loved Alleycat!

  • +2

    RAPTOR - best game ever, SET S_HOST=CASTLE

    • Have played this b4 but can't remember much except that you need quite a few 3.5" floppy disks to install for a shooting game.

    • Insanely good. I played through the trial many many times, then managed to find copy of it years later. It still runs on modern machines

  • +5

    Sega Master System / Alex Kidd in Miracle World - had some wonderful memories with my dad trying to pass certain levels for me. This would've been around 91-92?

    • My son still does that for boss fights.

    • +1

      Thank you for not saying Alex The Kid

    • What a classic - my first console and game - $99 on special back in the old days…

    • Same, the only time I remember seeing my father come to school for any of my school events was when I was in year 5 and him telling
      me that he finally finished it.

      • The memories I have of Alex Kidd is seeing the Sega Master System on demo playing at Toys R Us along side with The Legend of Zelda on The Nintendo Entertainment System.

        This intro takes me back to Toys R Us looking through the glass window wanting the NES control deck. lol

  • +3

    Memorable console - N64
    Memorable game - FF7
    Most played game - Diablo 2

    • +2

      I must agree Diablo 2 has a higher playability than Diablo 3.

      Sorry ran out of votes lol.

  • +1

    'shower with your dad' my fav game

    • hmmmm good for you ^_^;

  • +1

    Tetris on handheld consoles!…

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