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Kogan Mobile Plans: M $205.60 13GB (Was 7GB), L $254.30 20GB (Was 17GB), XL $315.1 40GB (Was 32GB) + Up To 40% off 365 Day Plans


Good news for existing Kogan Mobile customers

Starting from today, Kogan mobile customers on Medium, Large and Extra Large pre-paid plans will receive a permanent data increase - and they're valid across its 30, 90 and 365-day plans.

Medium will go from 7GB to 13GB per 30 days
Large will go from 17GB to 20GB per 30 days
Extra large will go from 32GB to 40GB per 30 days
Kogan will also be offering up to 40% off its 365 day plan options for new and existing customers.

3GB Small plans get a 10% discount ($13.30 every 30 days/$161.82 across 365 days) Now $152.10
13GB Medium plans get a 25% discount ($18.30 every 30 days/$222.65 across 365 days) Now $205.60
20GB Large plans get a 35% discount ($20.90 every 30 days/$254.30 across 365 days)
40GB Extra Large plans get a 40% discount ($25.90 every 30 days/$315.10 across 365 days)

These discounts start at 9am AEST on November 16 and will run until 11:59pm AEST on January 31 March 13 2019.

Current Medium deal…
Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: MEDIUM (365 Days | 13GB Per 30 Days)

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      Finally a teleco doing sth good to reward their existing customer

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      If u made the typical ozbargainer they would have to have a Kogan yearly service purchased with stacked coupon codes and referral credit

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      I get this every year for my son's & my xmas present its so much cheaper for a year & not having to worry about finding money every month. Been doing this since it started 3 years ago. Thx so much for putting it up 😋

  • my paid for one year plan is probably not going to make the cut…

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      Just got an email saying it did.

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        I've had my Kogan plan bumped up in the past, awesome that they don't only use it to attract new customers (HINT HINT TELSTRA!)

        Sole reason I gave up my Kogan contract is I couldn't get a signal in my office building (anywhere), but it got better over time, not worse.

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          Yeah there is no vodafone signal inside my office's toilet. Interestingly many of my colleagues move to a optus/telstra just to be able to access the internet during run time.

          • @hnl: josh?

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            @hnl: It might not be a problem if Vodafone enabled VoLTE for Kogan, so the phone didn't have to fall back to 3G for voice calls. Telstra's MVNOs don't have it either, but Telstra's 3G network is much more superior to Vodafone 3G network.

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              @uk3000: But when money's very tight on DSP and you got a teenager its the best thing out there & never had a problem with the signal in Adelaide….

              • @Rasberry66: @Rasberry66, yep it's an awesome deal if it works for you. I had Kogan for my in-laws who live in a tiny apartment in a 3-story building in Henley Beach, at the end of Grange Rd. They never had issues with data indoor, but the voice calls were unbearably bad, very frustrating for both calling parties. Eventually moved them to the $10 Belong, everyone couldn't be happier. Of course, old folks don't need as much data as teenagers.

                No idea for big Telcos still keep VoLTE to themselves, they will have to open it to MVNOs sooner or later, when they start phasing out their 3G networks.

          • @hnl: In my office, there's weak/no Vodafone signal in the stalls, but works half the time when standing at the basin. I'm suspicious that someone installed signal blocker in the loos…

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              @csg001: You must work at the same place as me!

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    Started out at, I think, 5GB .. now at 13GB. Thank mister kogan

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      Pretty sure the XL plan was 23gb this time last year so it’s nearly doubled in 12 months.

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        Yeeeeeup. 40GB now boys.

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        It was 23gb when I signed up in June…

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    Curently at 7GB to 13GB now in a few months, thanks Kogan. Really been needing a few extra gigs. 6 GB is a really nice increase.

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    You can buy them now with up to 40% off here

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      That's correct. I just purchased the medium 365 day plan for the "old" price of $205.60 (vs "new" price of $222.65 above). Also had the Amex $20 credit which was an added bonus.

      • yup same here $185 for 365 days is pretty damn good

    • Wouldn't the deal starting tomorrow (16/11/18) be a little better?

      Eg. Medium 365 …
      $299.90 - (40% off) $119.96 = $179.94

      Or something wrong with my math?

      When I purchased my Medium deal earlier this year (ported over in May) it was on a "2 for 1" deal so I only paid $150.

      I am assuming the end date of 31 January is last day for purchasing the deals; not the day they must be activated / recharged by.

