expired Google Pixel 2 64GB (New) $612.79, Galaxy S8 64GB (Refurb) $465.79, iPhone 7 256GB (Refurb) $564.69 Shipped (Grey Stock) @GearDo



Deals on 64gb,128gb,256gb Phones ( New & Refurbished )

GALAXY S8 64GB G950 REFURBISHED https://geardo.com.au/Samsung-Galaxy-S8-64GB-Refurbished A$465.79 Shipped
GALAXY S8 PLUS 64GB G955 REFURBISHED https://geardo.com.au/Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Plus-64GB-Refurbishe... Shipped A$515.29
IPHONE 7 256GB REFURBISHED https://geardo.com.au/apple-iphone-7-256gb A$564.69 Shipped
IPHONE 6S 128GB REFURBISHED https://geardo.com.au/apple-iphone-6s-128gb A$398.29 Shipped

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 64GB BRAND NEW https://geardo.com.au/Google-Pixel-2-64GB-New A$612.79 Shipped
GOOGLE PIXEL 2 128GB BRANE NEW https://geardo.com.au/Google-Pixel-2-128GB-New A$689.79 Shipped

Newest REFURBISHED release

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 64GB https://geardo.com.au/Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8-64GB-Refurbished A$662.29 Shipped

  • All Phones are Fully Compatible With Australian 3G & 4G Networks
  • All Refurbished Models are in Excellent Grade A Condition
  • Shipped from HK warehouse Via Express Postage ( Deliver 3-5 Days after Handling )


Customer Support:
Email: Info@geardo.com.au
Phone: 0395325391 MON-FRI 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Thanks for all the support from OZ Bargain community! We hope you enjoy this great deal.

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  • +5 votes

    why are your prices listed without including GST? this isn't america all our prices included GST in them.


      All Prices are Include GST + Postage = @ Geardo Shipped

      • +3 votes

        Sub-Total: A$455.00 <——- This SHOULD included GST this isn't america our prices include GST.
        GST: A$45.50 <——— This isn't listed till i add to cart.
        Priority International Express Post: A$14.79
        Total: A$515.29


      I think the price includes GST and shipping?


      Has note under price that it excludes gst. Still complies eith accc for reasonable notice.

      10% is hard to calculate.


    Decent price on the 128gb Pixel 2. Almost feel like grabbing one just in case my current pixel 2 fails just outside of its 2 year warranty (lucky for me, all my google phones have always had problems just before the two years is up, haven't had to pay for a phone for about 5 years now).


    Pixel 2’s are new but the box may be opened?

  • +5 votes

    Does your Pixel 2 XL 64GB Brand New shipped from HK have 2 year warranty in AU?


    OP please edit your description. Some obvious errors.


    is there any way to guarantee that we'll get a SM-G950U version of the S8 if we order? (that is the snapdragon variant)


    I'm confused. Are the Pixel 2 64GB and 128GB variants both brand new, untouched, in original factory sealed boxes? How do you guarantee that?


      Yes it is Brand New, Untouched , Some boxes are Opened , Some are Sealed . We can guarantee the phones and Accessories are 100% brand New.

      • +4 votes

        Why are some boxes opened?

        How do you guarantee they're 100% brand new - like, what proof do you have?

        Your site sells a lot of refurbished or 'near new' items, and the byline of the products don't sound like they're brand new, e.g. "Original Accessories Included" I would expect that from a brand new item, without being told that - why wouldn't the original accessories be included in a brand new item?

  • +11 votes

    Read the comments before buying from these guys.


    edit: deal is neg due to incorrect porducts sent and no after sale support.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks, I won't be ordering (I notice you add same/similar comments to previous posts, good on ya).
      Unfortunate because I haven't seen a Pixel 2 (non XL) for any reasonable price in forever.


        I'm just dumbfounded how they keep posting these deals without even rectifying the issues with their previous sales.


    Just bought the Nokia 8 otherwise I would have got the S8 Plus, these would be unused, like new

  • +10 votes

    Stay away from these guys. Fake model phone was delivered and had to ship it back to HK where it was never "picked" up. Had to do multiple follow up via PayPal to get my money back. Not worth the hassle.


      Do apologies for the issue. Can You PM your order ID, so i can see what has happen. Our Return address is Melbourne Warehouse

      • +4 votes

        Not true. Your PayPal return address supplied I was forced to use was

        CPC Online Limited
        FLAT 46 5/F, MAN KING BUILDING 24 - 48 MAN WUI ST, Hong Kong

        That's not Melbourne!

        I had to claim back the return postage from PayPal return postage guarantee. You didn't pay for the return postage even though you sent me the wrong phone model to what you advertised!


          What do you mean by "fake model" and did you try contacting the seller direct instead of going to PayPal?



          I am note sure how that has happen , we know in Paypal the return address is in Australia and even in the website. Also i know we have a HK Addresses in Paypal but i am 100% sure it is not our Return Address. Something has happen in somewhere and we do apologize for the issue.

          We do not want any customer to Return items to HK due to delays in processing time (Mainly due to HK Port Delays)

          If you have more concerns please contact me on info@geardo.com.au (Attn - Joe )

          Thank You

          In website
          "Please forward all warranty claims to Geardo Store, PO box 297, Hallam, Vic 3803, Australia."

          In Warranty Terms Page

          • +2 votes

            @GearDo Australia: Simple solution. If you don't want people to ship it to HK for PayPal return, update the address in PayPal for people to return the items to. Not that hard! PayPal guarantees require you to ship it back to the listed address by the seller.

            I trust PayPal return process more than this shop.


          I used the Melbourne address for PayPal return. I got both postage and phone cost back.


    These guys offer really competitive price on phones. However I ordered two phones so far and both turned out to be bad. I had no issues returning them but if only they have better quality control process in place, the shopping experience would be much better


    Geardo, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 on a previous deal a few months ago. I am noticing that the phone sometimes loses connection to the network provider. People are trying to call me while my phone is on, but getting the message that the phone is not connected to the network. This can usually be resolved by rebooting the phone, but obviously it's not a good long term solution as I need it for work and have no way of knowing if the phone needs a reboot.

    Can a replacement S7 be organised?

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