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Philips HUE Aphelion Downlight 125mm 4-Pack $239.80 Delivered (Was $279.80) @ Simply LEDs


Been looking to replace my large non dimmable downlights, and saw this pack for 4 Philips HUE Aphelion Downlight. Normally around $69 each. Works out to be $59.95 each

Experience light for your moments and ambiance from warm white to cool daylight with Philips Hue White ambiance Aphelion LED downlight. Helps you to fall asleep and wake up gently, energize and help you to concentrate, read and relax. The downlight features an integrated LED. Required professional installation by qualified electrician.

Box includes 4 HUE Aphelion Downlights.

  • 600lm light output
  • 125mm cutout (in ceiling)
  • 230W mains
  • Dimmable
  • IP44 rating (splash water)

More detail found here

List of Smart Home Hubs / Systems Compatible
Apple Home Kit / Siri Yes Require Philips Hue Bridge 2.0
Google Home Yes Require Philips Hue Bridge 2.0
Amazone Alexa / Echo Dot / Echo Yes Require Philips Hue Bridge 2.0
Samsung SmartThings Yes Require Philips Hue Bridge 2.0
IFTTT Yes Require Philips Hue Bridge 2.0

Mains power
230 V
Number of bulbs
Wattage bulb included
0.25 W
Maximum wattage replacement bulb
0.3 W
Total lumen output fixture
600 lm
Fixture dimmable
Built in LED
Lifetime up to
20,000 hrs
IP code
protection against objects bigger than 1 mm
protection from splashed water
Class of protection
II - double insulated

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  • +3

    Seems expensive for 4 downlights.

    • +3

      Yeah, I'm pretty sure when I renovated my kitchen ~5 years ago I paid about $55 delivered for 4 1200 lumen led lights.

      The ones I have don't have the ability to change from warm to cool white tones though (I believe that's what the description is saying).

      • warm white to cool daylight

    • -1

      for 125mm downlights its only a little more then normal dimmable LED downlights from most lightning stores (around $30-40). And because its Hue, its got all the support of Alexa, Google, Apple etc

    • These are not very bright at all, and very large. No power plug so not self installable.

      • Do you have these as the forums have been telling different story about brightness?

        • No, I had 8 in my trolley, but the Bunnings rep warned they are not very bright.
          Bunnings had a display, so I was able to compare them with other LED downlights.

          Wonder if the specs changed, these say 600lums, sure not as bright as a 55w Halogen, but quite good for an LED bulb and the beam angle is very impressive range. Cool daylight can also give the impression of being brighter. However when comparing against LED's with the in-built driver these give off much less light.

          I have the HUE's elsewhere (not downlight) and they appear brighter than the existing LED's they replaced with a so-called higher rating.

          I actually went with the HPM's 90mm, they looked a lot brighter in store and fitted in my existing holes. I had sockets in the roof, which the old downlights and transfer were plugged into!!

          Still the HPM's do not look as good as the HUE's. Switching from warm to cool ect, does make a difference.

  • +1

    I realize these aren't supposed to be used for DIYers but it's worth noting that these do not come with plugs attached. I found the cheapest option was to just buy the cheapest extension cable from Bunnings, cut it in half and then wire that in.

    It's worth noting that the LIFX does come with an AU plug, has a more standard size and has more color options.

    • Does Lifx have a 125mm option?
      That is my main requirement as I currently have 130mm downlights that arent dimmable. They are great at lighting the room at lower wattage needing less downlights

    • Most of the time you are getting electrican to install anyway and cut out the hole and run powerpoints. Its really people replacing that is more DIY

    • You can buy the 2 wire plugs or (suicide plugs) from middys electrical for like 6 bucks just for future reference

  • -1

    What is the 230W mains meaning? Just want the money

    • Your question makes no sense whatsoever.

      230V relates to the power supply, you know the electricity stuff that comes into your house and makes your appliances and gadget work.

  • -1

    Am i missing something here? Seems cheaper to buy them as singles.

