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Ergohuman V3 $383.95 Pickup (Richmond VIC) or $406.11 Delivered @ Temple & Webster


Use code F4N8T8479E from the other deal.
Great deal for an Ergohuman, even cheaper than the V2!

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  • +1 vote

    Has no headrest compared to v2 though. Which one to purchase will depend on individual's need.

    Both of them are great

    • +4 votes

      In comfort and ergonomically to avoid back pain, yeah.


    I have a broken v2. Can I take the part with the head rest on it and put it on this one?


      This doesn't have the hole for headrest


      what broke on it. i've got the v2 also. just curious


      Ergohumans are supposedly all parts replaceable, the problem is finding someone who will sell to you.


    The V3 comes with a free coat hanger- for a limited time only!


    Too many salty people here xD


    Price has increased $30