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Cooler Master Hyper Z600 $39 PCCG


Cheapest on Staticice is this by nearly half ($71).

This cooler was designed with passive cooling in mind, but can also be used with up to 2 fans. It is a massive heatsink (as passive heatsinks tend to be) but will do the job if you have some case fans etc helping.

SPCR review: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article837-page1.html

PCCG has responded to my question about mounting:

The CoolerMaster Hyper Z600 we have in stock is an CPU Cooler only,

In addition, to fit into your system, you will need to purchase the CoolerMaster LGA775/1156/1366 Retention Bracket.

link provided in the above text: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&p...

Even so it's a very good deal for the cooler :)

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    Doesn't look like this is compatible with current generation Intel CPUs, which is probably why it has been marked down…

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      From CM's site:

      CPU Socket Intel Socket:
      LGA 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 775 *

      AMD Socket:
      AM3 / AM2+ / AM2

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        just noticed this: * Supplied accessories may differ by country or area. Please check with your local distributor for further details.

        as below I've asked PCCG and will post back when I have a response.


        That's great, I only thought that because of the review you linked.


    Very nice HS. Would be excellent in an HTPC - quiet - but requires a large chassis @ 127.28 x 127.28 x 160 mm height

    Above poster is correct - does not fit new Intel sockets.

    Intel: LGA775
    AMD: 940, AM2, & AM2+1

    Review here:


      Maybe they revised it..
      I'll check with PCCG and post back with a response :)


    Damnit, its too big for my application. Nice sink though good find.

    I have a P4 670 (3.8GHz) LGA775 on the way for an industrial PC setup I have here. I'm going to need decent cooling for that heater disguised as a CPU. I'm thinking maybe a CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 $25 from PCCG (http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&c...).

    Anyone have any opinions? or better options than TX3? I'm limited to about 145mm high, and about 120mm wide, so the TX3 is pretty much as big as I can go on height, and I need the side airflow type.

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    I have a TX3on my [email protected] Not long ago i was fooling around inside the case and left a cable resting against its fan, stopping it from rotating. I realized that something was wrong when i saw my temp had risen by about 8 degrees. (I have Core Temp showing in my systray). TX3's are very cool, imho.


    Thanks guys, will get a TX3 then for my setup.


    I wish the power supply was not so close to the CPU.
    As far as I can see I have 57mm so I won't be able to fit 127.28 x 127.28 HS.


    TX3 120mm looks good to me.
    but $11 S&H does not make much sense to buy it from them. otherwise i would buy one today.

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      At least I have the peace of mind knowing that if I ever happen to need 9999 Silverstone Fortress 2s I'll only have to pay $12 shipping :D

      Silverstone Fortress FT02B Black Silverstone Fortress FT02B Black
      In stock $249.00 $2489751.00

      Sub-Total: $2489751.00

      Enter Post Code: 3151

      Standard Shipping (averages 2-5 days) $18
      Express Shipping (averages 1-2 days) $12


        And PCCG isn't too far from you down springvale rd anyway.


          Even if I lived next door to them, they're transporting more than 2million dollars / 150 tons worth of cases and I'd expect more than $12 delivery :P


          LOL I didn't read that properly. Hahahaha.

          Their delivery makes 0 sense anyway. We got four cases & a bunch of components delivered, about 40-50kg worth and the shipping cost was $60… or $12 for express.


    I was going to buy a Hyper 212+

    Should I buy this instead?

    Socket 1155


      I'd stick with the 212+ unless you're planning to go passive. The Z600 really isn't ideal when you put fans on it, the entire heatsink was designed to be passive and then they pretty much just left the possibility for fans as a bonus. But on the 212+, consider replacing the fan (2 if you want push+pull) with something better, CM fans are usable, but not great.


        PCCG responded to you about the socket compatibility yet? :P

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        Go to bed!

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          heed your own advise miss

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          I work nights. :P and hey, what about you?


          i kinda did right after that :)


    my shifts rotate between 6am starts and 12am finishes, which is why I frequent here so much lol


    PCCG has provided mounting info. See updated description.