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LINDEN L40MTV17 40"(101cm) FHD LED TV $199.20 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Very low price for a 40" FHD TV. Linden is on par with your Kogan's or Soniq's, some claim it's better. Worth noting it only appears to have one HDMI port.

Postage was $38 for me in Melbourne CBD, so this is probably best as a C&C deal.

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  • "Its one HDMI input allows you to view high-definition content by connecting other devices. This TV is great for supplying increased entertainment."

    🤣 Good Guys, please give this person who wrote this marketing blurb a payraise.

  • +9 votes

    User Manual


    Model no. L40MTV17a
    Display screen type Direct LED Display
    Display size 40" Diagonal
    Viewing angle 160° / 150° (H/V)
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Resolution Full High Definition: 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
    Power supply AC 100-240V ~50/60Hz
    TV receiver PAL: BG, DK, I & DVB-T
    Frequency range Analogue: 48.25 MHz-863.25 MHz
    Digital VHF: 102.5MHz-226.5MHz
    UHF: 529.5MHz-816.5MHz
    Video in system PAL/NTSC
    Antenna input impedance 75Ω
    Speaker output 2 x 8W
    Inputs RF IN, HDMI x 3 (1 x HDMI ARC), AV Composite,
    VGA (D-sub), PC Audio, USB
    Outputs Autio Output (L/R), Headphone, Coaxial
    PVR File System USB Deivce FAT32, externally powered devices up to 2TB
    USB Media Types MKV, MP4, MPEG4, JPEG, PNG, BMP, MP3, MPG
    Power supply for remote control DC 3V (2 x AAA size batteries)
    Power consumption 60 W
    TV with stand 903 x 208 x 556mm
    TV without stand 903 x 69 x 519mm
    Net weight TV with stand 6.6 kg
    TV without stand 6.3 kg
    VESA wall mount pattern 200 x 100mm
    Wall mount screw size Metric M6 x 4 pieces
    Operating environment 0°C - 40°C

    • HDMI x 3 (1 x HDMI ARC)

      Good find. Not sure why the marketing person decided to boast about the TV having one port!

  • It has 3 hdmi ports like most modern chinese tvs.


      Which is better? Linden or CHANGHONG or Singer?

      • I actually know someone who had a 32inch CHANGHONG screen, that also acted as a monitor with no noticeable lag.
        I can't remember why, but I remember being extremely impressed by it for tech reasons, enough so that I would consider it a good brand, maybe the best at it's price range.

        Pity I can't remember what though, kinda hard to sell my point

        • Not sure how much these have changed since I worked at Dick Smith, but the best benefits for buying a CHANGHONG were it's panel being Samsung (Which may answer your question about quality) and the 3 year warranty

        • CHANGHONG I read an article somewhere its quality is on par with Hisense without PR spending in China. You can find them on gumtree.

      • I have a 3 1/2 year old 40" ChangChong tv, I have used as a monitor since purchase no more lag than a monitor, zero issues and it gets 12 plus hours of use a day :)

      • is there a changhong for the similar priced tv?

  • Sure it’s a Linden. But a 40” TV for $200? Unbelievable.

  • This TV reminds me of the GVA TV I bought in a deal 2 years ago from TGG

    I'm almost certain the TV would be exactly the same, just the power-on splash page would be branded differently

    • So was it worth the money?

      • The speakers on my GVA TV are pretty weak, I've got them plugged into external speakers since I use it for movies and games hooked up to my computer.

        Otherwise, everything is pretty average for the price you pay (it was worth the money to me)

        EDIT: The manual is even the same

        • I think I'll get one then as my usage case will be about the same. Just one more question if you will indulge me - how are the viewing angles?

          • @Jenus: Not superb, the colouration starts to look a little different from about 140-150 degrees in from horizontal. I rarely get to look at it in awkward angles as it's mounted in a way where no matter where I look at it from my room it doesn't exceed that angle

      • I got the GVA from that deal as well, using it in my bedroom in combo with Google Chrome Cast 2, an absolute steal for the money spent!

    • I have the exact same tv on the wall in my shed haha

  • bought a Soniq tv once, pretty sure it's not going to happen again :)

  • Would this TV be ok for gaming?

  • I really hate these cheap TV's, I had a Soniq "Smart" tv and it drove me nuts with its tinny sound, poor wifi and awful remote.

    I'd prefer a few years old second hand LG/Samsung/Panasonic/Sony over these crap TV's. At 32-40 there has been hardly any innovation anyway.

    In one of my bedrooms I have a non smart $90 Samsung 32" I bought from ebay. It's streets ahead of the Soniq, and there is a ton available at decent prices.

  • $177.48 with 10% off eBay gift cards and cashback.
    Incredible price for a 40" FHD TV.

    • Can you using gift card with coupon code?

    • Could you please explain how I get ebay gift cards and cash back.

