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Allocacoc Powercube 4-Outlet 1.5m w/USB $20 (Free Pickup or + Delivery) @ EB Games


The PowerCube has 5 power outlets.
This PowerCube Extended has a 1.5 meter extension cord fitted to it so you can easily reach a power source.
Its easy to attach the mounting dock where you want and then twist and lock the PowerCube into position.
Can be mounted horizontally, vertically and upside down.
The power rating is 15A and the voltage is 110-240V.

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    There was a recall on these… Are these the updated version?

    • Why were they recalled?

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        • Thanks! I got 2x non-USB versions so looks like they are fine.

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          Only the "reWireable travel" model was recalled (this is the one that allowed you to remove the cable and swap it with a different plug. Great concept, and I would definitely be interested in one of those "recalled" ones if they brought them back in a Australian compliant form.

          For now I have a few of the USB models, they are even surge protected. They always go into the bag when I travel. I have had no issues with the USB ports or durability in the 18 months or so that I have had them.

    • thanks for the comment! I just had one explode tripping the safety switch thankfully. Heard it blow from outside of the house! It doesn't seem to be the same as the model as the one in the recall notices. Mine is a BN6051-03WX. We purchased heaps of them and even as gifts. :( Many are buzzing when the usb ports are in use. This is the first to explode though.. Hope these are not a fire hazard?

  • Note that the USB Charging ports on these PowerCubes are rather weak in terms of lifespan, already had 2 of them died on me in 2 months. Can't be bothered returning them so I am using them as normal power boards without USB ports.

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      same I had 2 that died on me, both were the green though. Maybe I just had the factory worker who was his last day at the workplace.

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        Lol what a way to put it when one got a dud product.

  • Either EB have just picked any old pic off google (likely) or these won't be useful to most, since an Aust 3-pin plug won't fit into those. Also, the unit in the pic has 4 power outlets and 2 USB…doesn't add up to 5…

    Having said that, I've got a couple of these (red ones), seem to work fine.

  • If you have Shipster, you can get 2x for $32 at Kogan


  • These are crap, I just threw out 2. The usb slots are slow and picky about what they work with, the fuse trips all the time and the design is not as clever as it first seems. Pity I didn't hear about the recall.

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