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Kogan 65" 4K LED TV (Series 8 JU8000) $769 with Free Shipping @ Kogan


Same as previous deal posted last week. But now with free shipping.

Experience the 4K difference!
Ultra HD 4K 3840 × 2160 resolution
Built with a stunning AUO panel
LED technology – save space and energy
PVR – live recording of your favourite shows to USB
USB media playback
USB 2.0 × 1
HDMI input x 4

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  • Aldi vs Kogan? Any comments?

    • After a quick google search, seems as though AUO aren’t too bad

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    Auo panel. Not too sure about that but 55 inch is LG panal for 499 seems much better value.
    Shame they sold out the 75 inch

    • Normally an AUO vs LG argument would be a no brainer but some LG 4K panels aren't really 4K apparently:

      Done the way LG does with its RGBW LCD TVs, there are still only 11,520 subpixels, as with RGB, but every fourth subpixel is changed to white.This results in only 2,880 distinct RGBW subpixel groups, or pixels, or possible full color points in each row. We call it subtractive RGBW. By any reasonable definition, including your eye’s when viewing 4K UHD content on such an arrangement, that’s 2.88K, or using the display industry’s loose math—2.8K.

      • Thats some really interesting fact, so 1/4 of the pixels are useless in some LG panels.
        But is AUO any good? I still hope they put 75 inch back as its with Samsung panel.

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          Samsung seem to use AUO panels in their units

          "Panel lottery"

        • Something like that yes, because instead of adding a white sub-pixel, they replace it with a white one, so it's more that each pixel (made up of the subpixels) is only 75% effective.

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    Can't argue with that price!!

  • Do kogan tv have discrete on/off?

    • Didn;t know what this was, upon Googling it; I'm going to say no it doesn't.

      • thanks, usefull for automation to have seperate on and off signal. Else sending an "on" signal can turn the tv off if its already on.

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    I purchased the 55" version a few weeks back for $529 including delivery and am very very happy with it, using my xbox one x and RDR2 and Forza Horizon look amazing.

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      How are the built in speakers? This is the main thing holding me back from getting one.

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        Garbage, just like any cheap TV, you purchase externa;l speakers like a normal person

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    No HDR. Arguably a more visible feature than 4K.

  • I am looking at getting a cheap 65inch 4k tv, what do you think would be the best between this and the 65inch viano $749 at BIGW or JBHIFI's Soniq UX16A 65" 4K UHD Smart LED LCD TV for $795. Bit of XBOX1 now and then and mostly watching foxtel etc. I do like the kogans delivered also for free.

    • All about the same. Up to you whether you prefer free delivery or picking it up yourself

    • Just thought about any possible return, JB HiFi would be much better in that aspect . Kogan gives you credit if you return which means you may not get lot quality products to buy for received credit . With JB, you have many options

      • A tv I bought from Kogan came cracked. They sent a truck to deliver pick up old one and got new one within 7 days

  • might get one…

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      All that time I just spent testing to see if the code worked and you delete your comment:P

      Enjoy if you do purchase!

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    Kogan shares just got hammered today by 35%!!!

  • Anyone know what the difference is between Kogan's series 8 and series 9 TVs?

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