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Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk $289.00, Seiko Auto Blue Cocktail Time $429.00, Seiko Auto Samurai PADI $399.00 Shipped @ Starbuy


Citizen Eco-Drive BJ7000-52E Promaster Nighthawk $289.00 express shipped
Weekend Flash Sale Page

  • Crystal/Lens - Anti-Reflective Mineral Crystal
  • Diameter - 42mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 12mm
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Luminous Hands and Markers
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Water resistant - 200 Metres
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia

Seiko Presage Auto Blue Cocktail Time SRPB41J $429.00 express shipped

  • Crystal/Lens - Hardlex
  • Diameter - 40.5mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 11.8mm
  • Exhibition Case Back
  • Hand Winding
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Pull-Out Crown
  • Water resistant - 50 Metres
  • 3 year Australian warranty from Seiko Australia.

Some reviews and wrist shots on Amazon.com

Seiko Auto Prospex Samurai PADI SRPB99K $399.00 express shipped Use Code - NERD

  • Crystal/Lens - Hardlex
  • Diameter - 43.8mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 13mm
  • Cal. 4R35 Automatic Movement, 23 Jewels, Self winding, Hand winding & Hacking
  • Strap - Stainless Steel Bracelet with Solid End Links
  • Power Reserve - 41 Hours
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Unidirectional Bezel
  • Date Window at 3pm
  • Water resistant - 200 metres (ISO approved for diving)
  • 3 Year Warranty From Seiko Australia

Review here
Watchuseek - The New Samurai Thread
Youtube Review

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    • +8

      Wow stop picking the highest price you can find to compare, you're so misleading. $216.81USD delivered from jomashop with code CTZ20, which equates to ~$300AUD. Seriously, just stop it

      • +1

        Yeah, it's like Mayvers Peanut Butter specials $2.50 at Coles vs. $5.00 non-special at Coles Express/Central.

      • CTZ20 on Jomashop doesn't work for me. How do you use it? I am logged in and trying to buy a watch of $249.

        • +2

          BONUS: EXTRA 20% OFF WITH CODE "CTZ20"


          Not sure, perhaps it's only valid on selected watches or possibly only on the watch listed? I tried it on the watch listed and discount was applied.

          • @NixMo1: does it include GST?

            • @garylo59: Not sure if joma charges gst on checkout. I didn't go through the whole checkout process.
              TBH I haven't really ordered anything from the states since the new GST laws came in to play nor do I know if there's a workaround to avoid it. Just to be safe, assume it's gst excluded

          • +3

            @NixMo1: The Nighthawk has been this price at Joma with the discount code for ages. I know because I had one in my cart with code, but went a different direction. Pretty sure Joma charges GST.

      • I think PJC is just showing the ridiculous prices some places charge.

        • +1

          Yeah I can't see where he said Amazon was the next best price, can you?

        • As usual, Australian watch vendors charge what they want. Our best defence is to pay the lowest price possible.

        • PJC has a history of using large differences in price to give the illusion of a great bargain in order to gain likes.
          Unfortunately this isn't a place to help one another, apparently it's a high school popularity contest where certain members stick to each other like a pack of rats.
          Sorry PJC, we know your true colours, no need to back pedal now.
          + or - me folks, idc, but every time PJC is being misleading I'll be there to point it out because it's straight out unfair to every other member

          • +5


            Unfortunately this isn't a place to help one another

            I think PJC's comments & post history will show who is actually helping others.

            Somehow in your very short comment history you have already managed to be caught out personally attacking someone Maybe you could use your time better by posting your 2nd deal in 4 years as a member rather than picking on other members.

            • @WatchNerd: Again, watchnerd can't help himself.
              Let me ask you something. You were quick to say "Where did he mention Amazon was the next best price", but one could also ask, did he show a high price to make your post look like a greater bargain than what it actually is?
              Again where PJC goes, you follow and vice versa. This is the high school BS I was talking about.
              FYI you know the controversy around his BS rrp watch price deals he posted, misleading people. So much so, he is no longer allowed to post in the format he once did <- facts!
              I apologise I don't dedicate my time searching and posting bargains, but I do appreciate all the posts from members who have posted legitimate deals I've managed to snag a bargain.
              Again. Every time he's misleading. I WILL POINT IT OUT. This is OzBargain, not OzMakeitlooklikeabargain

              • +2

                @NixMo1: If you can find a cheaper price for any of my deals I'm happy for you to point it out. I'm not associated with any company or other people on here so I can't control what others say.

