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Huawei IDEOS U8150 for Only $99 Prepaid (Android 2.2/2.8"/3.0m/Wi-Fi/GPS/Bluetooth)


It's my first post and I think this deal is the cheapest Android 2.2 Mobile phone in Australia. Have a nice day~~

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  • locked?

    • im curious too

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        bi curious ? - cause of the double post.

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          maybe curious to be bi?

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        • Spawnpoint brings home the bacon.

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      I think so.

    • locked to crazy john/voda. only the first batch was unlocked last year

  • that's pretty good price

  • You can unlock these easy enough, I think it is about 20-30 bucks.

    However I have one of these and it is a great little phone. Although theres a limit to the apps you can use due to the screen resolution it is a fantastic cheap smart phone.

  • nice!

  • Hi! I bought one from Crazyjohns a couple of months ago and they said it was locked but tried it with my sim and no problem, it worked straight off. I am on pre-paid 'Just' mobile which uses 'Vodaphone' network which I think CrazyJohns use. Good cheap phone!

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      well if it were locked wouldn't it be locked onto the vodafone network? so any vodafone sim will work?

      • yes

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        i.e. biggq's post means nothing

        • Lol

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    Absolutely fantastic deal.

    Small side note: As much as I have loved using Nokia's super reliable low-end phones in the past, it's hard to see how they're going to compete with these types of phones in the future.

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      Nokia has a business alliance with Microsoft, so it's likely they will be producing (affordable) phones running Windows Phone 7 in the future.

      • The cheapies will still be Symbian

        • No they won't. Symbian is officially dead and dumped by Nokia

          Nokia's high end phones will run WP7

          the low end phones will not run symbian but most likely the S40 dumbphone OS, which is not symbian based.

        • Symbian isn't dead… that article is incorrect. Nokia have openly stated that they will continue to make Symbian and Meego phones, the WinPhone7 deal is not an exclusive deal!

      • +1

        Windows Phone 7 requires a 1Ghz processor. It is unlikely that will translate to a cheap phone (for now at least).

        Perhaps by the time Nokia releases one, it would be cheaper. Though I think Nokia wants to aim for the high end market.

      • Nokia with Windows Phone 7 looks really interesting on the high end with WP7 minimum requirements of 1ghz CPU etc. But for lower-end phones my understanding is that they'll still be using Symbian. This is where I think Nokia is really going to feel the hurt from Android in the future with the likes of Huawei, ZTE, and LG.

        • http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2011/03/microsoft-payi...

          States "Nokia still plans to sell 150 million Symbian handsets in the next couple of years"… "even the MeeGo-powered N950 will ship later this year"

          "A billion dollars just to stop Nokia plumping for Android, in a deal that isn't even exclusive" (emphasis added)

  • I'm really not sure, I thought that I would let you know that it worked for me, It comes up on my phone that it is the 'Just' network, it was only in the paperwork that I discovered it was piggybacked or is part of 'Vodafone' network/service however it works.

  • I bought this couple of months ago from crazy johns. It was locked. Got it unlocked for $20 from these guys:

    • If you know Chinese or have friends who know Chinese, you also can unlock it for less $10 via Taobao: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=9202941246. PS: I don't guarantee anything, you do it at your own risk.

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        Or just google "free Huawei IDEOS Unlock Code gsmhosting" and pop your IMEI up there and they can do it for free :)

        • Or go the DealExtreme to get a $3 Sim unlocking atattachment, at least it works in my Samsung phone.

        • did that on my usb modem too ;) gsmhosting ftw

        • How reliable are these unlocking websites? I've never done it before so just worried about getting ripped off.

        • Except that in that thread, if you read through it, none of the people asking for a U8150 unlock code report their code working, but several report it not working. Makes me doubtful the free unlock methods work.

        • what fish said.

          I bought one of these for my japanese vodaphone mobile.

          worked perfectly.

          but you have to make sure the sim slot is a flat sim slot. not a slide in sim slot

  • From the Vodafone website, it looks like $75 to unlock it within 6 months of purchase:

    By requesting to have your device unlocked online you'll save $25 on any unlocking fees.

    The unlock fee is structured as follows for devices:

    A basic fee of $50 to unlock the device at any time, reduced to $25 if you obtain your unlock code using Vodafone's website at vodafone.com.au/unlock. Plus additional $50 to unlock your device within six months of purchase.

    • Don't use vodafone to unlock the phone. There are websites out there that will do this for a fraction of the price.

  • Can you buy these in store?

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      Nope.. Online only.

  • very nice

  • Nice.

  • I have one of these. The only annoying thing about it is that it it only touchscreen which makes texting a pain as it is really easy to touch the letters surrounding the ones you want.

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      That's true… That's why I put a modded version of Swype on. With Swype keyboard, you can afford to be a bit inaccurate.

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    For those who are interested, there is a good review on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uo7OrHZmqc&feature=related

    • Wow there are so many errors in the video. '3 and a quarter inch' for the 3.5 jack etc.
      SDHC - 'must be the faster one'

      • +1

        Lol…imagine a 3 and a quarter inch jack

      • SDHC is SD High Capacity - allows for cards 4Gb and up… Regular SD (dating back to the 90s, back when 128Mb was enormous!) had a 2Gb limit.

