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Telstra Family & Friends: Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB + 30GB Data + Peace of Mind Data - $69/Month (24 Month Contract)


Heya ozbargainers,

First deal, hopefully I'm doing it right…

Telstra are now offering Family and Friends deals again, similar to last year when they did the S8, Pixel etc. It's not advertised anywhere but I was just offered this in store, thought it might be of interest to some.

  • $69 p/m for 24m, Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB, unltd calls/txts, 30GB data plus Peace of Mind Data included (normally $10 extra p/m).

The closest plan currently on their site is $89 with 20gb data and without peace of mind, so this is good value for Telstra.

Another deal they had is:

Choose from Samsung Galaxy S8, Pixel 2 XL 64GB, Oppo R15 Pro, iPhone 6S 32GB.

Available to new services, port-ins and telstra pre-paid customers.

*$10 port-in credit may apply for new customers
*These are NOT lease plans. You will own the device on both options.


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      Unless they are going to give you a “piece of (their) mind” if you use too much data?

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        As long as the SIM stays in the phone, your ok. Tether or share via a router (for better wifi and the ability to have the phone in a good signal spot and the router in a good spot to the house)

        Just dont take the SIM out and start using it in a modem… they WILL detect it and they WILL get grumpy.

        My tplink has WDS (wireless distribution mode),
        so I put the modem into router mode (its adsl, so usless now anyway) and setup wifi and enable WDS,
        scan for the iPhone HOTSPOT and answer yes to fix the WIFI conflict and add the password (enable, WPA/WEP)

        wait and test the internet, should show a connection on the iphone and the WIFI network on the tplink is now sharing the connection around the house!

        This was a free solution as i had the modem. Some other modems need a modem that can be flashed with DD-WRT software but they enable usb internet

        Once tested and working, you can implement bandwidth control but guest mode messes with the wifi re-sharing of WDS

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    Is there an iPhone 8/X option from the F&F offer?

    • Those deals are the only ones they had to show me. Didn't see any for 8/X

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        In last FnF telstra deal, i chose Google Pixel XL2, sold it for 1050$ and bought an Iphone X for $1100

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    I suppose no international calls included… Otherwise very good deal. And amazing first post.

    • Correct. Likely you'd just have to add the $10 international calling pack.

      O and, thanks!

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      Who needs that when WhatsApp so common these days

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        I have a 94 year old relative who's not big on smartphones :) Apart from that, with WhatsApp I sometimes have latency issues.

        • Then sign up some VoIP credit from Skype, viber, wechat etc… Hell cheap anyway

  • Shame no love for the iPhone (apart from the 6s on the cheaper plan)

  • Mean no peace before with them.

  • 6s was on last year’s deal, and still here for this year.

    • It's so old…I use one for work and yes it's fine but I wouldn't be paying for one out of my own pocket…chalk and cheese compared to my Samsung S8 :)

    • They better find another trick to get rid of their outdated 6s?

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    Wait for jb hifi to make this deal even sweeter.

    • How so?

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        Experience has shown that they generally match Telstra deals and throw in a $200 or $300 jb hifi voucher if you sign up through them.

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    Hope they (all telcos) do something similar to previous years deal $59/month + latest handset and 15-20gb data

    • I got this last year and eneded up with around 300jb credit from transfer and upgrade. Lol

    • I think this years $59 plan is now $69 with POM data. Not a bad trade!

      • It be good to have options since POM isn't for everyone. I'm usually in a wifi environment so I won't go over. Currently using 15gb and that's plenty.

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    Why no pixel 3, I'd be all over that

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    To anyone who doesn't know what peace of mind data is:

    Peace of Mind Data

    With Peace of Mind Data, you won’t be charged if you go over your monthly data allowance. Instead, your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps (which isn’t suitable for HD video or high speed applications, and means that some web pages, social media content and files may take longer to load), and slowed further during busy periods. The speeds you actually receive may vary depending on a range of factors including your device, location, user numbers and download sources.

    Peace of Mind Data is for personal use in a smartphone or tablet in Australia only, isn’t shareable, and the FairPlay Policy applies.

    tldr: you get shaped

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      I'd rather be "shaped" as you put it then stung.

    • Have to commend Telstra on not called shaped "unlimited" and not offering limited "unlimited" plans anymore.

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      I think it should be called endless data… Its a better, more accurate description!

      but you CAN tether and SHARE the internet data with other devices but the SIM has to be in your mobile to do it!

      See a simple fix above if you need a better WIFI coverage than the a mobile can provide…

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      The shaped speed is the same speed as my home ADSL2+ connection :(

      • You may be mistaking bits for bytes. This is likely 8x slower than your ADSL2+ connection.

        • Nah my bad I thought the shape was 6000 not 1500. Not sure where I got that number from

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    $54 p/m for 24m ($49 F&F plan + $5 for handset), unltd calls/txts, 15GB data.
    Choose from Samsung Galaxy S8, Pixel 2 XL 64GB, Oppo R15 Pro, iPhone 6S 32GB.

    Not a great deal when you realise that they were advertising the same phones almost a year ago for $59/month (and some got it to $49/mth)

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      Thought I'd add them anyway, could be useful for someone.

      • POM< Endless data, if they had offered this last year for an extra $10 every man and his dog would have signed up for it ~ but ok, some people will complain in heaven too!

