expired Boost Mobile (Telstra 4G): $30 Starter Sim for $15 (Half Price - $3 after Cashrewards) | 12GB Data (+11GB First 5 Recharges)


Was just about to buy my boost mobile sim and realised they've put the $30 sims at half price until the 19th of this month. This is really a steal at half price, they're probably trying to get people over the line to port in.

I then noticed that CashRewards is giving a $12 cashback on these sims for new customers, so if you get in quick it comes to $3. See https://www.cashrewards.com.au/boost-mobile.

Personally I've been tracking the phone plan deals over the last few months and am signing up with boost temporarily until some decent phone plans are released over December/Jan.


Mods please merge/remove if you think this shouldn't be it's own deal. Many people are probably aware of the $30 deal from here already https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/412624.

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    Auspost also has the $40 sims for $20 and the $20 sims for $10 until 25 Nov 2018



    $3 is great. But I don't want to pay $30 every 28 days after the initial cost.


      Yeah I hear you. I mean the benefit is that it's no lock in and it's possible you might be able to recharge less than $30 afterwards but still waiting to confirm.


    Have to activate within one month of purchase?


    Good deal. Any ideas on activation timeline?


    Can we start with $30 plan, and then top $10 every month after that for $10 plan?

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      Can't say for sure but I believe so. It looks like you just "recharge" and there doesn't seem to be a specification on how much you recharge. I say this tentatively though because I haven't received my sim yet (only ordered today). Will update next week once I receive the sim.

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      $10 plan only provides 7 days I think.
      So best price is $20 per month auto recharge. It will bill you on the same day every month, and I found that data rollover was working for me on $20 plan.

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    If you went through CashRewards to buy this, how long did it take to register the cashback in your CR account?

    I ordered about an hour ago through CR link and nothing registered in my account yet.

    Only need this as a one month switch, so I can be a new user on my regular pre-paid carrier again, so not really worth it for me without the $12 cashback.

    Just wondering whether to cancel or wait longer for cashback to register in CR account.

    Update: Just got an answer to my own question. CR email came through after a bit over an hour :-).

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    Don't forget that Boost Mobile only offer 28 day plans, but if you select auto recharge you choose the day of the month you want to recharge on and you'll pay monthly (30/31 days) instead of 28 days, this is an 8% saving. If you auto recharge it ensures you don't lose your rollover data. So this Boost Mobile plan on auto recharge has all the advantages of a post paid SIM plan without the bills and the the 12 month commitment.


    Can I use my old number on these boost plans?
    I'm on an expired Vodafone plan (my wife and I have one each).
    Would love to take numbers to boost if it's $30 a month.
    Thanks guys

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