TVs - Sony KD65X7500F Vs LG 65UK6540PTD

Basically, I've got very little idea when it comes to TVs at the moment, our Hitachi 55 inch just shat the bed after 12 or so years so we figured might be worthwhile grabbing a new one with the 20% off Ebay code.

Looking at what Ozbargain seems to think is a good deal, these two models come in around 1500-1600 which is right in our sweet spot budgetwise (but happy to push to 2k if there's a stellar deal).

Basically main thing that gets watched on the TV is sport. We've got Foxtel, an Xbox One, few older consoles like PS2 and Wii and a Chromecast. Our household uses Android phones and has a Google Home (if there's any benefits)

Anyone got any tips on the Panels/Sound/whatever and WebOS vs Android TV - as I said I have very little knowledge when it comes to the topic.



    Samsung panels are best panels imo


    No idea man. TV is kind of hard to find what does what and which is the best one in the entire category etc.

    Still looking for my ideal/best 65-75 inch TV for 4K and 1080p gaming with a pc that doesn't cost like $5000.

    Narrowed it down many times but was not able to find out which one was better from the narrowed down selections and then they all had problems from other users in one form or another.

    It is a huge crapshoot man I mean even cutting it down to the main brands like Sony, Samsung, Hisense, TCL and LG there are still tons of models between them I might even be forgetting some.


      I agree, I've narrowed down to these two models I reckon but still very hard - unlike computer parts etc. it's quite subjective for the most part.


    why not check with pro instead of bargain hunters?


    As a general rule, avoid LG 4K LCD panels as they are not 4K. They use a RGBW pixel structure which has deleted some coloured pixels and replaced them with white ones, reducing the effective resolution.

    Lower end Sony models tend to have poorer contrast but wider angles due to the use of IPS panels.

    I'd probably go Samsung myself.


      Today I learned thank you see this is why I am putting off my tv purchase because I want to know all the variables before I eventually pull the plug on something.

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