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Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II + Forza Horizon 4 & Forza Motorsport 7 $499 @ JB Hi-Fi


Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II $499 @ JB HI-FI

Update: Credits to TheKopyKat for confirming the Forza Deal Crossover

Beats BigW deal by a solid $70. Make sure you save extra by using those 5% off wish cards to get JB cards (if you're lucky and your local Woolies hasn't blocked this option)

Xbox One S also has an offer:
Xbox One S 1TB Console + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Forza Horizon 4 for $329!

Credits to SwedishChef

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    Hmmm … do I need one of these as well as a PS4 Pro? Is it a noticeably better 4k experience?

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      Well Digital Foundry reported that Black Ops 4 drops below 1080p on the Pro compared to a minimum of 1800p on the X. It's a massive disparity that's probably only going to become more pronounced as we move toward the next gen of consoles.

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      Massive difference, lots more games are 4K on X also you're going from 8gb ram to 12gb and 4.2tflops to 6tflops, also a 4K bluray drive PS4/Pro don't have one.

      • Didn't think it would be a huge difference. Spiderman and GoW look fantastic on a Pro with 4k tv.

        4k player would be nice to have though.

        • +2

          Didn't think it would be a huge difference. Spiderman and GoW look fantastic on a Pro with 4k tv.

          I own one and I'm telling you straight out its a bloody big difference, had to go back to using a XB1S for a weekend and it was a struggle.

    • If you already have the pro I see no reason to buy this.

    • +1
      Key notes:

      • XBX runs in native 4K
      • PS4 Pro 1920 x 2160
      • XBX best performance with a few drops in towns
      • PS4 Pro next best thing with solid framerate in wilderness but again dropping some frames in towns.
      • PS4/XB One have better overall performance than RDR1 had in 360/ps3 hardware. There are drops even to the low-mid 20s at some points though.
      • Visual parity in terms of rendering for all versions. (same assets/foliage etc)
      • PS4 1080p
      • XB One 864p
      • No evidence of dynamic resolution in any of the versions tested.
      • DF consider the game a stunning achievement regardless and believe the XBX X version is the best and by a considerable margin.

      Playing this game on X is the way it's meant to be played. Amazing deal on an amazing console.

  • Been waiting to use my gift vouchers from last year's eBay sale.

    This will be nice

  • +5

    i have a one x with a 1080p tv and it looks way better than my original xbox one

  • Argh, with Microsoft bringing their exclusives to PC anyway I just can't justify this. Need a PS4-Pro deal solely for Spiderman, GoW, Horizon (never got to play it!) and Red Dead…

    • +3

      Cheapest way to play 4K

      • I've wasted enough money on my PC to do just that! The only reason I'm looking at consoles is because of exclusives, which Xbox just isn't competing with.

    • +5

      As a console the Xbox One is a bit meh given it lacks the big exclusives of PS4.

      As a $500 PC it's outrageously good value.

      • +1

        IF and it's a HUGE IF, MS add mouse and keyboard support to ALL titles on XBOX ONE then I'll consider going back to them.. I bought a PS4 and XBOX ONE both just after launch and the PS4 has had lots of use and well over $1K spent on discs and downloads.. the XBOX ONE is grey with dust and has maybe 10 titles which were all clearance $10-20 titles from Target etc. There just simply hasn't been the interest for me with the few xbox exclusive titles they've had.

        • You're aware that MS aren't the ones who add support to 3rd party titles, of course..?
          But they're not concerned with you as an individual, so your "IF" and/or you being willing to "consider" are irrelevant to everyone in the world aside from yourself. (nobody here cares) So just make the right decision for yourself.
          Sounds like that right decision for you is simply forgetting that the X1 even exists and maybe even giving away/trading in/selling your existing dust-covered machine.

          • @Scipio: oh the XBOX ONE I have has a great use - it'll get me a nice trade in bonus at EB on my birthday.

            I had read the mouse and keyboard support was officially being added by MS, so if that happened then that would make better value as a PC like putshan had mentioned.

            • @gizmomelb: MS can add support for the console. They don't add support to individual software titles - individual devs and publishers do. Enjoy whatever you get from EB.

    • I have a PS4 Pro and a PC GTX1070 card, it would be easier to play on the 4k TV … $500 is reasonable I think.

  • Do they give you cash back for preorders in eb games?

    I have a console on preorder but would switch to this. Even if they just price matched it I would rather buy from eb.

    • In my experience, it depends on what you used to pay for the pre-order deposit. For e.g. if you used trade-in credit, then you will have to roll it over onto another pre-order or use it to buy something else. if you used cash or credit card then they will just return the cash or process the refund back onto the card.

      • Yeah that sounds fair

  • anyone know if woolworths sell jb gift cards and if you can use woolworths wish gift cards to pay for the jb gift cards?

