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Telstra iPad Pro 12.9" (64GB Model) + 5GB Data Per Month Plan with Peace of Mind Data (1.5Mbps Speed Cap) for $75 Per Month


Although not offered online, looking for IPAD pro on plan, telestra call center offered Ipad pro 64GB, 24 month plan for $75 per month . Includes 5 GB data plus unlimited peace of mind data. Speed limited to 1.5Mbps (Megabits) for peace of mind data (after 5GB). The plan allows tethering.

Include other Telstra perks like Telstra air , Online Streaming of AFL etc, bigpond movie credit etc.

Need to call the call center to get the deal, as online chat is not good enough.

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  • Doesn't really give me a peace of mind if it's capped 105mbps

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    False advertisement!
    Not unlimited!
    Let's say the speed cap kicks in from the beginning.
    1.5mbps = 0.1875MB/sec = 11.25MB/min = 675MB/hour = 16200MB/day = 486000MB/month (30 days) ~ 474.6GB/month
    474.6GB peace of mind is not unlimited!

  • You forgetting 5 GB at the start.

    It is unlimited if you keep streaming continuously, it will not slow down. Telstra system slows down only happens if it is offline at any given instance. No slowdown if online all the time.

    I have proven it on my home broadband. Just stay online all the time. However you have to figure it out how to do that.

    So it is not false advertisement.

    • So how does one go about doing such a thing

      • When I was on the old 56kps plan had a similar situation in that had to pay phone call cost each time logged in. Not a lot of money each time but could have been logging in 6 or more times a day so maybe $50 in phone dial up costs per month. Anyway to make a short story long, there was a program you could get that would access a web site intermittently and so keep you logged in as provider would log you out if idle for say 20 minutes. Might be something similar to fool telsra that you are continuously online.

      • Continuously run torrents that are always downloading something big.

  • Although very slow, $1800 over two years for an iPad Pro 12.9 cellular, (rrp $1399) that can be used as a mobile hotspot with potentially 450gb data per month, is not so bad.

    • Yes. Also IPAD 256GB is $85 per month.

      Remember though that the services offered by Telestra in plan like apple music etc will not slow down. Through you account you may be entitled to 6 month apple music and apple music streaming free on telstra network.

  • It was $69 with 6gb of data before eofys ( for business )

  • I could be wrong, but the $75 per month plan is "$29 plan + $46 tablet" and the CIS says: Peace of Mind data is not available on the $19 and $29 plan. If you have a $59 plan, your plan includes Peace of Mind data at no additional cost but you may switch to Extra Data at $10/1GB.

  • To clarify these numb skulls, it's 1.5Mbps, the lower case 'b' is important, means it's slow, ADSL is about 11Mbps and NBN is 100Mbps

  • i have the ipad pro 256gb and i regret buying it due to its size and weight, i reckon 10 inch is the sweet spot….

    also can you still watch netflix, stan on 1.5mbps?

    • I got the 9.8 inch iPad Pro and regret it. I mean it's kinda of the perfect size for an iPad, but it's too small for sketching comfortably on.

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    Very weak deal. Galaxy far away from Optus deals.

  • Will a new iPad Pro come out this year?

  • That Peace of Mind option is pretty cool. After 5 GB you get limited to 1.5 Mbps which is enough for browsing and email etc. But you would struggle to stream content.

    Thought $75 a month for 2 years is $1,800 which is a pretty high cost. I would rather but the iPad Pro outright and then get a cheap data plan for it. And even tethering when the data runs out.

    Also next month we should see new iPad Pro's come out, so the could ruin your resale value pretty quickly. https://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#12-9-iPad-Pro