This was posted 4 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired FREE - Almost All Audio Courses @ Credo Courses - Bible Related


Explanation of deal per their email:

This summer, during the 4th of July, we offered every audio of all our courses for free. As you may know, due to the millions of downloads that day, our servers crashed and we had to quickly upgrade everything (something that was needed anyway!). However, so many of you lost your free audios since we had to restore our servers to a condition they were a few hours before the crash. We extended the offer a few days to make up for this, but there are still many of you who lost your free courses. I know this because we get numerous messages every day asking why the audios disappeared out of their account or why their account is gone all-togethers.

Once again, I apologize for this. That is why, once again, for a very short time, we have made all the audios of every course free.

RRP per website listed in brackets

Discipleship Program – Digital Audio ($39)
The Crusades – Digital Audio ($40)
How to Study the Bible – Digital Audio ($20)
World Religions – Digital Audio ($25)
Apologetics Boot Camp – Digital Audio ($20)
Atheism – Digital Audio ($20)
Church History – Digital Audio ($25)
Christian Philosophy of Religion – Digital Audio ($50)
Homiletics – Digital Audio ($50)
Ecclesiology & Eschatology – Digital Audio ($99)
Soteriology – Digital Audio ($99)
Trinitarianism – Digital Audio ($99)
Bibliology & Hermeneutics – Digital Audio ($99)
Introduction to Theology – Digital Audio ($99)
The Historical Jesus by Dr. Darrell Bock ($99)
Old Testament Theology by Dr. Tremper Longman III ($99)
The Historical Jesus (Robert Bowman) – Digital Audio ($49.99)
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus (Audio) by Dr. Mike Licona ($19.99)
The Resurrection of Jesus – Digital Audio ($99.00)
Critical Thinking with Robert Bowman ($49.99)
Textual Criticism DVD Vol 1 Audio ($199.99)
Historical Reliability of the Gospels – Digital Audio ($99.00)
Revelation DVD Vol 2 Audio ($99.99)
Why I Am/Not a Charismatic ($90.00)
Christian Apologetics 101 – Digital Audio ($99.99)
Understanding Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses ($49.99)

Non English:
Introducción a la Teología – Audio ($99.00)
Bibliología y Hermenéutica – Audio ($99.00)
Trinitarianismo – Audio ($99.00)
Humanidad y Pecado – Audio ($99.00)
Soteriología- Audio ($99.00)
Eclesio y Escatologia – Audio ($99.00)

Thank you to previous posters of Credo's deals, I've appreciated it (regardless of naysayers/critics). If you want additional solid content, check out Reformed Theological Seminary ( or on your favourite app store) where you can listen to lectures for free.

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  • +4 votes

    Jesus H. Christ that's a hell of a collection!


      Yep there's some great subjects in that lot for sure. Thanks OP> :)

      • +1 vote

        i dont have a problem with the content.. i just dont think it is a bargain. I doubt sales at their normal price actually occur and you can access hundreds if not thousands of free religious courses online.

        • -1 vote

          They have some courses which I think is better than a lot of free stuff you have online. I did one on Udemy, it was really bad. Not saying every Udemy course is bad, but the one I took, Credo Course won't have anything as bad. Even if you can find as good. It's beneficial to listen to different theologian, as they can teach very different theology. Some people also prefer a theologian over another. I don't think usually give stuff for free. Yet they are usually on Ozbargain. Their's different reasons why it can be a deal.

        • +1 vote

          I would counter that it is a bargain, given that you can't usually access that content for free. Whether they actually make any sales at full price is almost irrelevant because it's still inaccessible most of the time unless you pay.

          Accessing other free content is also not really relevant, unless it is equivalent. It's like saying that a mobile RPG game that is temporarily free isn't a bargain because there are other free mobile RPGs, or a temporarily free book about world war 2 isn't a bargain because there are free websites about world war 2.


    Thank you, OP.Do it for the people who appreciate the deals, don't worry about the critics.

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