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$20 off Uber Eats Order (Existing Users)


Code worked with my exisiting account, and it added a $20 off next order coupon to my account.

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Referral: random (2458)

$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +2

    Works for me in Metro Vic!

  • Worked for me. Nice one!

  • Nice, works,

  • Worked for me too!! Dinner is settled for tonight :)

    Thank you

  • Worked in qld, thanks!

  • +1

    Worked in Melb!

  • Worked in Sydney thanks!

  • +7

    Worked in melb. who would have thought- a code that ACTUALLY WORKS for already signed up Uber customers..

  • works for me thanks

  • Worked! Thanks heaps. Got Thai coz the missus loves it.

  • +2

    Doesn't work for me

  • Works in Adelaide

  • Worked in Melbourne! Thanks OP

  • +1

    No luck in WA

    • +3

      Worked for me in WA

      • Worked for me in WA

  • +3

    Worked in Perth!

    • +1

      Yep, another Perth working here (on 2 accounts).

  • +2

    Works in Perth, WA. thanks OP

    • works for me too :D

  • +1

    Anyone know if it is better to use up the code ASAP before they revoke it or just wait until when I actually want to order?
    Now that this code is on OzBargain it is going to get abused and probably Uber Eats is going to can it, but I am not sure they have done that in the past.

    • they have removed it from people's accounts in the past i believe

      don't know how they handled orders that had already went through, i assume they didn't do anything

    • I'd use it ASAP. Just got mc Donald's breakfast in Perth.

  • +2

    It works for everyone else, so why do I get "failed to apply promo code"?

  • Promotion code is not vaild

  • +12

    For those who it is not working for, that is an L between the 2 and the 7 not a '1'.


    • Wow, it works! I thought it was a "1"

    • Still not working :\ on two accounts

  • Worked on one of my accounts

  • Worked in Melbourne Metro. Thanks

  • Used on two accounts. Both working

  • Worked in Brisbane - thanks champ!

  • Tried again and it worked!! Food on the way :)

  • +11


    • +1

      Not long until we see a big 'EXPIRED' next to this post.

  • Can I use this code tonight?

  • Works for me (existing customer in Melbourne). Now to order ASAP before they remove it..

  • +2

    Someone's getting fired haha.
    Thanks for the code.

  • Thanks so much OP!

  • Regional North West Victoria (Bendigo) worked. Thank OP :)

  • blOODY hell my restuarant is closed. Opens in 3 mins XD

  • Worked for me Perth here

  • thanks op brisbane applied

  • Doesn't work on my account but does so on my partner's.. odd

    Edit: Worked now!

  • Dinner sorted. Thanks OP.

    • They're going to remove it before your dinner :)

  • Perfect. worked on my two accounts in vic

  • Can I order now for later? It's 8am here

  • Worked here! - Melbourne
    My sub just arrived too haha

  • Oh no.

  • Thanks mate! Lunch is sorted out!

  • +8

    every time this happens uber just charge the extra $20 after the fact and you have to fight tooth and nail to get it reversed, so please be careful!

    • +2

      So take a screenshot at checkout

    • +1

      Use PayPal? They can't charge you without your authorisation?

    • +1

      Reverse transaction in that case. Fraudulent charge.

    • I use an AMEX card so I will just chargeback if they tried something.

    • What are the past examples? Thanks for heads up

      • wait reverse charge??? i wouldnt purchase if it wasnt for the code…. should i cancel my order?

        • just tell them to (profanity) off if they try to charge you more. Can easily chargeback with a credit card or paypal

    • on my paypal it says transaction pending (I scheduled an order), does that mean now that they have nerfed the code, they will make me pay the extra $20?

  • Foods on the way now, thanks OP!

    • -1

      you know that you dont need to order now. you can just add the promo to use later

      • Are they able to remove it once added?

      • +1

        Use the code now, they are well known for pulling these vouchers

  • Working for me in Adelaide

  • Working Adelaide

  • +2


    I just ordered 4 coffees cause it's 8.24am here in Perth… nothing else open lol

  • +2

    Working. Perth

    • Can order for delivery later I think. Once you set the time more options open up

  • +1

    Works for ACT, specifically Belconnen. Just got free red rooster delivered! Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Worked in Canberra ACT

  • +1

    I've never been more happy to be hung over in my life. Works in WA

  • worked for melbourne

  • How do you add it

    • under payment options

  • 2 orders on 2 accounts, Sunshine coast :) Thanks OP

  • worked for Brisbane.

  • I added it to my account then tried to order something and it said this promo code is not available on this account. Bastards.

    I tried to re-add it to my order and it says "Ooops, this promo code has already been used". I give up.

    edit: worked on my old man's phone

  • Code works but no Uber eats at our address - for those getting free food enjoy!

  • Thanks! Lunch sorted!

  • Amazing - thanks OP!

  • Breaky and dinner sorted ( scheduled ) , thank yu

    • how do you schedule uber eats for later??

  • +1

    It's arrived! Yumyum thanks OP.

  • Promotion is not valid :(

  • Free meal for today! Thanks!

  • Worked in Brisbane, Took a screen shot of receipt

    (Free tub of Ben and Jerrys) well $1.95 lol Thanks OP

  • Works for Me in Adelaide, I hope it is still there in a few hours when I am ready to place an order!

  • Nice!

  • Worked - Melbourne delivery tonight. Cheers

  • So can you order 1x small Maccas fries and then 1x $20 pizza using the code to get the pizza for the price of fries + delivery x 2?

    • Each order has to be from the same place. So unless maccas sells pizzas, no.

  • Wouldn't let me add it to my account in Adelaide, but would let me add it as a promo code for a live food order.

  • Order sorted. Screenshotted to make sure they don't screw me over.

    • What did you screenshot?

      • +2

        If you're using the app, go to past orders -> view receipt.

  • +2

    free half peking duck for lunch, lol

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