    • That is $67.95 each, This works out to be $59.95 each

  • +1

    If you wanna save some dollars on something similar and don't care about certification etc Xiaomi make a pretty good light.

    • They dont have a downlight like this

    • Do these require a bridge?

      • Hue Bridge or Amazon plus or smasung smartthings. These are zigbee so they will response faster then WiFi lights and use less power. I have more headaches with my WiFi lights then with my Philips hue lights. So I have been slowly replacing all my yeelights

      • Nope

    • Do these work with google home?

      • Yes and Alexia and apple homekit

        • Wow that’s cool. Wonder if u can group them instead of having to control ever downright seperately?

          • @Bellpop: You can group by Rooms, in both Google, Alexa, Apple and Home Assistant.

            Add a Hue Wifi Dimmer Switch or cheaper Mi Switch (Needing Home Assistant or SmartThings)

      • Yeah I think so. You'd have to check yourself. I use them with homeassistant so get google home that way.

  • Hope Xiaomi can come up with something similar…

  • For anyone looking for these larger 125mm dimmable downlights, and do not require switching from cool to warm white (I only like warm), these HPM brand ones are $35 ea at Bunnings.


    They use a standard 3 pin plug so if ever one dies (should last ~20 years) you can swap out yourself in 60 seconds without paying a sparky.

    They look much nicer than the old school recessed lights that let dust and bugs come down from the ceiling cavity.
    Although you will likely need a sparky to fit off the 3 pin socket ($4 ea from Bunnings) to the old light wiring.

    Note, the white ring around the diffuser is plastic - more expensive brands may use painted metal.

    • So a little more for smart light of daylight or warm and schedules etc. Personally I would spent the extra

      • Depends on what you want - I'm not saying either is right or wrong.
        If the price difference was $5 or even $10 I would go the smart light either way.

        But its not a "little more" - it is almost double the price per light ($60 vs $35).
        If you home needs 12 of these, you are spending just $420 for the Bunnings ones vs $720 for these. $300 is a significant difference - for anyone not intending to use home automation.

        And you must buy the more expensive ones in multiples of 4 - if you need 10 or 14 lights then the average price per light goes up to buy the 2 additional singles.
        And you must pay an electrical to install them - and also to replace any in the future - $$.

        • Your comparing a smart light to a dumb light and saying it's cheaper so not really a comparison

          It's like saying a Nokia 3310 is cheaper then an iPhone X

          • @asa79: I completely agree - and I do think this deal is a good price for 125mm Smart Lights - so have upvoted it.

    • a smart power plug/adaptor and you can turn it on/off too.

    • You can something get a 3 pin socket connected at an electrical store for less.

      If you want to pay a little more $69 https://www.lectory.com.au/Philips-Hue-LED-9W-Downlight-Whit... come with the AU 3 pin socket attached

  • Since people are recommending normal LEd downlights, these cannot be beaten


  • -1

    Totally agree with JVs tattered socks. We purchased 150 of these three years ago and not one faulty (one ballast died). Made by SAL, Sunny: high quality and we paid $20 each so the price has dropped.
    However if you want the Philips, go for these from Lectory: you can dial up and colour and interface with Amazon etc.

    • But the price is the same as Philips? Why would you want to go with Lectory? Are they good brand?

      • +1

        They add the power plug for diy but they full price

    • Still a 90mm light?? Why are people suggesting 90mm lights?

      • What's wrong with 90mm ?

        • +1

          Because the post is about 125mm downlights, not 90mm downlights, so off topic

  • Don't forget… If you turn the light switch off, these will no longer be "smart"… Far better to install a Z-Wave module behind the light switch… This way you get "smart" control and still maintain manual switch control - way cheaper too.

    • Tape over the switch fixes that

    • Funny this is exactly my dilemma atm and been considering my options . I do like the color changing and ability to control each bulb individually but it seems a bit price prohibitive at the moment

      Have to take into account the cost of electrician to install them too :/

  • Not a great deal. Go for Sengled which is made in the Philips factory and is around $199 for 4 lights

    • totally different lights

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