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[NSW] Carlton Zero - Free Can of Alcohol Free Beer @ Wynyard Station


Free cans of Carlton Zero being given away at Wynyard station near main entrance/exit. They've got a stand with em in the corner near the vending machines.

Hope I'm not mistaken for drinking alcohol on the train..

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  • Carlton Zero

    Zero flavour?

    • Almost zero kick too.

      The only circumstance I'd have one is for drinking on the train.

      Why can't we get Japanese 0% beer?

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        I've found most of the Japanese alcohol-free beers to be pretty terrible. The only one I like is Suntory All-Free.

        There are some good alcohol-free wheat beers from Germany. Spain also produces some good alcohol-free lagers (and they happen to be the largest market in the world for this).

  • You may well be mistaken for drinking alcohol, but you won't be actually, so it won't matter (except for people's perceptions).

    I'd be interested in your review.

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    Free cans of carlton zero being given away at Wynyard station near main entrance/exit.

    Were they giving them away to kids too?

    • Not to the tykes at the station, didn't see any of them having any luck.

      Maybe they're still regulated under alcohol?

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        Maybe they're still regulated under alcohol?

        Why? Does it contain any alcohol?

  • I don't think that CUB has been giving them away in Melb yet.
    What is that strategy?

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      I doubt alcohol free beer would take off in Melbourne, or anywhere.

      Seriously; why?

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        Lots of reasons. Designated driver is the most obvious.

        Some people just don't drink, but might enjoy this more that soft drinks.
        Some people want to limit their drinks intake, alternating these with full strength might be an answer rather than water or soft drinks.

        It is actually a big growth product elsewhere, but Aust is slow on the uptake; that is why Carlton are releasing this one.

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          Lots of reasons. Designated driver is the most obvious.

          I'd rather drink water…

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              @MrZ: Except it isn't a good point. First you have to prove that Muslims actually consume non-alcoholic beer to any significant degree, which you didn't, nor did you prove this promotion was held where it was in order to entice Muslims with non-alcoholic beer.

              Non-alcoholic beer is probably largely served in bars and sold in liquor stores, two places Muslims don't frequent very often & while I'm not an expert on Islam I imagine most scholars would probably still argue that Muslims should avoid consuming non-alcoholic beer anyway.

              Lastly, beer is often considered an acquired taste, so you would face quite the hurdle trying to convince people who don't drink to continue trying non-alcoholic beer until they liked it.

              If alcoholic beer becomes commonly consumed I doubt it will be by the Muslim community.

    • They were giving them out at the Grand final outside the ground. People were taking a mouthful and throwing the cans on the ground. I couldn't believe they were able to give away beer until I picked one up and saw it was zero alcohol. In think it duped many a punter on the way in! "Free Beer**"

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    I really don't understand the point of these products. If I am drinking beer for flavour, I sure as shit am not drinking Carlton, and in all instances, the presence of alcohol is at least a contributing factor to the flavour of said beers.

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      Had a free one as a give away at work this arvo , work has zero alchohol tolerance policy , but they were happy to let us drink this
      Would be a great alternative to sugary drinks during lunch
      Is it as good as a Guinness - hell no , but OK as a drink during work hours

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      Sigh, hard to believe some people still think all of Australia is one culture. Not all cultures and religions allow alcohol consumption - Islam being the biggest one.

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        We get it mate, it's not just Islam that forbids alcohol either. The question still remains, if you cant get drunk why would you want to drink beer? Why wouldn't you just drink a nice glass of coke instead of a bitter drink that we pretend we like the taste of to appear manly?

  • should hand out brown paper bags too with the cans!

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    As a non drinker, I support this product and/or service.

    It’s annoying being “that guy”, especially as we head into the Christmas season.

    Thanks OP. Went down there and picked up a couple.
    Will report back after this weekend.

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      Yeah fair enough, at least there's now an option for folks who gotta go dry.

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      A couple…true ozb in style

    • Will you be any less "that guy" if you are drinking zero-alcohol beer? I find this position so confounding.

      My mother is a reformed Muslim and many of my relatives on that side of the family are still Muslim…they just drink soft drinks if others are drinking beer (or sometimes those flavoured Holsten malt drinks….which are actually delicious, unlike ordinary zero alcohol beer).

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    Synticulous - the type of word you use when you've drunk too many beers!

    • Take your upvote and get back to shmahoo'zing like a drunk!

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    Are pubs still going to charge $11 a pint even if it has no alcohol?

    • Depends what the suppliers charge the pub.

      Pricing on products is usually determined by the target GP of the venue. If I remember the right figures (not my strong suit), pubs usually run at about 80%, clubs about 65%, this is QLD.

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    and speaking of pricing, my local Dan Murphy's is selling Carlton Zero cartons of 24 @ $35.95 . That's $11.05 dearer than Cooper's Ultra Light ( less than 0.5% alc/vol ). AND, Coopers Ultra Light are 375ml stubbies , not the miserly 330ml Carlton Zero stubby.

    • How do they justify that price?

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      Geez. If I wanted to not get drunk I'd buy a 24 pack of Coke cans for $20-$25.

    • Tax hike incoming to compensate for less consumption. Same with fuel excise.

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    Yeah, I can’t beli they charge $40 for a case.

    Shameful they charge so much.

    Anyway, in a win for the little guy, I grabbed another 4 on the way home. A six pack for free. Score.

    The pile of beer they had to give away was huge. I’ve never seen so much alcohol free beer in my life

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    but why?

  • I have heard that they are going to start stocking the cans in the supermarkets soft drink aisles and the glass stubbies in the bottleshops.

  • They were back again today at Wynyard station.
    I’ve now got 8 cans in the pantry.

    [i]gonna get hammered on the weekend[/i]

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