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[Back-Order] NetGear Arlo Pro 2 Security System 4 Camera Kit (VMS4330P+VMC4030P) $799.01 + Free Delivery @ Wireless1


Was looking for the deal on Netgear Arlo Pro 2 and got this one at awesome price with free shipping compare to previous popular deal & this - with 3 cameras.
Use code P25 at checkout to bring the price down from $1,049 to $799.01

Enjoy :)

Item 1
1 x Netgear Arlo Pro 2 VMS4330P Wire-Free HD Camera 3 Security System

Item 2
1 x NETGEAR VMC4030P Arlo Pro 2 – Add-on Wire-Free Camera
100% Wire-free - Free of power cords and wiring hassles | 1080p HD - High quality video with sharper and brighter details | Activity Zones - Highlight areas in your camera's view where you want to receive motion alerts (Available when plugged in and used indoors) | Optional 24/7 Continuous Video Recording - Upgrade to keep nonstop recordings in the cloud (Available when plugged in and used indoors) | 3-Second Look Back - Capture activity 3 seconds before a triggered event (Available when plugged in and used indoors) | VMS4330P-100AUS

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  • Apologies for the novice question - but do any of the security features work (motion alerts, 3 second look back) when used outdoors unplugged? Is there a way to record to an SD card or other internal device (so where there is no access to the cloud)?

    • Have a read here: https://www.arlo.com/au/products/arlo-pro-2/default.aspx
      It will answer your questions.

      • Thanks - but it doesn't appear to provide any more info. Will the internal base station allow storage without access to the cloud? Can you set it to record to the base station attached usb device with 3 second look back if motion is detected and when it's outdoors and not plugged in? That's the scenario I am trying to cover.

        • The pro base will record to a usb but not the original Arlo one base.

          • @LJV81: There a lot of limitations under battery’s power, you can’t looked back 3 seconds as well as you can’t select motions detect areas, all these functions require plugged in. Secondly, when on battery power, depends on the motion it detects which will results in how long the battery lasts, less motion longer the battery life. If you set the camera in front of busy road, battery will require charging every 5 days. If you set it up in the back yard, this will last a month. And finally, video quality : it can do 24 FPS during daylight and only 15 FPS at night, overall video quality is acceptable for a wireless but can’t really compare to a wired one. Take these into the consideration, if price tag isn’t an issue for you, these works great and less hassle compared to the wired one, personally I have used few cameras in the past, alro worked just fine.

    • When a camera is used wirelessly (aka unplugged):
      -Motion alerts - you will get alerts to your phone/email depending on how you set up your rules
      -3 second look back - only works when you are running the camera plugged in

      Is there a way to record to an SD card or other internal device (so where there is no access to the cloud)?
      -If you plug a USB stick or USB HDD, the arlo base can record to this storage device

    • +3 votes

      The 3 second look back feature only works when plugged in. For the camera to be able to go back 3 seconds at any random time, it needs to always keep a video buffer of 3 seconds, meaning the camera needs to be always on, which is why you cannot do it on battery.

      If you plug in a USB drive to the base station then all the videos will be backed up onto it, even the ones recorded while the internet is down. But those videos will not show up in the Arlo web/app interface. Only way to access them is by connecting the USB drive to a PC.

  • Does P25 apply to anything else? Thanks OP, grabbed a set.

  • Can any users share the experience with the battery life please??
    Looks a great price.

    • I have one now for around 4-5 months. Love it. However it does pickup shadows as alerts even if I reduce sensitivity which is a little annoying. Battery life wise I have only charged the batteries once in 4-5 months, as in 100% down to 5% or so and charged up again now. Range is Pretty decent as well. I recommend getting the swivel mounting brackets off eBay as well for flexible mountable options.

      Ideally, at some point I may run a power socket in the ceiling so I can run power to the camera at the front door so I can Enable the zoned alerts as it picks up people walking on footpath which is annoying - for now I just pointed the camera lower so it cannot “see” the footpath.

    • I have 4 cameras. One is at 15% and another is at 80% after 3 weeks. Totally depends on how much motion it captures. I'm tempted to power the 15% one.

