out of stock MacBook Pro 13 inch 128GB - Space Grey (2017 Model) $1709.10 @ Myer (Price Beat $1623.55 @ Officeworks)


Just price matched Myer price with Office Works over the phone and picked up 2017 Macbook Pro 13" (no touchbar) 128GB for $1623.55

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    Dual core and 128gb fixed storage is pretty sad at this price.


      Imagine if you'd paid RRP for it.

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      128gb is a waste of time by the time you put a few apps on there youre nearly out of space. I have the 256gb version and i regret it. Yes you can save files to the cloud but thats no fun when dealing with 500mb photoshop files.


        Yea no way I'd buy less than 500gb for editing, bad mistake.

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        128gb is a waste of time by the time you put a few apps on there youre nearly out of space.

        It's a nonsense to suggest that this is true in all cases.
        The OS takes less than 20GB of storage, leaving plenty of storage for people who don't insist on video editing or storing oodles of movies on the internal drive. For the majority of potential users, 128GB and a reasonable processor speed is ample.


          Im not just running video im using photoshop files and Sketch which only runs on OS. Thats the only reason i got the mac. besides what the point of buying a macbook pro if you just want to browse the internet and create excel spreadsheets? Its just dumb the minimum should be 5000gb and it shouldnt cost $2500.


    Too slow too small.


    anyone know if you can get officeworks gift cards at 10% off? i figure a 10% off deal at myer + 10% off myer gift cards (assuming they don't have a problem paying with all gift cards) and then TRS is the biggest saving.

    but a 10% off myer sale, pricebeat officeworks for another 5% and then pay with 10% off officeworks gift cards and then TRS

    and then?


    What would be the difference from other 10% off from jb hifi etc and then price match with OW?