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Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit $99 Each - MKi9200 (Was $287), MKi9100 (Was $247) + Postage @ JB Hi-Fi


Parrot MKi9200 $99

Speakers: uses the vehicle's speakers
Play music from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) compatibles devices
Pairing: pairing up to 10 devices

Parrot MKi9100 $99

Pairs up to the 10 Devices
Voice Recognition Dialler
Simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth telephones

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    Review at https://www.goodgearguide.com.au/review/parrot/mki9200/27542....

    Requires in-dash install, so that's a no for me.

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      full compatibility with the Apple iPod range as well as the iPhone 3G


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    The MKi9200 appears to be 10 year old tech based on this review. https://www.goodgearguide.com.au/review/parrot/mki9200/27542...
    There are also some very poor customer reviews at https://www.productreview.com.au/p/parrot-mki9200.html

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    blue tooth V2.0….


      Thanks for saving my money. I was about to buy

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    Arrrrgh. This is old tech me hearties.


    I bought one of these in 2011 for $86USD off ebay, which was $84.23 AUD back then. So no deal!!

    Seriously though it was a great unit back then and I was using up until earlier this year when I got rid of that car. It's a great unit with great sound quality. But there are probably better options on the market these days.


    Can this be installed in a Mazda 2? I hate having to drive my mother in laws car because it has no bluetooth! I think it is a 2007 model

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    I own the MKi9100. The MKi9200 is exactly the same except for the colour screen. The thing that makes these devices special over nearly anything else in the market is they contain their own complete amplifier. That is you can buy this and wire it into speakers and not have any other stereo in the car.

    The specific use case that makes them especially useful is if you have a car with non-standard stereo mount (such as my astra where the head unit is also part of the car computer). This unit can be installed to cut out the in car stereo and drive the speakers directly, then switch back to the car stereo when you aren't using it.
    It's an easy way to add a good quality handsfree and bluetooth connectivity and for this use case well worth $100.


    Looks like JB has removed the MKi9200 from their site.

    Wonder why Parrot hasn't released any new units since these models which are like a decade old