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AmEx Statement Credits: Etihad Airlines, Spend $800 or More, Get $100 Back (Online Only)


Etihad Airlines

Spend $800 or more, get $100 back,online only.

Also remember to stack with etihad amex offer:
Up to 10% off selected Etihad flights for American Express Cardmembers until 30 June 2019. Thanks @ets27

Offer valid for purchase of flights departing Australia, which are paid for in Australian dollars.
Offer valid for payments made online at www.etihad.com/en-au/ or via the Etihad Airways app. Not valid for payments made at Etihad Airways ticket offices or airport locations.
Not valid for payments made via third parties such as travel agents, online aggregators or payment processors.
CommBank American Express Cards: If you hold a CommBank American Express Card, and you register for an offer with American Express Connect, you’ll need to make a qualifying purchase with your Card before 31/10/2018 to receive the credit to your Card account. Click here to find out more about changes to your CommBank American Express Card.
Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, at Etihad Airways at www.etihad.com/en-au/. Offer valid at Australian website only.
Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
Credit will not be applied to your Card account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

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    • Those prices are through third parties like Aunt Betty or Bestjet and hence won't trigger the credit. You have to book directly with Etihad, who'll have these same flights at higher prices, to get the credit.

      • Checked fares as an example

        CNS to JNB 1/4 - 30/4

        Bestjet: $1108 + 3% Amex surcharge = $1141
        Etihad : $1195 - $100 Amex cashback = $1095

        So savings to be had but unlikely to be a full $100 saving (if anything at all)

  • Not targeted. See foruminja's comment above^.

  • There is also a similar spend $800 and get $130 back for Malaysia Airlines also, not sure if this was posted anywhere.

  • +5

    I didn't manage to book a flight yesterday night, I woke up today and saw the post!

    Also remember to stack with etihad amex offer:


  • -1

    Etihad is terrible for long haul. Flew with them to London in August. I'd pay more than $100 extra to fly with a better airline.

    • -1

      why? I recently flew to Milan and found it comparable with others such as emirates, cathay etc

      • +1

        They fly two different planes long haul from Aust.: the a380 and the 777.

        The a380 is a great plane if not the best. However if you get the 777 it’s not good. I’m guessing one of you got one and the other the other…

        • You just need to look before which plane you are going to fly : A380 and B787 all good, the other planes not really.
          I found them better than Emirates as it's a smaller airline. Food is correct, but you need to take your toothbrush and sleep mask as sometimes they don't give it anymore.

          Really easy to get to the Etihad Gold status and therefore, it's kinda like Velocity gold here if you are flying Virgin.
          Open Jaw flights with them are cheaper, worth to have a try before booking.

          Also, don't forget if you have an AMEX, that you can have up to 10% off on Etihad, follow this link : https://www.etihad.com/en/exclusive-deals/amex-offer/
          Try to choose the Economy saver or classic fare instead of the deal one, for the miles and SC if you are putting your Velocity FF or EY.

          Not sure if you will have the 100 dollars back if you use that link.

        • Had the A380 Bris-Abu Dhabi and the plane was pretty basic (economy). Average or slightly less than average leg room, weird seat headrests with one side poking out that you can't adjust, dismal in-flight entertainment selection, poor service (the flight attendants seemed like they hated their jobs), cheap and crappy snacks, no menu showing what was on offer food-wise. Also the plane was way too hot which made me feel claustrophobic, and I don't even get claustrophobic when stuck in an elevator. Though I assume the air con temp varies from flight to flight.

          Everything was essentially the same on the 787 from Abu Dhabi to London. Same crappy service, crappy snacks and crappy movie selection. Worst part about the 787 is you can't even black-out the windows when it's sunny. They just go a weird dark blue colour and still blast you with heat and glare. They don't have physical window blinds, just an electronic dimmer button.

          I haven't done a heap of long haul flights, but even Jetstar Bris-Tokyo was a bit better. Also flown Qantas and Singapore a couple of times each long haul and they are both excellent. Singapore had a great menu and so much choice for in-flight entertainment I was wishing I could download the new releases to watch later.

          • +1

            @eggboi: Etihad fly a 787 BNE to AUH.

        • +1

          Yep, the B777 is 10-abreast and that's about as cramped as long haul economy gets. The A380, whilst still 10-abreast in economy, has more space (or at least the feeling of more space), as it's a much larger aircraft.

          I flew with EY in Dec 2016 on a return trip MEL-BLR. The original booking had the AUH-MEL leg (final leg of the itinerary) on the A380, however a schedule change made the BLR-AUH flight arrive after the AUH-MEL flight had taken off, so we had to do a ticketing change and that resulted in the AUH-MEL leg being on the B777 again.

          2 14 hour trips in an EY B777 doesn't make for good travelling, that's for sure!

    • +1

      I second this , the 777 From Melbourne makes a squeaking noise the whole way making it hard to sleep, the cabin staff are pretty rude and don't allow more than 2 drinks

  • Are there any repercussions for claiming offers that you don't use?

    • Just means someone else may miss out…

    • 3 strikes then you have to hand in your Ozbargain membership and amex card (and all four supps)

    • You're peers here will either despise you or not give a rats, depending on the offer.

  • Gone already

    Unfortunately, the maximum number of Card Members have already enrolled in this offer. Please enjoy the other great offers on American Express Connect.