    • $59 was lease plans

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    Also another option is to buy it outright. Equal to about $38 per month over 24 month. Then jump on BYO plan when they are on promite. Sure there can be good BYO deal for $30 these days

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      Yeh smack it on the byo Optus Promo Plus 10% off right now at $40.5 for 50GB data shared for 12 months and includes unlimited international to 35 countries. Shaping to 1.5Mbps is like taking us back to the dark ages.
      Better yet just balls up and get the iPhone XS Max 512GB on the $199/month Telstra unlimited data plan, that'll get you 200Mbps in some capital city CBD areas

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      Outright is always a better option but I guess most people opt for monthly plans for cash flow reasons.

  • These are lease plans right?

    Peace of mind is a ripoff anyway, should always be shaped unless you opt in for the extra data, which is also a ripoff at the rate they offer.

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      Not lease.
      Updated original post.

      • Thanks. That is indeed a pretty decent deal, I might be tempted, was probably going to buy the s9 via the education discount, this might suit better.

        • I believe this is a better deal if you don't mind Optus and you are not on Optus currently. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/410567.

          • @Smaster: Harvey Norman Broadmeadow VIC!!! STORE ONLY

          • +1

            @Smaster: Thanks but Optus coverage is driving me nuts, it's just awful, I get at best 1 bar in my house and sometimes none and I am 10 mins from CBD on flat land! Forget about country coverage.

            • @soob: try wifi calling if your phone supports it at home. Just turn on wifi and login @turn on wifi-call sharing in settings

              Apple work but andriod you need the phone with the right network info baked in (so telstra branded phone on telstra)

  • Dang, no 3XL

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      Pixel 3 was released on Nov 1st. Zero chance of it being on a deal like this so soon.

      • When did the 2XL deals start popping up? I need a new phone plan before Jan. Hoping something pops up before then.

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          2xl $59 deal was around Feb

          • @scottySK: Makes sense, just before the new galaxy Series drops so they can try and snaggle some sales at a cheap rate before the S10 wipes the floor with them…

  • So I'm currently on telstra pre-paid and the $54/month pixel xl 2 looks interesting. What's the process for signing up to a F&F contract? Do I just go into a telstra store and ask about this deal?

    • Ask about it in the live chat. I got it by asking if the plan was available (although I'm porting in from Optus).

  • The link doesn't go to any deal. Can you please provide the direct link.

    • +1

      As mentioned, it's not an advertised deal. You'd have to ask for it.

      The same thing happened last year when they ran the promo. They only started advertising on their website etc etc in the remaining weeks of the offer period.

      • Okay, thank you for the info ;)

  • Went in store, the guy said friends and family was only for the iPhone 6s, and is not applicable for the S9+

    • +1

      Staff member probably wasn't aware of it. Person who was serving me was referring to what I would assume was an internal communication.

      S9+ isn't included but S9 definitely is. I think the offer kicked off on Oct 30/31, cant remember what was listed on their pc.

      • +1

        Spoke to another guy, he helped me with it, and the promotion is currently valid. (S9)

    • S9 not S9+

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  • $10 port in doesn't apply aye? What you reckon the chances are if I hop on Telstra get and get it done through that way?

    • Try your luck online maybe, see how you go. Though I'm not sure if it's available online.
      I asked in store and they definitely can't include the port in credit. It's a 'special' plan and can't be added to it.

      • It worked… just had $10 credit and extra 5GB data applied. So brought it down to $44 a month with 20GB data!

    • Oops I meant Telstra chat… but looks like you knew what I meant. Might see which phone has the best outright value to sell :)

  • Are Telstra prepaid customers eligible ????

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      • Only for Port in or new customers

        Going from pre paid to this deal is not possible as this would be considered as reconstructing

        • The internal document up on screen when I was in store definitely mentioned pre-post were eligible.
          Unless they've changed it now to no longer allow it (or I just read it wrong :p)

  • Staff members at Nepean villiage Penrith couldn't help me. I didn't have time to push for it. I wonder when it will be readily known by staff…

  • +1

    I got mine this afternoon in South Melbourne Telstra store.
    Very helpful guy. He mentioned the JBL redemption to me as well as giving me the Google Home Mini

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    I can't believe they stopped existing customers from going on the Family and Friends plan after years of anyone being able to get it. Looks like only new customers are their friend now..

    • +2

      It is the same with Optus. They all like new customers and don't care about existing.

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    Any advice on how to claim this offer for someone who is already on a Telstra post paid plan (out of contract)

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      Port out and port back in

  • I don't have any friends or family working in Telstra. Anyone here want to help me please? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

    • +1

      Have you tried calling or using live chat and mentioning the deal? I couldn't get it as I'm recontracting but they offered it to me before I mentioned that. Just say you went in store and someone offered the deal to you but you wanted time to consider the cost or something.

      • In the past they have asked for a staff member's name to validate your eligibility, I believe they get allocated 5 people under their account. If you don't have a friend who works there you'd be very lucky if a staff member you don't know puts you down under their name as it's a tad fraudulent

      • Im recontracting this week, shame its not available for that :-(

  • +4

    Just spoke on LiveChat. Apparently this deal should be available online tomorow sometime.

  • Great deal but I still have SGS8 from last year, 20gb a month for $59, pity there's never an iPhone deal

  • Can someone just clarify for me

    $69 x 24 months = $1656 total cost (unlimited calls / text and 20gb data)

    You can also get both the jbl headphones and google home mini ?

    Is there any hidden costs etc and im guessing telstra's receptio is great and they get the 4g / 4gx speeds ?

    Just want to confirm before purchasing

    • It’s 30GB not 20GB, but you are correct about everything else. No hidden costs and you’ll get the full speeds (unless you go over ur data allowance)

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