expired Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 64GB Tablet, $60/Month with 200GB (24 Month Contract) @ Optus


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 64gb (256gb sold-out) for $60 a month with 200gb
save $480 over 24 mths - New and Re contracting Service only.

you can combine with existing account for extra $10 off ($50 per month)
This is same price as Data deal - but with "free" Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
also come with free (redeem) JBL Dual NC headset
include all the regular Entertainment extra

Update: Offer extended to 18/11/18

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    Has anyone who signed up and got the bundle discount(mobile + mobile broadband for the additional $10 off) recontracted their mobile service and kept the bundle discount going?

    My mobile plan is about to finish an I'm looking for a new plan but when talking to the online chat, they say that once I recontract, I'll loose that discount too(even if signing up to a new 24 mth contract)


      Looks like the rep I was taking to was wrong, checked again with another team and the bundle discount is attached to the mobile broadband Sim plans so as long as you have an eligible second service bundled on your account, it'll continue to receive the discount(for the life of the contract).

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