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Nokia 7 Plus (AU Stock) $569 (Was $679) @ Harvey Norman (Officeworks Should Price Beat)


Nokia 7 Plus 4/64 Black Copper

This is Australian stock which is for sale at Harvey Norman (was $679), JB Hifi ($679) and Officeworks ($647)

Officeworks should pricebeat but has no stock in my area.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • This or the Oneplus 6?

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      I'm eyeing on these two as well. I have a one plus 3t. One plus 6 looks like a good upgrade. But having a true stock Android is really good.

      • android one is the way to go …..

    • I was in same position as well choosing between Nokia and Oneplus or wait for Nokia 7.1 plus

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      I think they're very different, Oneplus 6 has flagship hardware, this is mid-level phone.

    • Not a fair comparison. OP6 is near flagship.

      Maybe compare to the Pocophone F1 but even then its AU warranty vs Chinese no warranty. IMO Pocophone hands down for performance, though camera may not be as good

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        poco no band 28 no nfc , so no comparison …..

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      OnePlus 6 if you don't mind a notch and lack of SD card.

      If you choose a Nokia 7 Plus keep in mind it has no OIS, less RAM (in AU model) and slower (but probably more power efficient) CPU.

      OnePlus has unlockable bootloader but Nokia is on Android One program so give and take there.

      Both are pretty close though they just make different compromises to each other.

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      My wife has the Nokia 7 Plus, I have the Oneplus 6 128gb/8gb RAM so I'm in a good position to answer this.

      Performance: Oneplus 6 VERY RARELY stutters and is zippy and fluid with 8gb of RAM and the top level processor. However, the Nokia 7 Plus just got Android Pie and it feels pretty damn good now especially considering it's almost half the price. You will notice the occasional jitter when scrolling or a half second lag to open an app you haven't used for a while on the N7 Plus, The Oneplus will open an app you used yesterday in the blink of an eye due to such a large amount of RAM.

      Build Quality: Funnily enough, the Nokia 7 Plus feels more solid/quality in the hand. The aluminium with the copper looks really shmick.

      Screen: Oneplus is better here with the OLED screen, however the Nokia 7 Plus IPS screen still has REALLY good black levels and the colour rivals the Oneplus.

      Speaker: Nokia 7 Plus is not quite as loud, but is definitely less tinny. Oneplus speaker is loud but tinny. Nokia 7 Plus probably wins here.

      Storage: Nokia 7 Plus can have a micro SD. This expands storage considerably versus the Oneplus which cannot do so. Keep in mind that Dual SIM is on all Oneplus phones but with the Nokia 7 Plus, it's only on the overseas model. The Australian model Nokia 7 Plus has no dual sim.

      Updates: Oneplus 6 got Android Pie OS a month earlier, but the 7 Plus got the September security update earlier because OnePlus were busy working on the Pie upgrade. I think for security updates, Oneplus has committed to updates every 2 months whereas Nokia has committed to monthly. It's pretty much a tie here.

      All in all, the Oneplus is the better phone but the Nokia 7 Plus is better value.

      Can answer any other questions you have!

      • Thanks for your comment. Thinking about picking up the 7 plus.
        Has your wife noticed any other issues with the phone? I remember reading about issues with the headphone jack and app switcher stuttering a while ago, but they might have been fixed in the pie update.

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          No issues other than that. Headphone jack works perfectly fine and the app switcher never had any issues. Bluetooth used to delay when connecting but this was fixed in Pie

          • @leeson865: Thanks, I got one yesterday from HN. Loving it so far, screen is really big compared to my moto G3 but I'll get used to it.

      • Thanks for the comment, it really help.

      • What about the camera?

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    if you have AMEX $50 off $250, so you could have it for $469 if you have more than 1 AMEX.

  • Good for local stock, it's still $430 or so delivered from joybuy

    • 6/64GB available too. Buyers said it's TA-1062 from joybuy, NOT Android One neither Playstore, but can be added.
      Really wants to know what model is AU stock, nothing on HN site, come on Jerry! dont just play with Tom all day

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        The Australian model is TA-1055, I have it.

  • Why not get the the Nokia 8 from officeworks? Its faster and cheaper.

    • The obvious for most would be no Android One ( also around a year less software updates ), then there is the smaller screen.

      I like the form factor and design of the Nokia 8 ( not to mention the performance ), but after holding and using the Nokia 7 plus I also really like it and can see why so many people are drawn to it ( as well as other large screen phones ).

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