    • +1

      Just sign up to Suncorp benefits for 5% off in gift cards

    • Woolworths do sell JB Hi-Fi card I'm pretty sure.
      I've used wish gift cards for VISA prepaid cards about 8 months ago, not sure if they changed anything.

  • This or a budget desktop ?

    • +5


    • +3

      Xbox one x

    • Pretty sure a budget desktop would cost more right?

      • +1

        Yeah, but I can do more with it tbh. Wanting to do video as well on it, but most say this deal aha

        • if you only want to play games, then this.. if you want to do more as well as play the same games that are available on the XBOX ONE - then a desktop. Even most budget CPUs will handle hi-res gaming quite well, just get a decent GPU like a GTX 1060 or AMD 570 or above - as long as you're gaming at 1080p. Gaming at 4K is possible on the XBOX ONE X but that and movie watching is all you're going to be doing.

    • +2

      If Amazon did another $179 to $199 for XBox One S, then get that.
      RX580 price has dropped. RAM price has gone up though.

      Try to find someone who has an XB1X and show you some games on it. I have XB1X, PS4 Pro and PC. This will upset a lot of people, but XB1X hasn't wow me so far (and I bought mine in 2017). I used to have an XB1S (couldn't wait for XB1X, got one back in 2016) - great value for money. XB1X's GPU is essentially an RX580, no point hyping it up. The dynamic resolution approach to 4K, while nice, is still not true 4K. Only first party titles will really attempt to make the game 4K (but that will require dialing down some quality settings compared to PC).

      • +1

        This I said it earlier - PS exclusives on Pro look great. Even Battlefront 2 looked really good on the Pro. Would a person really notice a difference between OneX and Pro at a distance of 2 to 3 metres and with a moving image??

        • +1

          I doubt it. The trade off of marginally better resolution while losing access to all the PlayStation exclusives is laughable to me. Not to mention I find the dashboard of the X1 horrendous compared to the simplicity of the PS4. If you're not in a huge rush, people are speculating next gen to arrive late 2019/early 2020.

          • +1

            @OfTheOverflow: agreed.. the horrible mess that is the MS dashboard is why my launch XBOX ONE is covered in dust, I simply hate the interface - the earlier XBOX 360 dash was much easier and faster to use.

        • +3

          As an owner of an Xbox one and a PS4 pro, honestly my Xbox gets way more play time. I only use the PS4 for exclusives. Reasons: the Xbox controller is better, the Xbox controllers batteries are swappable and last twice as long, the elite controller is pure bliss, the free titles on live are better, multiplayer is better as live is a more stable service, backwards compatibility the Xbox dashboard has been significantly refined and improved, there are more apps available, many Xbox games are cross platform licensed with PC so I can use either to play and saves transfer.

  • +3

    This a great deal if I didn't already have a Xbox one X I would get this for sure

  • Sorry, can someone please confirm, where and when is this bundle, JB or BIGW. Xbox one x + forza horizon 4 + forza Motorsport 7 + red dead redemption 2 for $499?

    • Yes will be interested in this as well

    • Sorry, can someone please confirm, where and when is this bundle, JB or BIGW. Xbox one x + forza horizon 4 + forza Motorsport 7 + red dead redemption 2 for $499?

      Its $569 for that bundle. Link below.

    • Nothing CONFIRMED yet. Rumour/leaked info is from the poster on Page 1.

  • +5

    The one x supports 1440p, where as the ps4 pro doesn't..
    There's a few games at 1440p 60fps at the moment with more support coming

    • -5

      1440p… so that means playing it on a PC monitor? If yes, hardly any 1440p monitor can do HDR. Furthermore, 1440p, the ratio back to 1080p isn't exactly even. Thus, on games supporting 1080p only won't look as crisp as on 1080p screen (it's less issue for 4K because the scaling ratio is simple).

      Honestly, for XB1X, use a 4K TV or display. I have an XB1X. Please, let's not fanboy every feature XB1X has over PS4 Pro. It's not all about consoles and raw powers, the games matter a lot too.

      If you care so much about 1440p gaming, then get a PC with a powerful graphics card.

      • +1

        Do your research, the majority of monitors that are HDR, are 1440p.
        Also, there are native 1440p games thay run true, no downscaling or upscaling.

        Microsoft understand that people want to use their consoles on a low input lag monitor, they also understand the demand for 1440p, hence the april update.

        • Okay, for some reason, my 4K TV cannot do 1440p. My 1440p monitor cannot do HDR.

          1440p is great for work, but I do find its 1080p scaling not that great (obviously, LCD monitor works best on its native resolution).

          Is there a list of games which supports [email protected]? Trying to find more info. I sold COD: WWII already (that one supports it it seems?). Will try Forza Horizon 4 on 1440p. I thought it only support [email protected] or [email protected] Does it also support [email protected]?

