5% off Elevate & Gateway Fares, 10% off Business, Premium Economy, Freedom Fares @ Virgin Australia


As title suggests, 10% off promo code on Virgin Australia Domestic, Trans-Tasman, International Short Haul and International Long Haul Flights.

10% Discount applies to Business, Premium Economy, Freedom fares
5% Discount applies to Elevate and Gateway fares.

Note: 5% or 10% off does not apply to tax.

Offer does not apply to Go, Go Plus and Sale fares. A 20 day advance purchase period also applies!

Not the best deal, but every dollar counts!

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    These two are better


    Should give 10% of elevate and getaway not the 5%

    Note percentage off does not include the taxes which can be about $30 per leg domestic


    10% discount applies to the base fare in Business, Business Saver, Premium, Premium Saver and Freedom fares.

    5% discount applies to the base fare of Elevate and Getaway fares.


    Whats the other better deals?

    • -1 vote

      Lol thanks for the neg - if you actually read the OP last para, he states that this is not the best deal so I'm asking for clarification.


    Might be a dumb question but any know if call Centre people can apply these codes. Mainly cause I want to use multiple gift cards..

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