                Ozbargain is just a bit of fun for me and I post deals to try and give back to the community. Sorry if you have a problem with that.

                • @WatchNerd: I actually have never had a problem with you or your posts. I also never am the first to mention you in a comment or start a debate with you.
                  This is nothing to do with and never has had anything to do with you or your deals.

            • @WatchNerd: So far nobody found a lower price than $289 Express Shipped. Therefore all other prices are higher. Here is that Citizen Eco-Drive BJ7000-52E Promaster Nighthawk for US$395 = $545.68. I wonder which price is a bargain?

              • +2

                @PJC: Lol come on PJC, don't twist my words. I never said it wasn't the lowest price for that watch, as a matter of fact, watchnerd always posts great prices if not the lowest.
                One thing he never does, is find and advertise the highest price he could find making it look like a better bargain than what it is. He leaves this to the user to research on their own to decide if it's a bargain, he doesn't influence their decision, he's completely neutral.
                Unlike you, which you've just done again.
                Please stop misleading the community

                • -1


                  Please stop misleading the community

                  The overwhelming number of positive votes on PJC's deal posts is enough said about how this community felt about whether they were being misled or not.

                  You know, you could have tried posting deals for the community sometimes, instead of waiting for every chance to be a keyboard warrior.

                  Please stop using false statements as facts. That is the real BS, high school or not.

                  • -1

                    @sky blu: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/5937291/redir

                    ^ exactly how the community felt. As a result, his post "format" was banned from being used on OzBargain for being misleading.

                    Here he is now doing it on his "mates" posts. All I ask is to stop using unrealistic comparable prices as not to influence other users.

                    Again, you're the perfect example of this high school popularity BS. You'd rather have other users shut up while he misleads people lolol

                    Do what you will with those facts hun.
                    Keyboard warrior signing off

  • +5

    Geez those Presages are a good looking watch.

  • Anyone know if GST charged for these?

    • +3

      As with any other Aus store it's included in the price.

      • +1

        Thanks! I always thought it is a Singaporean store.

        • +3

          Located at Pitt Street, Sydney. I have collected watches there.

  • C’mon Starbuy please have SRPB99K on sale and I will buy!

    • +6

      @0zeebee . Seiko have retired the SRPB99K from Australia. The way they are going with the PADI models, we think they will all be JDM models from now on. We purchased all the last inventory they had but could not get them to lower the price anymore. Seeing that this is a WatchNerd post, we have released the stock we have on hand to be priced at $399. Limited stock available with the discount code NERD



      • +2

        Not all heroes wear capes. Some sell watches online!

        Thank you! Just bought as promised.

      • @Star Jewels
        Hi Rep - any further deals you can offer for the citizen CC1084-55E or CC1085-52E? thanks

        • +1

          @mefresh Not on the CC series at this stage. We have some new stock coming in exclusively for us at the end of the month. May be worth the wait. Cheers

  • The case thickness should be 11.8mm on the SRPB41J.
    14.5mm is the thickness of the models with power reserve / 4R57 movement.

    SRPB41J is nice watch. Briefly had one earlier in the year, which I sent back due to scratches on the crystal. Would be picking this up if I hadn't purchased the light blue one from Qantas offer.

    • +1

      @ihfree . Sorry about that, you are correct. The thickness is indeed 11.8mm on this model. WatchNerd got the incorrect information from our product page. Sorry @WatchNerd. We have just corrected this.


  • +7

    Thank you for the post @WatchNerd. Not withstanding the local Australian warranty, we are happy to take a hit on this and knock the price down to $289.


    For all those who placed the order, please watch out for a $10 refund.


  • +2

    When will this tuna SNE498 be on sale?? Waiting…

    • I'll second this! Waiting for any of the solar tunas to go on sale….

    • Waiting for the 'Fools Gold' solar tuna.

  • Question to those that might know - my daughter dropped my Nighthawk (+7 years old watch) and a hand fell off. What would something like that cost to fix? Perhaps makes more sense to go for a new one.

  • +1

    The Nighthawk is a beautiful timepiece. We spoke about this a few months ago WatchNerd!

    • I think that may have been MathNerd.

