expired Spend and Save - $30 off $150, $50 off $200, $70 off $250 Spend @ ASOS

  • $30 off $150 use TREATME30
  • $50 off $200 use TREATME50
  • $70 off $250 use TREATME70

Exclusions may apply. Multiple use per customer up to $950 (pre-discount). Not valid with other promo codes, gift vouchers, delivery charges, ASOS Marketplace, or ASOS Premier Delivery subscription. Min spend threshold applies to value of order when you order and when you return any items. If your returns takes your revised order threshold below the min spend threshold for the code used, you will lose the benefit of the discount i.e. items kept revert to full price and your refund will be adjusted accordingly. This means you may not get the same value back when refunded. Once a discount code is selected and applied at checkout this cannot be changed and a lower min spend discount code won’t be applied if a refund is requested. Only available on orders delivered to AU and purchased in AUD.

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    7% cashback with Cashrewards as well. Today only.


    Don't forget cashrewards


    Disappointing it can't be with different currencies selected.

    I recently bought a jacket which was $240 AUD or 108 GBP ($195 AUD). So big difference in conversions.

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    "Where items are returned from orders made with these promo codes, which result in the total value of the order falling below the minimum spend, the items you keep will revert to full price and the refund you receive will be adjusted accordingly. Eg purchase 6 items for $257 and use a $70 off $250 code, you pay $187 ($257 - $70). As the promotion is calculated on total basket size, if you return one item ($63), it takes your total original order to $194. This is $56 under the $250 threshold and means that the $70 discount is no longer valid and you won’t receive a refund for the returned item."



      Happened to me once, ended up returning the whole order for a full refund.


      Thanks for the warning. Very sneaky. I wonder if this contravenes ACL (2010).

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      Surely they have to do that or you could get unlimited free stuff.

      Buy 5x $50 items for $250 - $70 = $180 then return 3 for a $150 refund paying $30 for 2x $50 items or return 4 and get $20 + a free item back.


        Yeah I can see why Asos would be doing this. I just don't recall ever seeing something like this before.

        It was more a FYI for fellow Ozbargainers. If you end up returning an item, you may not get a refund. So you might actually be better off keeping the item and gifting it to family or friends ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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        No other legit companies apply the discount apportioned across all items so you can still return one or two items . For this reason I no longer buy with ASOS . Iconic much better. There’s always bound to be something that doesn’t fit , once you return one you end up paying full price for all the other items … unless you return the whole order as mentioned above .

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      That is fine in my opinion. If you're unsure of whether you'll like something or not, best not to buy it during this sale.


      I've bought things with similar codes years ago and they'd refund the price of the item, minus discount (as thought the discount was a flat % applied to the whole order). Shame they're not doing that anymore.


    thanks for the heads up. will buy some stuff

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