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Kogan 10,000mAh PD 18W and Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank $39 Delivered @ Kogan


Doesn't say how fast is Wireless Charging however. The standard PD 18W are also back at promo price ($29, $39 and $49).


Power up quickly with the Kogan 10,000mAh QI Wireless Power Bank with PD, featuring 18W PD & Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to charge up to 70% faster.

Impressive 10,000mAh of charge
Two-way 18W PD fast charge
Features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
Wireless charging for Qi enabled for added convenience
USB Type-C charging
Backwards compatible
Ultra-thin 13.5mm thickness

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  • I haven't got the Qi version myself as I find a lot of cheap wireless charging, particularly on batteries is pretty junk.

    I have the non Qi version and it's quite fantastic. Very solid build quality. Fast charging in both directions that actually works. I haven't checked the capacity exactly but it seems mostly accurate.

    It's also smaller and lighter than the 10k xiaomi 2.

    Would recommend for $29…this coming from someone that doesn't like kogan.

    • Yep, I also got the non Qi as my Pixel 2 does not support Wireless Charging. The new Kogan black power banks are definitely better than the old White, which I also have. I can confirmed its rated capacity is as much as on the cover (6,800mAh for the 10,000mAh enough for ~ 2.5 times my Pixel 2).

    • i have the none QI version 10000mah, love the quality feels solid, and it works.
      (same, dislike kogan)

      • how's the surface on the non Qi version and what phone do you have? Looking for a power bank for my iPhone XS that won't give it a scratchy sound when I place them both together in my bag. Assuming the non QI is the same as the above QI one, it says it's an aluminium texture with matte finish. Just curious how smooth the matte is and how it is against a phone.

  • What's the maximum mAh you can take on a plane these days?

    • Powerbanks allowed for carry-on baggage in the aircraft cabin must have a capacity below 100 Wh, or equivalent to less than 27,000 mAh

  • I have the Qi wireless one (and the 20,000 one), my pixel 3 does say charging rapidly when using the wireless,but haven't done any real testing with it.

    Hot tip, you have to press the button on the powerbank to start wireless charging, it doesn't start by just placing the phone on it.

    • getting hot?

    • That's interesting, as it's confirmed non Google (and Belkin) wireless charging pad will get throttled by Pixel 3 to 5W charging, until Google certify them. Kogan being certified by Google???

      If it's rapidly charging it's probably 10W. 15W wireless charging is rarer and Kogan would be shouting from the rooftop if it has.

      • I will need to run my phone to zero and then see what the ampere app says when using the wireless charging, that's the only means I have to test it I think.

      • Okay I ran my phone to 10% and tested a bunch of cables and powerbanks etc.

        I don't believe the previous 'charging rapidly' notification was accurate. I don't know why it said that as Ampere still showed less than 1A. (Perhaps because my phone was between 70-90%, or I had it plugged in beforehand it still showed the rapid charging status of the cable? I don't know.)

        So testing now shows 'charging slowly' and is about 570mA and 3.75V (on the Pixel 3XL when at 17%). Not much compared to what the Pixel 3 can take. Like 5 times as slow. I was even able to use more power on my phone than the wireless charging could supply.

        Pretty much every cable, powerbank & charger I tested does the same the official Pixel 3 charger and cable:

        • Yep because Google nerf wireless charging on non Google and Belkin stands. Even Anker is getting slow charging wirelessly.

    • Does this start charging on cable without having to press buttons?

      Do you know if this supports pass through charging? Thanks

      • It starts charging without having to press the button when using a cable. You have to press the button when doing wireless charging.

  • What's the conversation rate for these?

    • Well the non Qi version rated capacity (real output capacity) as stated (and pretty accurate when I charge my pixel 2 roughly 2.5 times) is 6,800mAh for 10,000mAh input capacity (the advertised capacity). That's pretty standard, e.g Xiaomi 2S is about 12,800mAh for 20,000mAh advertised capacity. Note though that output efficiency is worse if using wireless charging, probably 70% of rated/output capacity 6,800mAh X 0.7 ~ 4,700mAh.

  • Anyone know how this compares to Cygnett?

  • +2 votes

    Just telling you that the 15000mAh and the 20000 mAh has dropped an extra $4 dollars, so $35 (15000mah) $45 (20000mah). Bought the 20000mah and hoping that I do not regret spending the extra on the ZMI 20000mAh power banks.

  • Just purchased the 15,000mAh variant after previously owning their square white USB PD 20,000mAh power bank which had been replaced twice under warranty, with a further refund for the third failure. With the money from that refund, I bought this and have to say that I’m quite impressed. Build quality feels significantly better, with an overall more premium feel. As for the issues with charging over USB C (where the power bank would alternate between charging my devices and being charged by them 3-5 times a minute); they don’t exist with his model.

    Whilst the output is lower (18W vs 40W) it’s still more than enough to get the job done, and at a much more reasonable price point than branded ones (if you’d even call Xiaomi or Anker a “brand name”) which often reach near or above $100 for USB PD charging.

  • Just wait until they have the "lowest ever" tag. They had one recently.