    • Thank you, useful video if (like me) you have no idea about this phone. Granted the 3.5 inch jack and class 4 cards are mistakes, but it's no problem to understand his meaning :-)

      Question though about this deal: Does anyone know if it comes with the bonus 4 GB memory card that he mentions? That sounds much more useful than the 1 GB card that comes as standard.

  • Just spend 179 for an unlocked one month ago in DSE…

  • I kinda wanna get one just to play with instead of my iPhone 4 for a while…

  • bought one last week. for $129 … arrghhhh …

  • Those that have it….
    a) battery life?
    b) google maps run well on it as thinking will get for work and replace rubbish TOMTOM GPS?

    • +1

      a) battery life - It is okay if you turn off things you don't need. Use Power Control to turn off Wireless, Bluetooth, GPS, Auto-Sync. Turn off 3G when you don't need to use it.

      b) google map - It is fine and navigation works. However, it is pity that multi-touch is not supported. Google navigation works… but routing is not as good as TomTom. TomTom is better.

      It is a great phone for that price (wireless N - likely to be wireless N 150, 3G, GPS). However, at this price, Huawei did cut corners… weak CPU and a below average screen. Gaming - forget it. Watch video - well… only ad-hoc.. the screen quality is too poor. It is a slow Android phone. But, it is Android 2.2… so you get wireless tethering.

      • Is it possible to update it to 2.3.x?

        • Not officially. People have started porting 2.3 to this phone.. but it is far from ready. There are custom ROMs but they are still for 2.2.1.

  • Crazyjohns is also offering Xperia X8 for 169 bucks!

    want to buy any of those but dunno which one :/

    • X8 specs is better - Better resolution screen. CPU's 3D hardware acceleration is enabled (according to the spec). Size wise is about the same. 320 x 480 is a much better resolution than the Ideos.

      Android 2.2 vs 2.1 - 2.2 is better.. but unless you really need wireless tethering out of the box. Though 2.2 does allow you to install apps. to SD card… which is a big plus.

      Both phones are low end (so slow phones - in Android's standard).

      I don't have an X8.. so cannot really comment on it.

      • thanks for elaborating..
        but X8 is way better looking and obviously its Sony Ericsson :D
        Although android phone within $99 is also very appealing.


        • I thought also you need android 2.2 or above for Flash on web pages…

  • +4

    + Cheapest Android 2.2 phone on the market
    + Cheapest 3G + wireless + GPS phone + wirless tethering on the market
    + Easy to root
    + Stock Android firmware (no bloatware)
    + Relatively small (though phones with simliar specs. are also about the same size)

    - Slow CPU
    - Poor quality screen (no multi-touch)
    - Overall built not impressive
    - Locked to Voda network
    - Bad Camera

    If you want an easy to carry phone and you don't care about gaming and watching video, this phone is a very good choice (in this price range, really a no brainer). Heavy Web surfing… forget it.

    BTW, no NextG/850 support. The 4GB SD-Card given by Crazy Johns seems a bit dodgy - it is a Sandisk one, but the read speed is really slow.. (though fast enough for the phone - since the phone is slow).

  • I am interested in purchasing this phone deal for $99, I already currently use a Vodafone prepaid sim. Hence just want to buy the phone and hopefully insert my sim and it will work.

    However at the crazyjohns website to purchase it asks me to select a plan i.e the lowest is $10 ranging to $15flat rate up to $79…. I do not want this, but I need to select one to proceed to checkout. What do I do?

    • Pick the $10 basic plan.. the cheapest.. it does not actually add $10 to the total purchase.. I think it just lets them setup the prepaid SIM to that plan for you by default.

      • +2

        thanks just bought one, damn impulse buying & OzBargain :P

        Also got a mobile broadband usb $99.50 for 18gb

  • The VodaPrepaid Ideos that I paid $150 (1gb sd card) for yesterday worked straight away, 3G broadband and whatever. I just tried an active Telstra sim from a T-Touch and was accepted - I tried an outgoing call.

    Most of the apps I have from Android market on Galaxy S just automatically installed. And procedure for installing downloaded apps was the same - Transfer with Wifi File Explorer and install with Astro.

    This is a fine device and am impressed with streaming video. Fits in the pocket!

    (these make great mobile hotspots too)

  • For people interested in this phone, there are a few forums on whirlpool, you can follow here and it points you to the other forums:

    Nice phone. The battery is ordinary - but is ok if you turn things off. Screen resolutions isnt the best but most things works. Angry birds work (and free for android i think) - there is a trick to get it working somewhere on one of those forums

    • Yeah.. read the forums on whirlpool.. very useful.

      Angry Birds - when the title screen sort of loads up (when you see a blue band on your phone), turn your phone off. Then turn your phone on. Angry Birds will then display properly.

      Honestly, I wouldn't play Angry Birds on this phone (a bit slow, resolution too low).

      GPS - Google Navigation works and is pretty decent. For navigation without 3G connection: CoPilot works with QVGA resolution. iGO needs a hack (and even with the hack the display is still not quite right - but workable). Sygic Aura does not work (Sygic thinks this phone does not have 3D acceleration).

