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LG CordZero A9 2X Vacuum Cleaner $699 (Bonus $60 HN Gift Card) @ Harvey Norman


Hey guys, picked this stick vacuum cleaner up from Harvey Norman the other day, $699 and a bonus $60 harvey norman gift card.
This red model includes two motor heads (hard floor, then one for carpets), two swappable batteries (40min per battery on normal), a floor stand and a couple little tools. Not to mention a nice red.

Add on another item for $51 and qualify for the $750 minimum 50 months interest free with GO mastercard

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • asking a question on behalf of the rest of ozbargainers: how is this holding up against dyson's offerings?

    • was going to buy a dyson..
      advantages of the LG :

      Two batteries (40 min run time on each), spare battery charges inside the stand
      on/off button, no need to hold or let go of trigger
      1 hour charge time

      and have not compared to a dyson in person, but this vacuum is pretty quiet on normal mode.
      I used to have a VAX VX58

      • The removable battery system is so much better. I have a Dyson and as soon as I deplete the 40 min runtime, that's it. I have to put it on charge for about 5 hours to get a full battery. It would be ridiculous if Makita, Ryobi, Bosch etc. all made their cordless power tools with non-removable batteries but Dyson somehow thought it would be a good idea for their vacuums.

        • To be fair, not everyone needs to do 40 mins of vacuuming at any one time, but it is nice to have multiple hot swapable batteries.

          Have had my dyson v6 for two years now. It was worth paying that premium two years ago for a real cordless vacuum (i.e. dyson dc44 or newer), but that may not be the case now.

          Assuming the LG vacs as good as the Dyson (at same price tag), I don’t see why you wouldn’t choose the LG.

    • I was going to get a Dyson V10 but the HN sales rep basically told me not to waste my money. The Dyson runs slightly longer and has slightly more suction on max power. Benefits of the lg are swappable batteries, a floor stand so it doesn't need screwing to the wall ( Think Dyson may have released one now) In my opinion a more ergonomic design for extended use and better price. (I got the a9 master 2x which is the same as this except for colour and more attachments)

  • good vacuum we picked it up for 599 at goodguys with 12 month interest free

  • 40 minute runtime*

    *on normal power mode without a powerhead attached…

    so 40 minutes of dusting blinds? getting crumbs out from the couch crevices?

    Not saying Dyson is any better.. But it's a little deceptive

    • It’s 30mins without motorised attachments I think (on normal mode)

      But the two batteries is the selling point