    • I flipped mine after several years ownership. Was a fantastic watch, but I wanted to try out some new watches.

  • +2

    Been after the blue dial presage for a while. Thanks!

  • +2

    That presage looks so beautiful.

    • +2

      Yes, but seriously…$429 and no sapphire crystal. That's tight!

      No wonder the microbrands are booming left, right and centre.

      • +2

        dude its an automatic watch with a movement that rivals swiss watches that cost 10 times more!

        • Mate I've had several watches with this movement, I have one in my watch box and another on the way. The presage uses a 4R35. This is a very common workhorse movement. It's even used in basic Invicta autos, but unfortunately it's only low beat compared to high beat Swiss movements or higher spec Miyotas.

          FYI the previous model Cocktail is superior to this Presage. It has a sapphire crystal and a 6R15 movement which is improved and has better tolerances.

          • @ilikeit: Minor correction - The original Cocktail Time (SARB065) did still use Hardlex. In addition to the better movement(as a user the main difference would be more power reserve - 50 hours vs 42) it had slightly more intricate markers, and a smaller crown.

          • @ilikeit: correct in that regard. however trying to find a new cocktail time is near impossible. the presage is very good value for what you get, and a great looking watch.

            • @DiscoJango: They're still around, but at stupid prices.

              I think a lot of people regret missing out on this deal. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/359754

              • @ilikeit: i just had a look at that ebay page and they have the SARB065 for $451. fake?

                • @DiscoJango: I posted that deal and the sellers are legit. Grey market though.

                  • @ilikeit: i know what "grey market" means in terms of ipads, eg: genuine apple product, however a little different specs to AU stock and no local warranty. is the seiko the same? or they get made in a different factory than regular stock

                    • @DiscoJango: They all come from the same factory - SARBs and Presage are JDM. Is's usually the warranty. Sometimes they have 'international' warranty, sometimes it is back to base. Seiko has service centres in most capital cities and I've read of several people getting their grey market watches serviced/repaired/adjusted under warranty.

                      • @ilikeit: ok thanks. i personally like the blue dial of the presage more than the silver (cool) dial of the original cocktail time. plus ive got nothing in my collection with a bright blue dial!

    • It sure does but @429 that means no discount. I'll wait :)

  • Just wondering, what's the difference between ordering these watches from Starbuy and Amazon - with Amazon having cheaper prices??

    • +3

      @guccigang In case you are looking on Amazon US site, the prices are in USD and do not include the GST. Thanks

      • +1

        Thank you for the reply!

  • +1

    I'm after a watch for the missus who wants a 'women's watch'. Any suggestions?

  • Any chance to bring back the deal that was on the BJ7006-56L a little while back Starbuy?

    • @morgan01 . Not at this stage but that may well be on special in the new year. Thanks

  • +5

    Very tempted by the PADI Samurai but still holding out hope that the SRPC93K Save the Ocean Samurai may go on sale?

  • Why does Starbuy get so many plugs? I did a quick search and they usually get a mention every few days. In fact on some days they even get multiple mentions, usually by the same posters. Almost seems like they have some sort of commercial arrangement. Surely there should be some sort of limit? Otherwise it would be like me advertising each of the 30 day Macca deals on a daily basis

    • +2

      Easy. The majority of watches posted on here were either China cheapies or from Amazon US. Also, GST charged from some websites and OS retailers along with high shipping charges kills deals. That being said there are a lot of OS retailers who don't charge GST. Starbuy provides long Australian warranty and some of their deals are competitively globally.

    • +2

      limit the bargains? who are you.

  • What about this watch?

    I am a newbie but is it any good . i like the colors

  • That's a nice Seiko Presage, what's the cheapest price its been?

  • +2

    Starbuy - will you ever be stocking the SKX? pleeease :)

    • +1

      I'd be tempted by a SKX013 on a bracelet. That would probably be enough for me to break my no more dive watches rule.

      • +1

        013 YES!

        • +2

          @5k We would love to. Its almost like Seiko locally dont want to bring the SKX for the local retailers. They do sell a range at their boutiques at full RRP. We have offered to take ridiculous quantities from them however so luck so far. Thanks

  • Any love for Save The Ocean SRPC93K?

  • Nerd code doesn’t seem to work for samurai has it expired ?

    • Yes I have put a line through it, thank you.

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