This was posted 3 years 9 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VPN Required] NBA Annual League Pass 2018/2019 via Argentina VPN - ARS $2499.99 (~AU $87.02)


Thanks to this post thought I would share what I believe is currently the cheapest way for an annual NBA League Pass which does not require a VPN once signed up to stream games.

  1. Sign up for a free 3 day trial with NordVPN
  2. Once you click on the activation email, download and install the nordvpn software
  3. In nordvpn, select to connect to Argentina server
  4. Go to and sign up for annual package which should be 2499.99 ARS. If it is still quoting AUD price, then try loading the page in incognito mode.
  5. Enter your credit card details - you can select Australia in the country.
  6. Done!

Once signed up, you no longer need the VPN to login and stream games.

By the way, I was able to do this using the same account I had last year which was via Mexico VPN.

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      Argentine Peso

      • You are right, my mistake :)

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          Not quite, OP should really remove the $ sign as ARS is the currency code. It is not 'Argentine Peso Dollar' as the title implies

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            @neyo: Yeah, I was like, sports fans be tripping, when I saw the price initially.

  • Does anyone know if you can stream on multiple devices at once??

      • I didn't know you can use 2 devices at a time. Can you confirm it?

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          You can’t stream on multiple devices at once

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      Logs you off as soon as you log into a new device

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          Mine logs me off as soon as I access the account on another device. Same as coblos. Purchased through Mexico last season.

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    I've had league pass for several years and it's only ever worked on 1 device. When you log in on another it kicks off the first. The exception has been when viewing via Kodi but that add-on hasn't worked for a while now. Unless something had changed this year?

    • I shared LP with 3 others last year and found that if the 3 users were on different devices, it was fine. So for example, I was on my iOS phone, another was on an android phone, and the third was on their laptop

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    I signed up though Brazil last year and NBA stopped my subscription for coming season due to different viewing location. Am I the only case?

    • Same. I'd already cancelled the renewal before I got that email though.

    • I received the same notification.

      Don't worry about it. I'll be signing up again and don't expect any issues.

    • Signed up via Mexico last year and subscription was renewed.

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    Just go to /r/nbastreams
    Highlights on FreeDawkins youtube channel

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      No ty I would rather be able to watch it anywhere anytime for a small price

      • understandable

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      very true, but sometimes just for ease of use watching it on TV is great instead of having to airplay/cc all the time

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        worked well for me for the past few years

    • Ximeo Pierto highlights on youtube are great.

    • Not really, still very expensive for 12 minutes of a 48 minute game.

      • Well, to be totally fair the last quarter is more like 40% of the game runtime!

        • Haha yeah. Not as bad as it was though. Some of the rule changes have helped.

  • I tried using Argentina VPN via NORDVPN, it only showed up with CAD, USD, AUD, HKD, etc which is around $149AUD.

    Anyone has luck so far ?

    • does it say the vpn is on? try incognito/refreshing your pc maybe

      • Yes VPN was connected and tried on incognito. I will wait and see if anyone has luck with it. THX

        • i didnt go through with payment but i definitely got it working (had the correct price displayed), good luck

        • Delete your cookies then reload page

    • I'm subscribed to Private Internet Access, connected to both Brazil and Mexico and both prices are $89.99 USD which comes up to $124.61 AUD

      Not sure if Argentina just has a better deal or not.

      Ah, just checked the link in the OP, it seems Argentina is just cheaper because of the ARS rate.

    • I was having the same issue with NordVPN which didn't work with incognito or cleared cookies. I bought it through Canada last year so maybe it has something to do with that if it's working for others.

      To fix, all I did was download the SaferVPN Chrome Extension and signed up to the free trial. All you have to do is enter your email address and you get 24hours of VPN or 500mB of data, no credit card details required. Once I enabled this to Argentina it worked fine :) although the exchange is up to ~$95AUD now but still the cheapest I could find.

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    Good timing if you're interested in watching Melbourne United and the Philadelphia 76ers go head-to-head tomorrow morning.

    Melbourne v Aussie, Ben Simmons!

    • Was that on free to air?

      • No only LP

        • And ESPN and

  • There is also an option for 80 games per month for 1399 peso (approx $47). I would assume this isnt a monthly cost and is just a one off for the season?

    • thats only for a certain team

      • There’s a new option anyteam

    • "Every 30 days from the date of purchase, Game Choice subscribers have a total of 8 game credits, which can be applied towards any NBA game during the 2018-19 season: including All-Star weekend, Christmas Day games, the NBA Playoffs, and select games available during the postseason. Game Choice credits do carry over month-to-month." Says that at the question section at the bottom of the page.

      The game choice option used to be 8 games per month and suddenly jumped to 80 this season. I'd consider asking support before jumping into a year subscription.

  • Weird. Connected to Argentina, but shows me Canadian pricing

    • Yeap same issue here. Dont tell me they did find out already.

      • +1

        ended up doing it on my iphone with the NordVPN app
        worked first go

    • I tried again and it shows up with Argentina pricing for me.

      Just under where it says choose your plan, to the right there is a dropdown to select currency. Can you change it to Argentine Peso?

  • NordVPN not working for me. Failing to connect
    Any alternative VPN?

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      cyberghost worked for me

      • Yup, tried Cyberghost and worked fine.
        $87 AUD, streaming preseason now without VPN.

