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Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II + Forza Horizon 4 & Forza Motorsport 7 $499 @ JB Hi-Fi


Xbox One X with Red Dead Redemption II $499 @ JB HI-FI

Update: Credits to TheKopyKat for confirming the Forza Deal Crossover

Beats BigW deal by a solid $70. Make sure you save extra by using those 5% off wish cards to get JB cards (if you're lucky and your local Woolies hasn't blocked this option)

Xbox One S also has an offer:
Xbox One S 1TB Console + Red Dead Redemption 2 + Forza Horizon 4 for $329!

Credits to SwedishChef

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  • +1

    Very nice. I think the BIGW one that was just posted is better but this one is great regardless. Is there some ozbargaining that can be done here to make it even cheaper like how you can buy giftcards for the BIGW deal?

    • +3

      5% off JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards from here or here?

      • Entertainment Book also sells 5% off JB gift cards.

        • The Entertainment Book website has replaced the buy button for JB HiFi gift cards with a message "eGift Cards are intermittently down for website maintenance by our third party supplier." since this time yesterday.

      • Classifieds often have JB gift cards, at a rate more than 5%

    • +3

      Have a feeling Amazon will respond to this kind of promo.

      • +1

        Yes, that’s what I’m hoping for too!

        • +7

          I hope HN will come to the party too as I have been waiting to use Amex $50 statement credit with $250 spend.

          • @wtfnodeal: Harvey Norman price match advertised competitor pricing

            • +1

              @easternculture: I think they are iffy with bundles that they themselves are not selling.

              • +1

                @ruttager: Yeah, they only price match equivalent bundles (eg. won't price match JB's Forza titles as they are included as digital titles with the console) - They will price match this console + Red Dead Redemption as it's a physical copy of the game.

          • +8

            @wtfnodeal: Yeah except we shouldn't give HN our money cause they (profanity) us over.

      • Amazon has been non-responsive. JB a clear winner this time.

    • +3

      If you have an account/insurance with Suncorp, AAMI, Apia, CIL, GIO, Shannons etc you can get 5% gift card discount using Suncorp Benefits.


      You can also get 5% off JB and 7% off EB Games as a member of RACQ.

      • +1

        With RACQ - are they digital codes?

      • I have never used these gift cards before? Are they delivered via email and do I just print them off bring them into store and they accept them no questions asked?


        • I would assume Egift cards stands for electronic meaning it is digitally sent.

      • AGL rewards also provides 5% off JB HIFI gift cards. They charge 1% on CC payments.

        They also do 8% off EB games if you can get them to price match. Should bring it down to $459.

        • Is it instant from AGL REWARDS or does it take days to process?? I already got burned trying the egift cards from suncorp

          • @cathalm8: I don't know / haven't tried it. Maybe I can test with a $50 card.

          • +1

            @cathalm8: My local EB Games is saying they don't price match bundles.

            He then offered me the RDR2 + two Forza bundle for $649 (their website says $599).

            I told him the JB deal is identical for $499 and he asked me if I was sure it didn't require a trade-in, lol 😀.

    • Hi Guys,

      Could you please if the purchase from EBgames via EBay can be returned back. I want to take the advantage of the lower price on this one.

      Hopefully someone can help ?

      • It is depending on EBgames ebay return policy.

      • I purchased from EBgames eBay to Click & Collect at local store. I got them to put the points onto my EB World card but to do that they had to cancel the order and put the funds onto a EB gift card and then use the EB gift card to purchase the goods. Thats the only way I know how to do it.

        • I have purchased from them in the past using ebay and messaged them my EB card no. My points were added without any issue.

    • Youi insurance members can get 6.5% off $100 JBHifi gift cards at the moment. Not sure if you can buy multiple or if they are delivered electronically immediately or sent out physically? Anyone know?

      • +1

        Pretty sure it is a web portal and you get them immediately by email. Also there may be a credit card or PayPal fee.

    • Which deal from Big dubs? Not the one referenced in this post clearly stating it beats it by $70? Got a link for that claim?

