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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2s 10000mAh Dual USB Quick Charge Portable Battery $23.95 + Free Delivery @ Shopro


Great Price once again.
Both Black & Silver options available. Enjoy :)

Brand : Xiaomi
Model: Upgraded Power bank 2
Capacity: 10000mAh
USB Ports: Dual USB

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  • Cheaper on eBay

    And isin't 2 older than 2S/I model?

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      Just an FYI, the product you linked is a fake, MobileMall is known for selling fakes.

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        Just open an snad with PayPal if it's a counterfeit. The buyer may get full refund and keep the item.

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          Except you wouldn't want to keep a fake powerbank. It could be a fire hazard due to shoddy circuitry.

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    Be aware that Xiaomi are misleading. They're 10,000 mah at 3.7V not 5V. It is the equivalent of 6600mah. That's two iPhone charges and some change.

    I have both this and the 20,000 and realized on a holiday how fast they deplete.

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      Every batter brand out there quotes mAh at cell voltage (3.7v in most cases with lithium ion)
      So that trend continues with power banks too, now it would be nice to give us mwh as main advertisement point as it gives a slightly better idea of energy stored (3.7vx10000mah=3700mwh) which in turn you could easily guesstimate the energy at different voltages, however that's still not the full store as you're missing out the conversion efficiency in this calculation. It can be anything from 20%-70%. Now good power banks would consider that in their calculation of number of times a device is charged, for example the cygnett 200000mah USB C PD advertises upto 3x charges switch. Switch has a 4310mah battery (at 3.7v), 3x4310mah=12930mah and 100x(12930/20000)=64.65% which will be the efficiency of the system (powerbank conversion loss + switch conversion loss). Now the remaining 35.35% of the energy is generally wasted as heat (that's why devices heat up when they charge). And roughly 65% efficiency is rather good.
      haven't seen Xiaomi advertise any charge numbers but i remember reading that the Xiaomi 10000mah Pro charger is very efficient (close to 70%)
      And this efficiency imo is much more important that the battery capacity (think about an old big engine car vs a modern turbo charged car etc…)

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        The previous 10,000 gave 77% charging and 95% discharging according to this review, very good numbers by the sound.

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          Wow if those numbers are accurate that's some damn impressive numbers, the 95% is at 5v 1a other easiest scenario for the regulator circuit) but even at the harsh 12v 1.5a it does a fantastic job of 86%, i knew the Xiaomi powerbanks were good but didn't know they're this good (some part of me is still very suspicious of the rather high efficiency that's some damn fine engineering).

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        Signed up to give you a thumbs up, always looking at bargains but never voted for such a Good comment. Thanks there

        • Ah thanks.
          And sorry about all of the spelling and grammar mistakes, that's what I get for posting after a long day at work…

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      It's printed on the box the rated capacity. On the 20,000mAh power bank it says 14,000mAh 5.1v.

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        Printed on the box. Not printed on the item description page where you purchased it.

        It's designed to mislead, because in big print the number will be 20000 including on the power bank itself. The 14000 is only in small print designed not to be noticed.

        Everyone knows the capacity of their smart phone battery, 2500mah, 3000mah, etc. They will just incorrectly assume that a 20000 mah battery can charge their 2500mah phone fully 8 times not knowing that the associate voltage is different.

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          the capacity of their smart phone battery, 2500mah, 3000mah, etc.

          The capacity of your smart phone battery is rated at 3.7V as well. A efficient 20000mAh powerbank will be able to charge a 2500mAh smart phone close to 8 times.

          • @QuarkfiS: i don't know if there's powerbanks quite that efficient, but your first sentence is correct. the charging voltage of 5V doesn't really matter right?

        • Everyone knows the capacity of their smart phone battery, 2500mah, 3000mah, etc.

          Many consumers don't know the type of battery technology used in their smartphone or its capacity. Start talking to them about current, power, voltage and all they hear is blah blah. Manufacturers have to dumb down the jargon to make it easier for consumers to choose their widgets.

