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$20 off Uber Eats Order (Existing Users)


Code worked with my exisiting account, and it added a $20 off next order coupon to my account.

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  • This account is not eligible for promotions

    Wonder what I did to piss Uber off?

  • Not working for me in Perth :(

  • Nice

  • cheers OP lunch sorted :)

  • Worked in Brisbane

  • its seems to be over

    Edit - it worked in Syd

  • Excellent, thank you! Have just pre-ordered my dinner for tonight :) #lessonlearnt

    • +1

      How do you preorder?

      • you can select a time of when to order where it says asap next to your address on the top of the screen

      • +1

        The risk of preorder is that it may get cancelled by Uber later.

  • Has anyone already got their meals?

    • +1

      Driver on its way 2min eta

    • of course. Ate it already.

      Was delicious asian food

      • +1

        Who? You or the driver?

      • A succulent Chinese meal?

        • thai deliciousness

    • My Ben and Jerrys is on the way :)

    • Yep, just got 2 coffees and a McMuffin of sorts (WA so that’s a long way towards my hangover cured).

    • Drank it already

    • Yep. Finished the meal already

      • +4

        Uber will arrive and surgically remove it from your stomach.

    • Got mine.

  • +1

    Thank you! Works in Adelaide! :)


  • +1

    Already have food sorted so got myself 2 chatimes delivered.. lol feels bad. thanks

    • +1

      should've gotten dinner sorted too by pre-ordering!

      • haha true but already have dinner tonight too :D

    • +1

      I did the same! haha

      • mine just arrived! haha

  • Pre-ordered today's dinner! Thanks OP

  • can be added in mobile app, Perth.

  • First time user.

    Can I pick up my order from the shop or is it just delivery.

    • food "delivery" service <> "pickup" my order


      • Some of these are food 'ordering' platforms, so you can both get delivery or pickup e.g. menulog

        • -1

          which this isnt

          the name uber synonymous with driving and delivery should have been a clue

    • You could order it to be delivered to the shop - they hand it to the Uber driver - he turns and hands it to you.

      Report back on how it goes ;-)

  • +2

    Wondering if they will reverse it and charge me but who cares. Gonna appeal all the way!

  • Yes, my charcoal grilled Afghan chicken just arrived! :)

  • Still works

  • +1

    Just worked for Melbourne :) Viet rolls delivered

  • +1

    Ordered some Turkish Kebab :) Thanks OP!

  • Works in Adelaide, just got my order sent! Thanks OP! <3

  • Can they cancel pre-orders, scheduled for tonight?

    • of course they can

    • +1

      Yes, and they will. Order now or regret it!

  • Just got my Charcoal chicken delivered! Thanks OP

  • Thanks you kind sir. Worked!!

  • I get "Failed to apply promo code. Please try again" if I use the website on my pc but it worked through the Ubereats app on my phone. Thanks op!

  • Two breakfast wraps delivered for the grand sum of $1 - thanks OP!

  • +5

    Order placed, thanks OP.

    Looking forward to arguing with Uber support later.

    • +1

      gonna remove my credit card from the app when my order arrive

      • Lol

      • +1

        It's not possible to remove your last credit card without replacing it with another one

        • +1

          just replace it with an empty PayPal account

  • Cheers for this op!

  • Mixed kebab and a side order of chips & gravy en-route :-)

    • Don't forget the Coke No Sugar to wash it down.

      • I'll be pouring a beer when it arrives :-)

  • +2

    I'm getting 'Oops, this promotion is no longer available' so I'd say it has been ozbargained

  • Yep just missed out on it, no longer working. Tried in Melbourne

  • +2

    Promo no longer available?

  • +2


  • -2

    Just my luck that the flog delivering my order is on a bicycle.. Order is 45 min late. Here's to a soggy cold lunch - at least it's free.

    • LOL, Mine said he was on a bike, but he rocked up in a car, go figure.

      • Bicycle that is.

      • You should report him, they do that to get more money and better trips. Its not very fair to people who are honest and drive.

        • Serious? They get more money for delivering on a bike, it should be the other way around considering more wear and tear on cars. Strange system they've got.

          • +1

            @R1ngSt1nger: Delivery fees are subject to the Uber Service Fee shown below.

            Bicycle: 35%

            Motorbike or scooter: 30%

            Car: 30%

            So yeah… they are being dishonest and getting the best trips normally reserved for bicycle riders.

        • Are reports anonymous?

          Where do you report?

          • @rompastompa: I'm not 100% sure but I believe you give them less then 5 stars, then it will give you a list of options, one of which is it not being the correct vehicle.

        • Wrong, bicyclists get less money.

          Uber charge a 35% service fee to cyclists, against 30% to car drivers.

          See their own pricing page:

          • @odysseus: Thats the fee the restaurant are charged.

            Why would uber eats drivers have to pay money to drive?

            • @samfisher5986: No, that's the fee to the "driver partner." It even says that in the first section about how much they are paid: "The UberEATS delivery fee is calculated using a drop-off fee, pick-up fee, and a fee per kilometre for the distance travelled to drop-off from pick-up. The Uber Service Fee applies to the delivery fee. The amounts shown below are before the Uber Service Fee has been deducted."

              As for why, that's how uber make some of their money, just like with regular uber. Uber charge a fee to the restaurant, grant the driver the amount in the pricing section, then deduct their commission. uberx works the same way, with uber deducting commission from the rates paid to the driver.

  • Is it working anymore?
    I'm getting a 'this promotion is no longer available'

  • +7

    Going to a kids bday party later today and just ordered 14 mini cupcakes for free!

    • I challenge anyone to keep a straight face when delivering 14 mini cupcakes. Motorbike rider certainly couldn't!

  • Wow, I just made it in then, redeemed and ordered less than 10 minutes ago.

  • Says the promotion is no longer available :(

  • Damn it, just putting in my order and got no longer avaliable. Hahah

  • Strange mine just went through. In sydney

    • Mines on the way

  • Enjoying my free meal!

  • +1

    Some people are taking screenshots of their pre-order receipts, would they still honour it?

    • +1

      don't think so

  • Damn! are there any $15 codes still working for first timers?

  • +1

    Ordered from once account, food on its way… added in second account which is still there

  • doesnt work for me

  • If I preorder for tonight , and i have reciept and everything, will Ubereats remove the promos code and charge me $20 unexpectedly? I'm scared after hearing of horror stories with ubereats

    • chargeback with the CC, baby.