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½ Price Sunrice Jasmine Fragrant Rice 5kg $8.50 @ Woolworths


Appears that the price has increased from $6.75 back in June and are now Product of Cambodia (Previously Product of Australia).

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    Made in cambodia…, should be cheaper than $6.75

    • Most likely the higher price due to import tax/duties and delivery from overseas.

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        So Australian produced is cheaper? Then why sourced it from another country?

        • Little known fact, droughts impact farm production.

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        Most likely the higher price is due to Sunrice assuming people won't bother to check where it is made and they can keep charging a premium.

    • Anyone know what the comparative products would be for the Cambodian rice brands? I don't think I've seen any, well not as cheap as $34 a for a 20kg bag.

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    Still taste the same right?

    • Depends… Pakistan and Indian Basmati rice has different flavours…

      Purely subjective though. I can't put my word to it, but I do believe so myself.

  • Will it be cheaper at Indian shops?

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    Wow, the markup for jasmine rice is still super high due to the drought and a worldwide shortage. I really do wonder how they got it down to $8.50 for 5kg ($34 for 20kg) for the imported stuff.

    Usually it is around $50 per 20kg of Jasmine Rice for the popular Thai brands. I haven't seen any cheapy brands though…

    I was looking at some alternatives but stuck to the Australian Jasmine Rice at $40 per 20kg at my local convenience store. I suspect this will gravitate towards $50-60 a bag once the supply decreases, so get in fast.

    Anyway, are you guys able to get Jasmine 20kg for less than $34 a bag. I don't know where to find the cheap Cambodian stuff, but I am not sure if it is any good. Do try and let us know. I am a bit worried about food safety issues, but rice usually steams above 100c, so it might be alright.

    As for the taste, "shrug"

    • Downvoted for raising concerns and mentioning current supply issues… Neat.

      Anyway, hope you guys go look at what the actual prices are for jasmine rice in the current market.

      You'll be surprised at how far it has moved in the past few months. No bull.

      • Not sure why you're getting downvoted but thanks for insight for why prices are higher!

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      Costco (membership required) has a 50 lb / 22.68kg sack of Thai Jasmine Rice for sub $40 ($38~ iirc).

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      20kg at my local convenience store

      Your convenience store sells 20kg packs of something?!

    • Appreciate this knowledge!

  • Thanks OP. These haven't been in sale for ages and my local Coles & Woolies stopped supplying the 5kg Jasmine rice until recently.Then they restocked at almost triple the previous prices. Time to stock up now :)

  • Sunrice Basmati (Pakistan) is about $9ish 5Kg bag at this moment at Coles which is better value

    • Basmati is crap for Thai curries though.

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    Interesting how (at full price) the unit price is higher when you buy sunrice in a 5kg bag as compared to a 1kg bag. 34cents per 100g v 32cents per 100g.

    So much for bulk buying.

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    Disappointing that it’s now from Cambodia. Coming from a household that traditionally ate jasmine rice from Thailand, I chose to support Australian farmers and industry by purchasing Australian-grown jasmine rice when I moved out, despite the noticeably better-tasting Thai variety.

    Anyone know of other Australian-frown jasmine rice brands?

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      we are in a very severe drought , I'll be still supporting them they really have no choice to import. Thai rice would be nice but the THB is going though the roof while the AUD collapse .

      my wife is from Thailand, the A grade jasmine rice is sensational but even in Thailand your paying 200+baht for 5kg thats basically the same price as sunrise on special.

    • yeah same, we use to buy rice from overseas until we saw this was Australian Grown and decided to buy the Australian stuff ever since. I hope it really is cause of the drought and once it's over they'll stop the imports.

  • Seems price has increased.

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    I have had em all as i've grown up on rice all my life, i prefer the Cambodian/thai (they taste the same to me) rice over the the Aussie one as thats how ive been brought up. when i get a 25kg bag from the Asian green grocer, i pay anywhere between $40 and $47, depending on the quality, age and brand. (the younger the better) - i'm talking about rice fellas!

    I'm going to try this one as it works out to be 42.5 for 25kg at this price. but if your a rice eater - go to you local asian green grocer.

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      I was told rice gets better with age. Might be a Basmati thing.

  • Is this better for making sticky rice over basmati?

  • At the very end as a Australian we are getting ripped off as always.

  • My Dad has waited a long time bugging me for cheap 5kg jasmine sunrice, thank you ozbargain

    • Do tell him this jasmine rice from Cambodia might not be the same jasmine rice Aus grown.

      • My dad won't care, he's just after specifically jasmine rice as it's fluffy and nice to eat.

        • Might not be that fluffy and nice to eat that's what I am trying to say.

      • It might even be better from Cambodia.. They love their rice just like any other asian country.

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    Just a reminder that Jasmine rice has a much higher GI than Basmati.