        • It's actually on the bottom of the power bank 6500mAh 5.1v which I had no problems seeing on the page.

        • How is it designed to mislead, the power bank is rated with 3.7v batteries and our smart phones are rated at 3.7v as well, the only significant point the where the voltage is different is when its passing through the cord between the two devices?

          I feel like your statement is misleading people as the 2500mah, 3000mah you're stating is rated the exact same way as the power bank battery is being rated for Lithium Ions…

    • They're 10,000 mah at 3.7V not 5V. It is the equivalent of 6600mah. That's two iPhone charges and some change.

      The batteries used in iPhones aren't rated at 5v.

  • I've got one….from different seller…and found it a great on the go fast charger whilst on holiday.

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    Probably fake

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    Can I bring two of these on a plane?

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      You can bring 4 of these.

      Reason: i bring two 20,000mah and no questions asked so long as its in your hand carry.

    • You can't have check in luggage with batteries in it.
      However hand carry them on a plane is not an issue - I always carry 4 x mavic pro batteries, a laptop, power bank etc.

  • Will they provide a tax invoice?

  • Where can I buy a cover for this powerbank?

    • These look alright for a couple bucks?

      • Image shows different model, not dual usb

  • I bought one of these recently for travel to Singapore. They discharge so quickly and takes so long to recharge. Would not recommend this.

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      When I was on holiday, I brought two power banks. I charged one while using the other. I charged them overnight, and charged them in the hotel while I went out sightseeing. Basically, any time you're not using them, charge them. You're not going to be charging your device 24/7. When one of them runs out, switch to the other and charge the one you just depleted.

    • it has quick charge in so i dont know why it would take you so long to charge this

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        Probably not using a quick charger to recharge this powerbank.

  • bought a 20000mah powerbank from this site, highly recommend them, postage was very quick

    • Did they send you a tax invoice?

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        Invoice will send by email.

  • I'm looking for power banks at the moment. How does this compare to something like the oppo emoji 13000mah (can get for $19 at catch of the day as eg)

    Thanks for any replies!

  • Would these work with a Nintendo Switch?

  • How do people travel with these carry on, are they restricted?

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      Not restricted at all. These 10k powerbank is well under the 100watt hour limit before you have have to ask airlines if you can bring them onboard if your powerbank is above 100watt hour.

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      The maximum capacity is 27ah in a single power bank.

  • these power banks are so solid that i have to imagine anyone complaining about their performance must have a fake.

  • I bought one of these after loving the original 10000mah version with one usb port. Really disappointed with the design of this one. It is significantly longer than the original with no additional capacity. The end with the usb ports just feels hollow. At that size it isn't really great for a pocket while charging your phone so you would be better off with a larger capacity. Just my opinion of course.

    • The end with the usb ports just feels hollow

      Perhaps the extra space is to allow for heat dispersal.

      • Could be, but I can't say I have ever had any huge issues with the original. Gets a bit warm stacked with my phone in my pocket, but certainly not dangerously hot.

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    IMO the best bang for buck is the ZMI QB820.

    These have been discontinued for the QB815 with slightly less power. You can still source them through Amazon UK and potentially eBay. Harder to get delivered, but there are ways.

    Don’t waste your money on cheaper brands or deals.

  • hey does anyone know if this will charge throught the usb c port or if there is a powerbank that is usb c only around the 10000mah

  • Perfect timing! I dropped mine recently one time too many and it doesn't charge anymore (really bad drop this time and I've dropped it a fair few times, definitely my fault).

  • Out of stock!

    It let me add it to the cart, made me sign up, then told me it's out of stock.

    Not happy, Jan!

    • I just bought 5 in silver.

    • Black was back in stock, please check again.

  • just bought a one in silver. thanks op

  • Are these original ones and not fakes? Couldn't find much reviews for this website

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