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10% off Smartfire BBQ Controller Pro (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi): $278.10 to $313.20 @ Smartfire BBQ


Probably not a deal for everyone but for those who bought BBQs recently in the BBQ galores sale, it might be useful.

Found this targeted ad on my Facebook after doing some research on a decent BBQ controller for my new Kamado BBQ.

Pretty much it's a controller for use with charcoal bbqs to help control and monitor temperature of the bbq while cooking low and slow projects.

From what I understand it's an Australian company and the customer service deems pretty good with a dedicated Facebook group and all.

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  • How does this compare to weber igrill 2 ? Which is $150.

    • I think the igrill is just a 2 pronged thermometer. This device controls the air intake of the BBQ to keep temps consistent throughout the cook and have efficient use of the charcoal. This device also has thermometer (up to 4 probes I think).

    • I have the iGrill 2 and it was decent under the previous owners but since weber took over it's a little iffy. If you can afford it and plan to stay in the low and slow bbq game for long, go with this one.

  • Pain in the ass to get connected but once it's going it is worth its wait in gold.

  • God wish I'd known about these before paying around $400 to get a BBQguru digiq shipped over.

  • Have one, it's great….. End of review..

  • Good timing !

    Any suggestions if the Smartfire would work with this BBQ model ? https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/barbeque-master-gas-charc...

  • …smart barbecues now?? jesus……………

  • Got one of these. Highly recommend. It changed the way i BBQ. I've done 14 hour brisket cooks while at work. You don't have to worry about making small adjustments to the BBQ air vents as the Smartfire fan takes care of it. You can also sleep easy doing an overnight cook as it will alert you to any temp issues.

    The owner / developer is always improving the software and providing support. Also if you buy one join the Smartfire community on facebook that as there lots of tips and help available.

  • anyone wanting to go analogue for low and slow, check out https://urbangriller.com/shop/kamado/tip-top-temp/

  • Anyone tried one of these on a ProQ? I've stopped doing overnight cooks but would like a controller like this to start up again.

    • I've got an adapter fitted on both proQ elite 22" and a fornetto 17" or 18" (cant remember exact size). Needs the dual adapter for bullet-style smokers. This means I just buy one smartfire and install an adapter in each and can swap between the two.

  • So basically a PID controller, PWM output, fan and a few PT100 RTD's.
    If you don't need wifi you can pick this stuff up on eBay in kits for under $50, much cheaper if you DIY :-)

    • yeah, people that haven’t invested in charcoal bbq but are getting into bbq, low and slow or smoking are heading towards pellet smokers now …..takes care of temp control and fuel ….. bunnings now have one for under $600 ….

      • Yeah the fornetto they also have the pitboss pellet smoker at $699. Would spend the extra and get that unit.

  • Any idea how long this code is valid for?