      • When this deal was posted it did not have the forza games included. It was only Xbox One X + RDR2 for $500 hence why I said the bigw one with forza games included for $70 more was a better deal.
        It wasn't till an hour later that someone associated with JB confirmed that the forza games would be included. Making this by far the better deal. I have ordered one at my local JB hopefully EB/HN don't beat it because I'm sick of price wars.

        • Knowing my luck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon responded by offering a bundle consisting of an Xbox One X, RDR2, Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7, the new elite controller and exclusive access to the beta demo of Half-Life 3 for $399 later tonight.

          • @Firefly: You forgot the exclusive threesome with Bill Gates and Lord Gaben they'd offer for $100 extra. But yes I'd be pissed.

  • +9

    This deal is amazing! I wish they would do a PS4 Pro bundle too but looks unlikely since they already have the PS4 slim bundle.

  • +2

    Would suit me if the white one x is an option…

    • +1

      I think you are being picky mate

    • +7

      that's racist

      • -1

        If Xbox was a race?

        • +15

          Well its not the master race

          • +1

            @bobzor: Don't know why you're getting negged. He means PC not white lmao.

    • +3

      Same, then can swap it out with my S and the wife wouldn’t notice.

    • It is an option

      • Yep the fine print says also white

        • the actual website makes it obvious. But perhaps it wasn't so obvious before, and they've updated it.

  • is it worth upgrading an original Xbox One for an X?

    • +6

      I did and yes. Yes it is. Even if you don't have a 4k TV it's a better experience overall.

      • +3

        What about from my 2007 xbox 360? Surely the graphics on this isnt much better than when kewell and viduka strut their stuff on fifa 2008.

        • Lol. Do you mean keeley hazell?

    • Yes you should have traded a month or so ago on the $299 for the EB GAMES XBOX ONE S to XBOX One X + NBA 2K19 deal ($349 for vanilla XBOX One to XBOX One X + NBA 2k19)


      Unless of course you want to keep both consoles

      • Yeah I was so cut I was overseas for that :(

    • I recently did. If you've got a 4k capable TV, the difference is huge. If not, the then it's probably not worth upgrading. If you were looking at buying one or the other then the X is great value at these prices.

      • +6

        What… It is very much worth upgrading, far better performance and downsampling makes it a no brainer, even if you dont have a 4k tv.

        • +1

          My apologies, I went from an S to an X which is what I assumed they meant. The S can still upscale to 4k. I didn't notice a huge difference on a HD plasma but did on my 4k QLED.

      • Most games get upscaled. So they get bumped up for 720p or 900p to 1080.

    • +2

      yeah it is, unlike the PS4—> to PS4 Pro, XBOX ONE —> X ONE X is a massive jump.

      I did it first on a 1080p plasma and even that was worth it. Now on 4k its not even a discussion.

      • +1

        What about PS4 to XBox1X?

        • huge step backwards, you lose access to a heap of console exclusive titles ;)

      • So not worth the upgrade from my PS4 to a PS4 Pro, even though I got a 4k HDR TV?

  • damnit lol, bought at the wrong time.

    • +5

      Regret is the first sign that you are one of us.

      • i got a good deal but i wanted a better deal.

        • Spoken like a true Ozbargainer.

  • +2

    (profanity) yes, wanted a price war on an Xbox one x

  • Tempted to sell my original now for this. Just wish there was going to be a PC port. I could just wait half a year …

    • +4

      Might be waiting a lot longer than that.

      • Took GTA 8 months but then the original Red Dead never made it to PC….

        • +5

          was first released for xbox 360 and ps3 on 17th September 2013, then later on for PC in April 2015. dont know where you thinking 8 months?

        • +4

          The rumour why RDR never made it to PC was simply because it was a s***storm of a code job, it was a miracle it even ran on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Fixing it to make it portable to PC was basically impossible. Think Rockstar would have learnt from their mistakes this time considering how big of a hit the game was.

          Also dunno where you're getting 8 months from


          released in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in November 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

          • @Porthos: That's the problem with building for console.

            • @Clear: Well no, there's nothing inherently wrong with it (especially with how similar the current consoles are to PC nowadays).

              This is a video that explains it. Starts the 'technical' part of it at 4:10.