    • I charge mine roughly every 3-4 months.
      Each camera charges fairly quick as well, approximately 2-3 hours for a full charge.

    • I have 5 camera setup but with the original Arlo Pro bought 1.5 years ago. The battery life depends on the usage. Recently There was a sale in JB HiFi for the Arlo Solar (around $79). Bought 3 of them and set it up all alreas where there are more motion alerts.

      This seems to be a good price.

      Arlo is good if you want just a basic camera setup. No need of running wires and saves you from local storage hassle.

  • Shows 11$ delivery to me somehow.

  • anyone done OW pricematch on this shop and code?

  • Friday night, damn $799.01 gone. Thanks OP :)

  • How's the quality of the night vision?

  • Great deal, for a comparison JB is currently selling the 2 camera system for the same price!

    Well done OP.

  • Great deal!
    Would you recommend paying $30 for eparcel and insurance?

    Their shipping policy states the following, but is not an option:
    Postage insurance is an additional charge at a rate of $1.10 per every $100 of order value. We encourage you to opt in for postal insurance for peace of mind for damaged or lost articles.

  • Their website standard pricing is misleading. You can get the one the OP posted for $1049 or get this one which is the same thing plus a hard drive for $999

  • Thanks OP

    stupid westpac credit card payment - server timed out twice and on the third time I forgot to activate cashback.. argh nvm.

  • Thx op. Bought one

    Oop forgot CW T.T

    Edit : does this come with camera bracket? Do I need to buy seperstely?

  • Next gen rumors.


    Can take months after the US release for their new products to launch in the Australian market, though.

    • Thanks you saved me $799.i’ll wait when new gen is released in Australia and this one becomes cheap :-)

      • You can't get the previous gen Arlo Pro with 4 cameras for less than $800, so it will take some time for the Pro 2 to get much cheaper than this.

      • yeah wait for another 10 years, surly pro 2 will drop under $100

  • Note that night vision on these Arlo Pro 2 cameras is ridiculously bad. Added a Pro 2 to my existing Pro camera system and even in exactly the same spot as the older cameras, these Pro 2 versions have about 50% less night vision.

  • Great product! Have this item! Such cheap price - especially for the Pro

  • Thoughts on using this as an expensive baby monitor? We're having twins so I figure I'll use two of the cameras for them and the other two for our house.

    • @wisie The baby monitors are there for purpose. It’s so handy and useful during nights that personally I don’t feel that can be replaced by any other cameras.

      If possible, go for baby monitors. I got one from Aldi the oricom one for 89 bucks I guess (hail OZB). Can’t vouch enough. You don’t need a fancy one. Just basic one suffices the need. My 2c though.

  • Tempted to get one of these as seems very convenient.

    Does anyone actually use it as a plugged in device or is everyone unplugged?

  • Cheers, bought 1

  • Thank you OP, bought one!
    I was looking for a hassle free camera system and the review on this seems good.

  • I have a two camera set, with a third camera and battery that doesn't seem to work after it leaked in water as well as an Arlo Q wired indoor camera. It's not the right setup for me because I don't have permanent internet and just use hotspotting.

    What would that be worth second hand?

  • Thanks OP - finally bit the bullet. Have been tossing up between this and PoE CCTV

  • Great price, I'm looking for some help from the Ozbargain community? How easy are these to self install for a novice? I've been very interested for a long time? Do most people use these as battery powered or mains powered? How do you power it when using outside? What prevents them from being stolen from being used outside?

    • Takes 2 minutes to setup by syncing the base station to each camera. Same way you would connect Bluetooth devices.
      It’s very easy to install. For the magnet mounts it’s only one screw so you can’t go wrong. For added security I recommend using the screwable mounts. That uses 3 screws to secure it and means you have to unscrew the camera from the mount to remove it. If the camera is low enough people can still steal it but if it’s in jumping height then they can’t just grab it like they could with the magnet mount. From memory the pack only came with 1 or 2 of those mounts so I had to buy an aftermarket pack off eBay.
      I personally use just the batteries to power it outside, it means I miss out on a few features but if I wanted a powered system I probably would have got hickvision installed instead. For a wireless system it’s great.

