expired [PC, Steam] Two Point Hospital US €21.42 (~AU $36.25) @ Voidu


I went hunting for a good deal on this game, when I stumbled across lannieboy's deal on this, although it had expired, it turns out Voidu are running a new deal. Use new discount code "PLAYHARDER" for 19% off bringing it down to AU $36.25. Still cheaper than AU Steam after conversion rates.

I won't re-write the write up, so here it is from the OP. I just purchased a copy and it activated in AU perfectly fine :) Enjoy

I've been anticipating this spiritual successor of Theme Hospital since the days of DOS!

For those that don't know what theme hospital was… well.. look it up, but this game was developed with 2 ex-Bullfrog guys and from the review videos I've seen thus far, it seems that it has kept its charm enough for me to buy and give it a whirl.

Game is 28.34 on Voidu and with the 25% code "LASTWEEKEND", it will bring it down to 21.25USD (there's a SUMMER18 discount code lying around if the LASTWEEKEND code expires, but it brings it down to 23.23USD). I'm sure you all have your methods on how to maximize the best exchange rate usd/aud. I was able to activate the cdkey with my Australian Steam account.

Ah, to burn many hours trying to clean up vomit in my mismanaged hospital.

Patients are asked not to die in the corridors

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    Bought this after release, from Voidu, and first time purchasing from them. Can attest to their legitimacy, and actually have found them easier than GMG and even Steam sometimes (getting the code emailed fast, or finding it on their site under your account).

    As a Bullfrog and Theme Park fan from the 90s, this game is right in my wheelhouse.

    Buy this if you like cute micro-management sims.

    Don't buy if you're prone to getting bored with small details and repetition.


      Purchasing on steam has been nothing but instant for me. It's the refunds where steam shows it's true self. No matter what reason you can get a refund for under 2 hours played but no matter what reason if you even have 10 minutes more you can't get one. Even if the game is a buggy mess.


        Honestly, I've bought little directly from Steam (GMG has tended to be my default). I recall buying Dark Souls Remastered earlier this year and getting frustrated because I couldn't find the key after purchase.


    Just a warning about the game itself, as it is still currently pretty rough and has several highly annoying bugs. The devs seem active about patching them, but who knows.

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      Great game. The bugs are minor. They will be fixed eventually. But they are not a show stopper - the game is playable.


    Thanks. Not a great price for what looks like a smallish game but I grabbed it anyway. Always was a big fan of Theme Hospital so it will be interesting to see how it compares.


    this is a bargain at 36$?? surely youre joking

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    Waiting for a Steam Sale.


    thanks OP for this .. been wanting this game and a quick search in ozbargain help me save some $$$

    i can confirm activating the cd key through steam is no problem

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