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    Wow Argentina has really gone to shit. What a shame. Good deal though. Thanks OP.

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      Pro-tip when visiting Argentina, take USD, sell them to a shady "Cambio"…(currency exchange), the 'blue dollar' aka black market currency exchange will get you a better rate than official banks (~30% better)…. Killer country, a horrible shame they are in such a mess.

      • Ahh good to know as I plan to go back there soon. Cheers. Yeah, it’s a true shame. I was born there and came here when I was 4. Consider myself lucky to be here the way things have gone.

        • I'm interested in Argentina for the arbitrage opportunities, and i was checking out the rent in Buenas Aires but everything seems listed in USD even in the localized sites not designed for expats. How do locals find a place to rent online listed in peso's?? Would be interested renting a one bedroom in a palermo or somewhere central (never been before.)

      • +1

        Have done this too… i think it was Florida avenue where they all hang out. They only take USD though

    • Just 2 years ago I remember this deal , Overwatch at 300 ARS, that would be 1000 ARS today.

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    Used VPN last year -

    Mine automatically renewed for 1,530.00 MEXICAN PESO = $112.14

    • +2

      Yep same! Awesome price for 30 teams but in the spirit of ozbargain I was upset at seeing $87

    • Same. I thought ~$110 should be very close to the cheapest, if not already the lowest this year (apart from India) so I let it renew automatically. I was so wrong :(

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      You can cancel and get a refund within 14 days of renewal date

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      Mine auto renewed on friday and before id checked the amount, i cancelled it via the nba chat. Having worried it was for the full Aus price, it was for the $110 i paid via zambia last year, really annoyed. Before she cancelled it though i was offered a 10% off code, so having seen this and using the code i paid $75 - 2245 pesos, pretty stoked.
      Great post so3n

  • I may be crazy but isn't it only 999 INR when you select India? So like 20 AUD

    • +3

      You have to always connect through India vpn to do it though
      With this one, once you buy using vpn in Argentina, you don't need to vpn anymore

      There's a link up top with the India NBA pass and the comments explain it in more detail if u want to check it out

      • I signed up with that and it worked when I turned off VPN…

        • They might cancel your subscription if you do that ?

  • Probably worth mentioning that they are now threatening to cancel (without refund) and even fine people an additional $100 if they catch you doing this….

    • I read about that fine. Surely illegal isn't it?

    • It's not illegal, and you could either start a PayPal dispute if they do or a charge back via bank. The last 5 years the T&C's have not stipulated that the use of a VPN is illegal.

  • When I click to pay it says confirming for a few seconds and then I just get a blank screen with step 3 of 3 in the corner. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • I got that issue too but step 3 is the invoice I think.

  • Signed up via Mexico last year and subscription was renewed automatically for AUD115.

    • You can cancel and get a refund within 14 days of renewal date

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    Support domestic market and watch NBL instead

    • +5

      Yeah…. Great idea. That'll be so much more entertaining.

    • +1

      I would love to see more high school students take the NBL route instead of college.

    • +2

      I try to support the Bullets….but they haven't made it easy.

    • +3

      Support both.

  • +1

    Anyone tested this theory on NFL gamepass or other subscription services?

    • Don't really know why, but for some reason I'm fine with reddit NFL streams, but always buy an NBA league pass.

      • Cause it's more reliable on mobile.

  • Just FYI for anyone signing up new this year (rather than auto-sub), it is easiest to use VPN + Incognito / private mode on browser + a new account. Don't use an existing account - create a new one. The site uses cookies, so if you just use VPN and you've already been to the site it will remember your region / country.

    Also while they may have changed, the last two years I have read their T&C's and this method, while a hack, was not a breach of T&C's. For those who travel and follow the games, the ability to sign up in a country and watch it from another is a necessity - the NBA know that.

    • Any thoughts on this?



      • +2

        that same paragraph also states

        The Service may only be used and/or accessed from within the United States.

        So i am thinking it only applies to usa league pass, which is a different product to the international league pass.


          I guess they could argue that this method circumvents an 'other use restriction'?

          Blackout and Territorial Restrictions: The Service may only be used and/or accessed from the allowable territories as determined by NBAP (which shall exclude, without limitation, the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Guam and the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)). Blackout restrictions may apply to the Service depending on the date of the applicable game, your location and any applicable local, national and international content distribution exclusivity requirements. You may therefore be unable to view certain games via the Service from some locations. Please go to to learn more about these restrictions. IF YOU CIRCUMVENT, OR ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT, ANY BLACKOUT RESTRICTION OR OTHER USE RESTRICTION, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO IMMEDIATELY TERMINATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AND CHARGE AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE OF ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100.00) (OR SUCH OTHER AMOUNT AS THEN IN EFFECT) TO YOUR DESIGNATED PAYMENT METHOD; IN ADDITION, YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION BY US OR OTHER THIRD PARTIES.

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    Anyone else have a problem with Nord VPN having slowed their internet right down? Any other VPN recommendations?

    • someone here recommended CyberGhost. I tried that and it worked for me

    • +2

      Daily top 10's with the goatmentator?

      • +1

        nah man. ximo pierto

        • Ximo is the GOAT of highlights

  • thanks dude… i had foxtel go last season.. this is much better

  • You're welcome lol.

  • Thanks OP. Used CyberGhost and it worked fine. Was charged $87.33!! Bargain!

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