            • @Clear: They could do the same with the game though, release on PS5/Xb2 and then PC after that.

          • @Porthos: they must have fixed a lot then because it runs fine & looks great on xbox one s

            • @HKS: You do realise the Xbox One runs a Xbox 360 emulator to play it, don't you? They didn't port the game over to Xbox One.

              • @Porthos: Maybe so, but graphically it's better on the current gen consoles. They remastered it as an enhanced title:


                • @tastybaklava: Guess you missed the most important part of that article?

                  With one exception, the resolution upgrade is the only difference between the original and enhanced versions of most Xbox 360 games. Microsoft doesn’t modify the original code when an Xbox 360 game is enhanced. Texture assets, shadow maps, LODS, draw distance, effects and more are identical in the enhanced and original versions. The exception is the addition of 16x anisotropic filtering which smooths out edges that are not perfectly vertical or horizontal.

                  All they did was bump up the display resolution to 4K (whilst the game is still running natively at 720P) and fixed the frame rate issues. Not exactly ground breaking stuff (any of the emulators can do that, I play plenty of games on the Dolphin and Cemu and they do wonders) and the graphics look great, but still doesn’t mean the code itself wasn’t an absolute mess.

                  • @Porthos: Guess you missed the part where I said Maybe so, but graphically it's better

                    I didn't say they changed the code.

                    • @tastybaklava:

                      @Porthos: Guess you missed the part where I said Maybe so, but graphically it's better

                      I didn't say they changed the code.

                      Didn't miss that part at all actually, but there's a hell of a lot more to graphics than simply resolution.

                  • @Porthos:

                    any of the emulators can do that

                    No they can't, there is no playable emulated version of Red Dead Redemption unless you like sub 30 FPS which constantly changes.

                    • @Diji1:

                      No they can't, there is no playable emulated version of Red Dead Redemption unless you like sub 30 FPS which constantly changes.

                      Tell me where I was only referring to RDR on a Xbox 360? That's why I specifically said (nice selective quoting by the way):

                      Not exactly ground breaking stuff (any of the emulators can do that, I play plenty of games on the Dolphin and Cemu and they do wonders)

                      Also the fact the Xbox One can still only play the original game at 30FPS (and that still drops at times) when they're the only ones who have full access to the technical details of the Xbox 360 to be able to make an emulator, I think 3rd party emulators for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are doing an amazing job!

        • +1

          If you have a gaming PC and still want it, try to buy a used copy on ps3 for like $10. I get an average of 17fps in rpcs3 (minimum 9 in towns) but I think it'll reach payable speeds by January (with what their graphics dev is working on right now).

          Plus you can bump the graphics up to 4k with no performance impact of you have enough vram

          • @idonotknowwhy: That's for the original Red Dead though? Not the new one.

            • @Clear: Yeah. Thought you guys were discussing that.

              • -1

                @idonotknowwhy: Don't know what the others were rambling about but I was talking RD2.

          • -1

            @idonotknowwhy: 17 FPS is not playable LMAO.

            You can play it on PC via one of the game streaming services, forget which one.

            • +1

              @Diji1: I said

              I think it'll reach payable speeds by January

              implying that the current 17 FPS is not playable.

              So I'm glad you agree with me.

  • +1

    pls gib ps4pro bundle

  • -3

    Doesn't appeal to me, but looks like a great deal!

  • Is the white model included in this promo?

    • -1


      • According to fine print in website, yes white is included.

  • Damn that’s a good deal

  • +20

    Looks like someone found the ad. Can confirm, that this deal crosses over with the Forza bundle. So for 4 days you'll get all 3 games for $499. White console should also be available.

    • +2

      are you saying jb will do console + 3 games for 499?

    • You mean the deal at the bottom of this page?


    • +3

      So you’re undercutting BigW by $100!?!?!

      Way to go!

      Can we preorder this deal or is it walk in only?

    • +1

      So, Xbox one x + forza horizon 4 + forza Motorsport 7 + red dead redemption 2 for $499?


      • Where do you see that?

    • +3

      But that Forza deal ends 25/10 and this one starts 26/10…?

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