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[Todae Eco Store] 20% off Everything, Spend over $30 and Get Free Shipping


It may not be cheap but when has "green" products ever been cheap anyways… 20% off isn't a lot but it should be enough incentive to make you buy something. So you can feel better about yourself saving the planet :P

You probably know, by going green or eco friendly, you're not only saving the environment but you're actually saving yourself from pollution. It's a win win situation for earth and humans.

Personally I own one of these http://www.todae.com.au/Products/campingandoutdoors/soliosol... (Solio Solar Power Charger). At times I pretend I'm a ninja with a massive throwing star. With the solar charger you can also pretend you're a ninja too!, like pshh who wants to be a pirate.

Their product range includes:

  • Solar Power
  • Energy Efficient & LED Lighting
  • Energy Saving
  • Water Saving
  • Household Consumables (such as cleaning and body care)
  • Eco Baby
  • Office Products and Stationery.

edit: And you can get 10% back from MoneyBackCo, how good is that?!!?!?!

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  • Don't get the Pico Solar charger though. That was disappointing.
    It only manages to fill up 25% of my Garmin Nuviphone A50 before it needs a recharge again.

  • I have a Power Monkey solar charger that I bought from them about 3 or 4 years ago - it's not as good as when I first got it (I can only charge my mp3 player once per charge instead of twice) but it's still great for not using electricity and to take on holidays.

  • TODAE Failed to honour previous bargains posted on here, they are a fail in my opinion.

  • How do you get this deal? I don't see anything on the website about it. It also say free shipping for orders over $50.00