expired Receive $60 Cashback When You Switch Your Electricity & Gas @ Ask Donald


Compare & Switch your electricity & Gas with Ask Donald before the 1st November 2018 and receive $60 cashback.

Compare from Energy companies including Alinta, Energy Australia, Sumo, Powershop and more..

There is no catches just compare using our 100% online search, switch your services and receive $30 for each service you switch.

Being 100% online you will never receive an annoying sales call or 10…

We also have no affiliation with any retailer or real estate agency meaning our service is 100% independant.

Go to our website to see how much you can save.


Click below for the terms & conditions (also available on the website)

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    Señor Trump? Is that you?



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    We also have no affiliation with any retailer or real estate agency meaning our service is 100% independant.


    It's like every single entity involved in the disaster that is the electricity system that LibLabs created is a lying piece of garbage.


      Hi Diji1

      I can assure you we are an independent company started in Melbourne. We are not affiliated with any real estate agents or retailers and the relationships we have with retailers are 100% independant.

      We are creating a comparison website for not just energy but a place where a customer can find deals that will save them money on their current situation.

      This will not apply to everybody and we will continue to build more relationships but this will take time however we believe everyone deserves that opportunity to save money.

      The Ask Donald team


    Dictator Dan is giving his subjects 50 bucks just to look at his energy web site…

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    Not to be confused with Ask Ronald - compare cheeseburgers


    Useless for Perth (tested CBD postcode and several others).

    Thanks, Oba..umpa?

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      Hi McMoots

      At this stage we only have an agreement with Alinta in WA.

      We are working to add more in the near future.


      The Ask Donald team


        Greetings, and thank you for your reply.

        Unfortunately it would appear that you are not familiar with Perth in even the slightest, as Alinta was our only option for gas for years, so anyone looking to transfer will likely be leaving them for Kleenheat or AGL etc.

        We also don't have any alternatives to Synergy for electricity, so you won't be able to add any competition any time soon.

        Regional WA may be slightly different in who they use, but then they generally only have the one option also, so even they can't change.

        You really should update your title, or at least expand on your description, so you're not wasting people's time.

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    Useless for regional SA. Only shows alinta and no other providers.


      Only shows Alinta? Well now we know who the primary affiliate is!

    • -1 vote

      Hi Ice-Eyes

      We apologies at this stage Alinta is the only provider we have a relationship with at this stage in SA.

      We are working to build more relationships in the near future and will inform you once we have these available.

      @Lukian- We are not affiliated with Alinta this is the only relationship we have in S.A at the moment as per the above comments.

      Apologies again

      The Ask Donald Team

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