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[PS4] Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Last of Us: Remastered, Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet 3 $17 Each @ Big W

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  • Awesome games, except hidden agenda, I repeat, do not get hidden agenda, woeful game honestly.

    • Could you expand a little further on why it's woeful?

      I take it it's not like "keep talking and nobody explodes" then…

      • Completely pointless choices, instead of giving us real different options most the time the answers were just reply in a sassy way, or reply in a normal way, most of the games mechanics and choices are pointless. Everytime a similar game like this comes out (until dawn, heavy rain, beyond Two souls, Detroit) my friends and I power through it together, we couldn't make it past half way with this game.

    • Totally agree. Hidden agenda is terrible. Knowledge is power is a really fun party game. It's never the same questions! Love it.

  • ill jump on the blood born

    • Enjoy, one of the great games of all time

      • +1 vote

        And stick to it, I'm ashamed to say it took ~10 hours just to beat the first boss! It's a steep learning curve and it was my first game of this type. Absolutely great game though :)

  • I really need to get me a PS4..

    • With the release of Spider-Man and now these good games down in price, I'm in the same boat as you. Just tossing up between the Pro and the Slim now.

    • worth it just for uncharted series

      • Bloodborne and The last of us are on sale too and some of the greatest games this generation, god damn playstation got good exclusives.

    • I bought a Pro just to play the Last of Us Pt2…

      Being able to fill the 'downtime' with Uncharted and Horizon in particular (and soon to be Spiderman) has easily made me have absolutely 0 regrets with purchasing the Pro essentially a whole year before TLOU is released.

    • Likewise - been wanting to play a few of their exclusives for a while, and at $17 for some of these is an absolute bargain!

    • Do it! Recently got a pro and it's changed my outlook on gaming, thought I was over it but really I just had no good single player games haha

    • Same but my brother has one and I don't want to buy another console if it's the same one haha
      I'm sure he'd let me borrow it for a few days but I'm a very slow person when it comes to games so that probably wouldn't be enough.

    • for someone who doesn't own a ps4 either, how much internet bandwidth (data wise) do you need to get these games to work?>

  • Does Singstar require any additional hardware like a mic, or can you use your phone?

    • from the description: Transform your smartphone into a mic, grab your friends and blast out the biggest hits

    • You can use your phone these a singstar app to use as a mic

    • The smartphone app doesn't work very well. You can use any USB mics. They don't have to be SingStar branded mics.

  • They feel like games that would eventually be free on PlayStation plus

    • Pretty sure Bloodborne Ratchet and little big planet all have been, so you are not wrong I guess

  • Is there a console deal in the same catalogue? Been waiting for a decent sale on PS4 for months! (Yes I missed out on the Amazon sale but I want a white one anyway)

  • We need a deal on ps4 pro.

  • How does knowledge is power compare to the jackbox trivia games?

  • Finally, can buy UC4 and TLOU at a good price.

    • They've been plenty of times you could have bought them for like $20 each during the last year

      • Now I save $6 😄👍

        • UC4, maybe… but not TLOU.. bought it for $9 USD a year ago (or maybe even earlier) - digital version though.

        • @netsurfer: I prefer physical, so I can on-sell when the next digital remaster 8K version comes out. But, if digital is that cheap, easy to overlook.

        • @RocketSwitch: If you are thinking about reselling them, quickly play them and resell. By the time the 8K re-mastered version of the games come out, these would be pretty worthless.

        • @netsurfer:

          Are you guys just speculating or have Sony said that they'll make 8K remasters of games? Because I don't think the art assets of these older games will be available in 8K…

        • @44sunsets: No need to take the 8K remaster comments literally. As for they don't have the assets…

          • How do you explain TLOU supporting 4K mode? Naughty Dog planned for 4K all the way back?
          • Shadow of Colossus - a complete remake - all assets re-done.

          They are games after all. They are not movies where the actors got old and you cannot re-shoot them. My point is, would you buy or sell Shadow of Colossus PS2 edition now? UC4 and TLOU still hold decent values (compared to other games released in those years) because people rate them highly. However, their values are dropping - I sold my UC4 months ago.

  • Any deals on Yakuza 0? I believe it's part of the PlayStation hits range

  • Damn. After already caving and buying GTA V on PS4 when I already had it on PS3, I was telling myself I wouldn't by TLOU. Looks like I'm about to cave.

  • +1 vote

    Is bloodborne the GOTY version?

  • Wow.. Will get few games :)
    Thanks Op for headsup

  • Any of these have 4k compatibility?

  • Detroit for $39 is a pretty solid deal, I bought and sold it at $60 but I want to explore more paths. Might buy it again.

  • TLOU is an incredible masterpiece. Worth buying a PS4 for.

  • now we just wait for amazon to match these prices so we could take 6% from cashrewards :)

    • Amazon has dropped their prices to $20, except for Bloodborne which is $17.

    • Does anyone know why every time I want to utilise the cashrewards, it keep saying to disable the adblock, but I can't see any adblock being turned on nor any adblock in my Chrome add-on (extensions)?

  • competition is sweet.

  • Thanks OP. Got myself UC4 & TLOU. Needed something to get me over the line until Red Dead 2's release.

  • I want to give business to BigW for being the first to offer these prices, but none around me :(

    Amazon it is.

    • You can purchase from Big W online store. Works out almost the same price as Amazon with Postage. (Cheaper if you purchase multiple games, since delivery is capped at $3.90 on Electronic Game)

  • but i've already bought 2 games this year, if i'm lucky i'll get something out of them by 2021

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