  • Cheers OP, got one myself! Wasn't exactly looking for one but been at the back of my mind so this deal and the good reviews did it for me.

    • "Netgear Arlo Pro 2 VMS4330P Wire-Free HD Camera 3 Security System" is not available in the requested quantity. 1 of the items will be backordered.

    What does this mean? Out of stock? How long would it take for them to receive the next batch?

  • I’m thinking of getting this for a Christmas gift for parents. Do you guys reckon worth holding out until closer to the day?

  • p25 code is not working. can anyone else confirm this?

  • They may have run out of stock, I tried to order 1 unit and the item is now on back-order.
    Shame as I have been looking for a deal on these for ages.
    Code no longer works either, double damn!

  • Got an email saying mine has shipped, so excited!

  • Confirmed P25 has expired :(

  • Mine arrived today.

    • same - unfortunately, i'm pretty disappointed. Immense lag, not really 3 seconds more like 30-45 seconds and night vision is poor along with distance from base station

      • Consumers get what they pay for. In this case is overpriced junk powered by batteries. These toys are no substitute for cctv.

      • That's unlike all reviews I have seen and also a colleague has one and he is very happy.
        I would re-check my connections and network settings.
        It may be a defective set.
        Planning to install mine today..

      • I'm also getting a 3-5 second video and 2 way audio lag using the android app, which makes it difficult to speak with someone at the front door.

        I'm on 50/20 NBN, and haven't tried over 4G yet.

        Arlo forums indicate this is a common problem.

        I found the IR to be quite good. You just need to make sure you don't have an object/s too close to it otherwise it compensates for any overexposure so makes the rest of the image dark.

  • missed out - any chance of this deal being repeated Op ?

  • For anyone who's considering getting Arlo, do consider the pros and cons below first. I've had Arlo for about a year and 5 cameras on their Basic plans.

    Wireless setup that works as advertised although not in a great way. It's like an old car that still runs but it is noisy, jerky, and overall a terrible experience. It'll still do what you need to do but it's not great by any measure.

    The app for your phone is horrendously slow, clunky, takes forever to load the settings page, refresh status, etc. It works pretty fast if you're trying to log in on a computer so it's not an internet speed thing. Considering how many false positives you'll get -> see below, it's absolutely frustrating how many times you need to log in to use this crappy app.

    False positives; they intentionally cripple the "basic" free plan so you cannot use custom motion zones on battery and only on AC power. If you subscribe to their "smart plans", suddenly it can be done. Basically, if you put your camera out front, you'll get a hundred notifications a day for each car that passes by. Setting a custom motion zone solves this or if you're able to position your camera in a way that does not capture the street. Unfortunately, intentionally crippling features for the "basic" plan is not great. Also - they claim on their website that they can detect between moving trees and other actual motion - this is NOT true. I get notifications for trees all the time. Basically, just get used to dealing with false positives.

    Motion detection does not work through glass - i.e. you cannot put this behind a window.

    Two Way Communication and Lag - the video captured when viewing "live" is a good 1-2 minutes behind live video. Try having a two way conversation with this is like sending a message to the Mars Rover. by the time the app loads, and you want to have a two way conversation - the person is long gone.\

    Battery life can be great or terrible - depending on how many triggers and video recording gets done - anywhere from 1 month to 6 months.

    The default mounts that come with the camera are horrendous to mount on a wall and to keep steady when trying to position. You almost need to buy new ones from ebay but they are inexpensive.

    Web interface - their web login no longer works with Chrome, since Chrome 71 has now disabled flash entirely from the browser. This means you cannot use the web to stream a video. You can only replay historical videos captured.

    There isn't many other solutions out on the market at the moment so Arlo can get away with doing false marketing claims. None of their features work as well as advertised but they do generally work terribly, in a slow, clunky, frustrating manner. It's just a matter of time before someone else does it better and cheaper. For the prices they're asking for, this isn't quite acceptable.

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