    • Don't forget the Flybuys, worth a few cents too, brings it below $177. Plus the Qantas miles I got when I bought the gift cards with Amex. Rapidly approaching $175. Pity 2 are more than I can take as hand luggage, otherwise I'd TRS them in addition.

  • Wow

  • I also got two of the GWA ones 2 years ago. I have been very happy with them. Sound is not great but it’s ok for a second TV.

    I have one in the kids room and another outside (under cover)

  • What sort of panel? Tn? Ips?

  • needed a cheap tv to replace the old tv upstairs thanks! couldnt CC because everything was miles away but i still think it is a good price

  • +5 votes

    I've had this same TV [branded GVA] for almost two years in my spare bedroom and its seen a fair bit of use. It hasn't missed a beat. The colour reproduction and viewing angles are perfectly acceptable. It's responsive to the remote, boots up in 10-15 seconds, and works flawlessly with the Chromecast I have plugged into it. The speakers are tinny but that's to be expected at this price point. If you're after a cheap and reliable 40" FHD TV, grab it.

  • Has anyone else noticed the same tv being sold as brand new for 59 - free postage? I got one and paid with PayPal.

    • Seems a bit fishy don't you think?

      • It's a scam. People are getting their eBay accounts hacked. And putting up cheap TVs. Note they all are from Westmedows.

        Another one here LG 43UK6540PTD NEW 43 INCH UHD LED for 99$ on eBay. Save your time

      • Totally but I guess if you using PayPal you are safe?

        • Is it worth having your money in limbo for about 8 weeks while you try to go through the hassle of a refund?

          If they did have a TV available why wouldn't they sell it for 180 which is still much cheaper

          • @nickm: Agree with nickm, yes you can get your money back but it's a pain. Thought why not on a PS4 Pro for $60 when it was clearly hacked. Listing was removed and ebay said contact paypal and paypal said contact ebay for a while. Eventually managed to get my money back after 6 or so weeks, they didn't refund me / finalise claim on the date they said it would be etc.

        • Happened to me with a 500GB SSD for $80 a while back. Money was in limbo for a couple weeks and had to raise a paypal dispute, pain in the ass and not worth the hassle.

  • Better get good known brand instead of this one..

    • Can you please link me a known brand 40" for less than $200. Thanks

    • You'll really only find 6 and 7 year old sony and samsung TVs second hand at this price.

      Brand new you'll pay well over double.

  • any deals on a 50inch? below $450

    • I think there might be a JVC one around that price range on ebay.

      Seen a few cheap 40+ inch tvs on ebay but all or mostly JVC.

      Some store in Penrith/Blacktown/Mount Druitt sells em.

      But with TV's you definitely get what you pay for aka TN panels and washed out picture quality and colours.

  • Any trying to order and getting this error when attempting to pay?

    "Order service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL."

  • "We ran into a problem. Please try again later."

    Trying to apply P20TGGS?

    It's in stock, too…

  • It's back in stock at
    - Maribyrnong
    - Brighton
    - Chadstone
    - Moorabbin

  • Still won't let me apply their stupid coupon!

    FFS! Emailed them many hours ago- nothing. So much for any sort of service.

    Used different browser, too. WTH?

  • Bought and have picked up one of these. Pretty happy with it.
    Great picture, very thin bezel, potato sound. But I knew the sound would be potato on something as cheap as this.

    We're running the sound on an external device so very happy with it.

  • Anyone got a link to the VESA mount? 200 x 100 seems a bit odd?

  • Code is not working…

  • Bought and hung in the shed on a diy-unistrut bracket. Only being used as a monitor, very happy @ $200.

  • Picked one up yesterday from their Tingalpa warehouse. Good deal, thanks OP.

    TV performance is good, works well with CCU however sound is (as expected) tinny and horrid. Will be routing audio to a better speaker for the rest of its life.

  • Cheers mate :)

  • Thanks op.

  • Came back to post that this TV is actually decent. Starts up quick, changes input quick, remote is decent, picture is above average.

    Definitely worth the price.

  • I've seen this deal pop up a few times now, so in case it helps anyone;

    The TV straight out of the box looks good, but the picture quality leaves something to be desired.
    After 5 minutes fine tuning the colour settings ect. and hooking my Xiaomi TV box, I can honestly say that i am really impressed with this unit (And i am overly picky when it comes to video quality). It doesn't compare to my higher-end Sony (But that was a $5k unit) however this TV unit holds it's own and is very good for ~$200. If anyone is sitting on the fence, i suggest you buy it.

    Worth noting, the audio is absolutely terrible. Nothing a $20 set of 3.5mm Logitech speakers can't fix though if you are on a budget. I have posted some images of the unit playing Netflix via 1080p Xiaomi TV box.


    Great bedroom or second TV. Thanks again OP