          Also, I want to make sure we are talking about games supporting [email protected]60fps (stable) rather than just XB1X supporting [email protected] (i.e. it can support up to 60fps, but if the game only support 30fps, the display will double each frame to achieve 60Hz). Or, we are talking about free sync up to 60fps?

        • Tested Forza Horizon 4 on 1440p. Quality mode: 2160p supersampled down to 1440p; performance mode: 1080p upscaled. For FH4, prefer quality mode on 1440p. 4K / 2160p is still better - because HUD and text plays a part on the game (and unfortunately, that's an area that easy to spot the difference). Don't get me wrong, the 2160p supersampled down to 1440p is way better supersampled down to 1080p.

          List games which currently support 1440p native on XB1X please (preferably 60fps and ideally available on GamePass). Keen to test them. Not able to find the full list yet.

        • I use the 1440p output on my XB271HU monitor, looks incredibly crisp and very pleased with the results. I wasn't sure if games did run at 1440p internally, good know that games can detect the 1440p output and adjust internal frame buffers to match.

  • +1

    $430 for the console alone is a damn ripper of a bargain.
    To sell my current black one for white or not? #firstworldproblems

    • +1

      Buy the white one, then decide whether to keep both or sell one.

      • Good idea.
        I wonder how crazy the stores will be?
        Surely there should be enough stock?

        • A deal posted on OZB, I would go to the store early.
          I was half joking about buy the white one then decide. But, if your better half got angry, I am happy to take the blame. It was my idea after all.

        • Its a 2 year old console - stock wont be an issue in most stores.

  • +1

    I purchased a console just for the original RDR this has me tempted again. Why cant rock star just release PC versions at the same time or around the same time >.<

    • Because they want people to buy it twice duh !

    • I did the exact same thing. Might see if I can score one of these deals also.

  • Fingers crossed the white One X will be available with this deal. Black is always a little too boring for me in consoles these days.

    • +5

      There is nothing wrong with the black one don't be racist

      • Really? I know you are joking but that comment is ….

      • white looks nicer

        • white would show the dust least of all… my launch XBOX ONE is essentially white as it's covered in dust from lack of use.

  • I wonder what EB will come up with, maybe oddesey and RDR2 + 1X ?

  • +2

    Pretty cool deal. I think next month during Black Friday sales we're going to see some cut throat competition on these consoles and games.

  • Is red dead redemption the actual disc, or just digital download code

    • +1

      Will be discs.

      • 2x discs :)

  • +1

    Hmm wonder if it might be worth flogging my 500gb One S and upgrading to this

    • Assuming we use the EB $299 trade in deal as a reference (assuming you trade in 2x$5 games and sell NBA 2K19 for $50 or more) - roughly $259.
      The biggest question is how much do you think RDR2 is worth ($47 based on Amazon AU deal or $59 from Gamesmen)? Let's use $60, it means you need to sell your XB1S for $180. Thing is, RDR2 is a game that most people would want to keep.

      This is a good deal for people without existing XB1/XB1S. However, if you do have one, the ability to sell your current console plays a big part of whether you will be better off overall.

  • -1

    Can anyone confirm whether this is happening nation-wide ? I just called my local JB Hi-Fi and they said that no such deal exists for the time-being.

    • +1

      Yep hasn't started yet, might be worth calling back in a few days.

      • Sorry that wasn't well worded - they told me no such deal will be happening on Friday. However, I might try calling back on Thursday.

  • +1

    Hmmm, I have a PS4 Slim and a laptop for gaming. Why would someone like myself buy a XB1X?

    • If you're using a laptop for gaming, you don't seem to really care about the graphics so I reckon you don't need one. The only reason you'd get the One X is to game on 4K TVs.

      • -1

        Yeah, I think so too. Gaming used to be an addiction and I've tried hard to find a balance in my life. Although I have an assortment of acclaimed PS4 games, I usually just pull it out to play NBA 2k or FIFA. I can't see myself investing time into a singleplayer which takes away 50+ hrs.

        • If you don like or have the time for single player then definitely buy the Xbox One X. Phil hates single player narrative driven games too because apparently they dont sell, just look at Spiderman and God of War, not selling what so ever (rolls eyes….)

    • If you want 4k gaming and a 4k bluray player for essentially $450 and want to play OG Xbox and Xbox 360 games—a handful of which have been 4k enhanced. If not, it might not be for you.

  • Already ordered a copy of Red Dead Redemption and can't cancel, reckon JB would allow me to trade this copy for COD?

    • +3

      you should legally be able to cancel any pre-order, press the issue with the store.

    • Just wanted to say I fkn love your avatar. The full art has been my phone lock screen since 2014 despite my waning enjoyment of the recent seasons.

      • I miss the normal setting :(

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