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Dyson Cyclone V10 - Animal $719.20, Absolute+ $799.20 (+ $9 Postage or Free C&C) (Free Dok via Redemption) @ Bing Lee eBay


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    Can also use cashrewards through ebay, mine ended up being at the full price too for the V10 Absolute+ so I ended $9.90 from it.


    Delivery Mid October to Perth so no DOK redemption


      Might be worth messaging Bing Lee to ask when their invoice for purchases are created.

      If the invoice is dated before the 30th September, you'll have until 5.00pm AEST on 31 October 2018 to make a claim.


    Anyone else getting error "We ran into a problem. Please try again later." when trying to apply the PBINGLEE code?

    EDIT: eBay chat sorted it out, code worked great. Thanks OP!


    Thanks OP. Bought the Absolute Plus


    If you have ebay plus there's a SLIGHTLY better deal here which works out to be $782 delivered - called and checked it was AU stock with 2 year manufacturers warranty


    Got V10 absolute+


    If we bought one from the BING LEE ebay store last week with 10% off coupon, and it just got delivered Dyson V10 Absolute 10+

    Any idea how to get refund the difference?


    Bought one, thank you.


    Thank you for posting

    Just FYI have spoken to Dyson and they won’t price match ( because it is from an eBay store) even though it is one of their indicated suppliers.

    I am definitely chasing the little Dok with it so am reluctant to push go on this deal.

    In case anyone is in the same boat - may be worth triple checking this deal is eligible for the Dok

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      You don't have to purchase from Dyson directly, to be eligible for the Dok Redemption.

      Also, I believe if you Click and Collect, you'll receive a standard Bing Lee Invoice in-store, which you can use to claim the Dok.

      EDIT: Just pulled out an old invoice from an item I purchased from Bing Lee eBay C&C, and it a standard Bing Lee Invoice (with a eBay 20% deduction on it).


        Thank you Richard. Greatly appreciated.

        I understand don’t need to buy from Dyson direct to get their Dok ( only need to buy from listed retailers - direct though would have got the Dok simultaneously, impatient me 😜)

        As their price match policy didn’t exclude eBay stores, I called to get price match and they would not honour.

        Therefore, my concern would be them not honouring the Dok deal given they are not recognising the Bing Lee eBay store in the first place as a retailer.

        Great to know re invoice - very helpful thank you. Unfortunately can’t C C as located on the West side.

        Hoping for another Good Guys VIP night before month end.

        Cheers so much again


          It would be hard for them not to honour it. The T&Cs on the Bing Lee Store via ebay says
          "These terms of sale ("Terms") apply to each sale ("Contract") formed on acceptance of an order for goods and/or services ("Goods") placed by a customer ("You") with Bing Lee Electrics Pty Limited ABN 61 000 733 488 ("Bing Lee") through the Bing Lee eBay Store."

          The T&C's on Dyson's dok claim says "Participating retailers are Appliances Online, Betta Home Living, Bing Lee, Costco, David Jones, Domayne, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Joyce Mayne, Myer, Radio Rentals (stores located in South Australia only), Retravision, and TVSN."

          I think Bing Lee sees the EBay store as a "branch" so I think it is fine. I got given a receipt with Bing Lee's letter head and it just shows the ebay code coming in as a discount. The staff member at Bing Lee told me that Ebay pays them back a rebate so the discount is really nothing to do with Dyson.

          The only thing I can think of them not honouring the dok is if they ran out of stock…..


    V10 Animal now out of stock


    Thanks OP. Got an Absolute+. This should make the floor easier to keep clean, less to cart around when vacuuming.

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    Is it a good price?

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    I have 25% off code for the dyson site from the baby toddleenahow SYDNEY this weekend if anyone wants it please PM me. I don’t think I was supposed to see it when I ordered it there!


    Hi all for those that bought the v10 absolute. I received mine today and when i opened the box theres no plastic on all the parts instead it wrap using some sort of paper. The reason I asked of this, when i saw some unboxing video all the parts has plastics like its brand new never been used. I dont want dyson to send me like refurbished. Thanking you all in advance


    Updates from purchase and posts above.

    I agree completely Dyson should honour the Bing Lee eBay purchase and don’t think there will be issue for Dok redemption. However, looking at the price match policy, they should have also matched the price ( no eBay exclusion mentioned) and even though my point was “ understood”, they would not price match.

    We ended up going with good guys VIP/ discounted gift cards etc.
    cost a little extra but got to go home with it hand and peace of mind that we have it before house guests arrive.

    From memory the parts were wrapped in paper also.

    Big tip - check your hard floor powerhead ( yes the bit we pay extra for on the absolute). I was so disappointed when I first used it. Hubby quickly worked out it was spinning the wrong way!!! Lucky for us Dyson is not far away for a change over.

    Last thing - purchased on Thursday and received email today Dok is on way which is nice 👍🏻

    Overall - loving the machine - my goodness it cleans!


    I just purchased through the original deal and spoke to BingLee and they confirmed that I could redeem the dok. It arrived today all wrapped in plastic and cardboard. I cant seem to redeem on the dyson website. Did anyone have any issues? Its not recognising my email and pdf file to upload!!!

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