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Hikvision Ezviz Security Camera 360 Degree Panoramic Wi-Fi Camera $209.99 Delivered @ StarnetOnline


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$6.95 flat postage, free postage for order more than $150

C2C 720P $35
C2C 1080P $71.99
C3W 720P $65
C3W 1080P $111.99
C3C POE 720P $56
C6P WIFI PTZ 1080P Camera $90.99
C4S 1080P Wi-Fi $132.99
C4S 1080P POE $132.99
C6P Mini Pano Camera $209.99

EZVIZ Action Camera S1C $99

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    I for one welcome our new Asian Overlords.


    • Project Insight - initiated

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        Suspecting my LG fridge is reporting back my frequent use, I'm using different facial expressions hoping it wont recognize me?

    • Their mobile app now need location services turned on as well for "reasons".

  • Valk's cameras from RB6:Siege…..

  • +1

    bought these two cameras from the last deal
    C2C 720P $35
    C3W 720P $65 (haven't tried this one yet though)

    And can highly recommend the seller.

    • many thanks

  • Aren’t these cameras banned from US government contracts ?

    • +1

      Yep. Also being removed from installations of interest here eg military and other government facilities.

    • +1

      Yep. If you're going to point it at the sensitive military/commercial information you have lying around your home them maybe think again.
      If you're going to point it at your backyard or driveway, i think you're probably okay…

    • Just block their internet access on your router, and you shouldn't have too many concerns.

      • So true

        If you have firewall which all business/government location should have, you can just block all internet access to these cameras and placed them in separated VLANs so even if these cameras get somehow exploited they cannot access other part of network.

  • Hi rep
    I'm looking for 3 qnap compatible WiFi cameras….cheapest options (did I really need to say that) for outside around the house.
    What do you recommend?

    • sorry , it will not compatible with qnap.

  • Do you have to use their app to view the video, or can you set them up as standard IP camera and view them on an IP webcam viewer or integrate into Home Assistant?

    • yes, you need to use the ezviz app to view, the camera is onvif camera, so it will compatible with other onvif nvr. it comptible wwith google assistant, amazon alexa, and ifttt. you can find this from ezvizlife.com

  • China, South China Sea….> Australia….


    • what's the game called ?

      Sim City : Over 9000!?

  • +1

    China is welcome to survey my driveway 24/7!
    May be they'll be so kind to send alerts to my Chinafone when a person of low social credit comes near my house!

    • Bahahaha