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Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini $199.49 Delivered (30% off Regular Price + 5% off Coupon) @ np3d_systems eBay


More discounts available but I thought I was lucky since this was exactly what I was looking for and just shot through the checkout process, not knowing of any eBay wide discounts.

I believe, according to the deal forums on the recent Aldi 3D printer that this is what Aldi was selling, rebranded for $299. I know nothing of its quality but I did want to try out a 3D printer and learn a little about them, this cheap one seemed like a good entry level, starter value model for me.

Original P5OFF 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    Aldi’s Rebrand comes with the best customer service though…

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      Yeah, I'd like that but I couldn't find any in my store. This is $100 cheaper.

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          $90, plus potentially more if you looked at the link

          Buy it now price: AU $209.99
          -AU $10.50
          Your price: AU $199.49
          5% off of your best offer
          Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your coupon expires 31/12/18. Terms and conditions apply.

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      • They go on sale for any unsold units, first $249 then $199. If you wait around, you should be able to pick up one around the $200 mark.

      • Just spotted two at ALDI Maroochydore this morning. Might be a bit too far away for you though..

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    OP perhaps amend title to Duplicator not Dupliactor.

    • Done, thanks.

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      Sounds like a Michael Keaton movie.

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        They should make it.

      • That's a prehistoric animal that cloned itself as required.

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          Billy and the Clonosaurus

  • Yep :) Great deal.. thanks

    This one won't come with the "Game Changing" removable matt though! haha… laughable marketing from Winplus…

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      The magnetic bed? That is genuinely a cool feature, it makes removing prints be trivial. Still, the price point of this is killer!

      • I picked up one from Aldi and i frikken love the removable magnetic bed it literally makes removal so damn easy! I have a Tevo Tarantula and have a few mods done but the magnetic bed is still way easier!

  • How is it compared to others like the Ender 3?

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      I would go with the ender3. Its the best in that <$1000 price range.

    • Depends how good you are at putting these things together

  • Damn - just bought one at Aldi on Wednesday. Seems to work pretty well, though may be a little small

    • Use change of mind 60 day policy if you need to!

      • +60

        I know it's an option, but I have a personal ethical objection to use it for that reason. If it was genuinely not a suitable product, I wouldn't hesitate.

        • Respect!

        • thumbs up to you

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          Respect, at the end of the day these "no questions asked, change of mind returns" policy's on used products just end up costing genuine customers who make researched decisions more money.

          As they say, nothing is free, it's all built into the margin. This product is probably a prime example of that with it being $199 on eBay or $299 at aldi with no questions 60 days returns… (I realise the whole $100 difference wouldn't be due to that… But there would be a margin built in to cover it)

    • The one at Aldi this week is a rebranded Duplicator i3, this deal is for the i3 mini

    • You may well end up returning it anyway. I found the the print bed far too small and would already get warped prints unless I literally halved the print speed. Ended up returning and shelled out $500 for the larger model which had the heated bed which is a godsend.

  • anyone know when the deal gonna end? thx

  • What are people making with these?

    • Food. Jokes, you’ll find a few reviews on YouTube for this

  • +1

    Definitely a good stater printer - cheap enough to see if you want to break in to the hobby, and not be at much of a loss if it's not for you.
    For anyone starting out, I'd definitely suggest joining some of the 3D printing facebook groups, lots of very helpful people with passions for printing on there.

  • Ahh, a 3D printer.

  • +8

    You wouldn't download a … wait yes you would.

    • What does downloading have to do with printing?

      • I wouldn't steel a car, but I would download one and print it out.

  • Bought it!

    I've been waiting for a nice little printer to come along and kick off an obsession in to the Hobby :-)

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    Listing finished

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    I put in an offer of $197 last night. They accepted. Just got in before the listing ended. Paid $187.15 after 5% off.

    Thanks OP. Have been waiting for a cheap intro into 3D printing.

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      I was in such a hurry I didn't even notice I could get an extra 5% off, it looked like such a bargain already I thought it must be limited stock or something so I rushed in and bought it straight away, then placed it on here and realized I could have saved even more. Oh well, I still consider it a good deal, now I just hope that I like it.

      • Saw your post and offered $170 and surprisingly got accepted less another 5%. Xmas gift for kids sorted! Thanks.

  • Dam missed it

    • Wrong link!

  • Wouldn't the ender 3 be better for the extra $60? https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=ender+3&_s...

    • It may be - I have no idea about 3d printers which is why I wanted a cheap one to start with.

    • Not sure would be interested to see what people think as I have no clue just want one

  • Can this thing duplicate itself?

    • You joke, but a lot of enthusiasts when they get a new printer,immediately start printing parts with it, to upgrade parts of itself.

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    A couple more listed but need to make an offer as it’s at it’s original price.

    What/where Can I buy a spool of filament for this thing? (Yep no idea about 3d printing)

  • I made an offer for $179 and it was accepted. Wasn't expecting that so paid for.. Will use it to make new window locks if it works
    Saw above someone offered less and got it. Does it come with filament?

    • I got a counter offer of $190 from $170 so happy with that plus the 5% off. I don’t think it comes with a spool so might see if Aldi has any?

      • I purchased PLA+ white filament from the below to test. Just read up on the difference between ABS and PLA. PLA is the better option for beginners.

        Eventually I want to print my own custom Dreamcast console housing :D


        • Awesome thanks for the info much appreciated and the custom Dreamcast sounds cool

  • Ive been making new window locks with mine. about 8 made about 50 to go.. LOL

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