      Other apps. worth considering: 3G Watchdog, AppInstaller, Google Translate, Real Calculator, Astro File Manager, WiFi File Explorer, GPS Test, Battery Indicator, Android System Info, Apps 2 SD, Advanced Task Killer, Train Trapper, Skyfire, Wifi Analyzer.

      Some apps for rooted phone: Move2SD Enabler, App Saver, Titanium Backup

  • Their latest phones are really good especially now with android. this is a bargain!

  • +1

    argh! just bought it :) feels good man.

    Anyone know how long delivery takes for CJs? BNE

  • dam! bought mine last week for $129. Great little device. Took 1 day to get deliveried

  • will this phone work with a 3 sim card?

    • it works on voda. so i reckon it'll probably work on 3

    • Galaxy S of CJ works with my 3 sim card. I tried~~

      • I heard that 3 locks their simcards so they won't work with other handsets? Was your Galaxy S actually "locked to voda"?

  • Thankyou for this. I was going to buy one just yesterday at $129 (virgin) but got distracted and so put it off. Then saw this post. $99 was an even better price! :D

    • keep in mind that virgin is on the optus network and CJ is on voda

      • Not sure that it matters… I've noticed a distinct drop in quality on Virgin ever since the Voda debacle… I reckon a lot of people have jumped from Voda to Virgin/Optus and the Optus network is now struggling as a result. I haven't had a problem on Virgin until this year, now I regularly have calls drop out despite full service

  • They get decent reviews for the price, good buy for a cheapy

  • Note on CJ's web page:

    "Important: due to very high demand please allow 2-3 business days for order processing, plus 1-3 days delivery time."

  • just wondering can i use a vodafone sim on this phone without paying to get it unlocked?

  • Dunno about Wuawei's Android offering… but Vodafone-labeled, $59 pre-paid G6600's
    used to come - out-of-the-box - UNLOCKED, both from a mall-aisle peddler & DSE.

    (I hope that's true of their DUAL-ACTIVE-SIM version, ie, G6600D (also $99 @ DSE recently).

    Last time I checked, no one ELSE (besides DSE) - in SA - seemed to be offering
    any Dual-SIM handsets [in SA]. One told me it was once illegal to sell 'em in AU;
    another said no one does now & no one will (If so, Why?), & suggested eBay's
    the only source.

    Anybody know for sure about Dual-SIM mobiles in AU? TIA)

    • +1

      Most people buy their phones subsidised by a carrier (pre-paid or contract). The carriers aren't going to carry phones that allow people to use another network at the same time.

  • Got mine today 15/3. Ordered late 10/3.
    First impression -> Am really happy with it.
    Just to reconfirm, works with Voda sim.

    • flat-sim slot or slide-in-slim slot?

      • Slide in slim slot i think. Not sure what the difference is. It is not a flip kind.

    • Mine just arrived too and I'm pretty pleased with it. My current phone is about 5 yrs old, so its a vast improvement!

  • Got mine today! It works with my 3 simcard :)

    • Same deal here. Stoked that it works with 3 simcard!

      Btw it comes with the extra 4GB microSDHC card along with the 1GB already in the phone

      • Got mine too, ordered on Saturday 11 PM, arrived midday Thursday. Also very happy it comes with the 4 GB card - Crazy Johns should have included this in their description as it's definitely a plus.

        Only downside is that it seems to be locked - I'm using a TPG sim (which uses the Optus network), and when I put the SIM in, it ask for a "SIM network unlock PIN".

        Does anyone know if installing a new ROM, such as FusionIdeos, will remove the lock? I was going to try installing that anyway, but if it won't remove it, I'll just pay the $20 for an unlock site now.

        • Confirmed that my TPG sim doesnt work in the phone also. As far as I'm aware unlocking code it the only way to remove lock, but not 100% sure. GMShosting site doesnt seem to be helping with unlock codes so I may have to suck up and pay the 20$ too

  • Has anyone found that the earphone volume is really low even when turned up to max? Also the FM radio sounds muffled.

    • yet to try the phone jack. Will advise

    • Are you using the crappy bundled earphones? I find the volume fine using my own. FM radio has had quite a bit of static though - thought it was just cos of bad reception in my apartment.

  • +1

    Just received my phone, ordered last Friday, 11th.

    Came with blue and yellow covers and unlocked - verified with TPG and Telstra SIM.
    Also checked via *#*#2846579#*#* ->Project Menu ->Network Setting->SIM card lock state.

    • I also ordered on Friday - Blue cover and locked. Seems like luck!!

      • Should've mentioned I'm in Melbourne and from reading the Whirlpool forums it seems that we are luckier in this regard.

        I do have to say though, it's got one of the best cardboard boxes I've ever received anything in :P

        • does yours says SIMLOCK_DEACTIVE ?

  • +1

    Got mine today, unlocked with Virgin Mobile. Excellent deal. FM works fine.

  • Has anyone had problems with reception? I am on 3 and in Melbourne CBD area - most of the time I am fine but several times it has dropped from full reception to nothing even when I am not moving at all.

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