      Our 2 other 365 day accounts (expire in January) will definitely be recharged with Kogan now, but unsure of the one that expires in May; would not like to waste 4 months.

      • +1

        Tomorrow the medium plan is 25% discount that makes it $224.93

        • +1

          Heading said:

          "+ 40% off 365 Day Plans"

          But description said:

          " … Kogan will also be offering up to 40% off its 365 day plan options for new and existing customers…"

          Looks like I missed the "up to" bit; my mistake. 🙄🔫

  • Waiting for their BOGOF promo to come back. :)

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      The value proposition of that keeps shifting over time… 12 months ago the large plan was 11GB and the XL was 16GB.

      When I bought a pair of SIMs, it was 16 GB vs 23 GB. Now after successive upgrades, it's 20 GB vs 40 GB, so the optimum has swung heavily to the XL plan.

      The medium plan has also caught up a bit now, so I expect the large plan to get a nicer bump next time.

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    I was planning to upgrade to the Large plan as 7GB was cutting it close on the last few days of the cycle but now no need!

    My year plan runs out early February so not sure whether to get this or risk it for BOGOF offer…

    • Same situation..BOGOF offer was so good but not sure if they'd repeat that deal… also need to be new customer if you want to keep the same number.

      • So is the 20GB Large plans $254.30 before or after discount? Current Kogan price is $399.

        • +1

          Looks like they've already updated the webpage to be 20Gb (this morning it said 17Gb), so I'm presuming that this will be the new price for existing customers.

          20Gb deal for existing customers..

          • @MrMiser: I was looking at LARGE 365 @ $399.90 - (40% off) $159.96 = $239.94

            This link is saying 36% off?
            So not quite 40% off after all?

            Not that these are not great deals though!

            • +1

              @JediJan: It's up to 40% off. The 40% off is off the XL plan

              • +1

                @chadiwrx: Yes, just read your earlier comment. Was getting over-enthuistiastic!

                Oh wells; $205.60 for Medium is pretty darn nice too. Not as nice as the "2 for 1" ($299.90) offer they had last year.

                Hope the heading is changed quickly in case I am not the only one who misread it.

  • Edit: misread

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    The 40% off for 32gb plans can be accessed from an old deal in Feb

    I renewed my 365 32gb plan today and paid $315 instead of $500+

    • I'm confused. Why would you go for that plan when you could get this plan - for one dollar a month? That's paying 26x the price.. Am I misunderstanding this? (Sorry if I am)


      • +1

        thats for new customers 30 day plan. if you are porting from another provider to Kogan you can use that for the first month and then continue on with the 365 day offer.

        hope this helps

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    Very rare for companies give rewards for existing customers, thanks Kogan n OP!

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    Glad i chose Kogan to replace my NBN. XL plan already gone from 23GB to 40GB since i signed up in July

  • Thanks, this is great to hear!

    • Copied from Gizmodo webpage..

      • wdym?

        • Sorry, Posted on wrong message.

          • @MrMiser: okay nwrs

  • EDIT: Not sure how OP's final prices work out.

    • Copied from Gizmodo webpage..

  • +2

    Thanks OP! so my 365 day 7GB plan will be 13GB from tomorrow ? :D I got it for $160 with a previous dicksmith deal

    • +1

      Yep, afaik according to Gizmodo post 😎

      • +1

        Awesome mate!
        Just got a email from Kogan also.

        Just when you thought Kogan Mobile plans couldn’t get any better, we’ve taken our famous great value to a whole new level!
        Your new monthly data 7GB —-> 13 GB

        Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger to start enjoying more data each month.
        Your plan has automatically received a free data upgrade.

        We hope you enjoy your extra data – stay tuned for more surprise upgrades in the future!

        Please note it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive your data upgrade in your account.

        Your Kogan Mobile Team.

    • Can you please share the link of that Dick Smith deal that you're referring to? or the details? Thanks much!

  • Small plan discount is naff. What's the best alternative? Mrs and I hardly use phone.

  • +1

    I am transferring from Telstra for this.

  • wow just got an email, my $15 90 day SIM is now 20gb month from 17gb.

  • +1

    Sweet. Kogan seems to offer up discounts around this time of year consistently. I think they got so many customers the first time round (me included) that they're worried if they don't discount when a bunch of their customers are coming up for renewal they might jump ship.

    My Data has gone from 8GB to 20GB, and i'm basically guaranteed to re-up when my 365 plans expires in a month.

  • Im assuming Kogan dont offer international calls with these deals?

    • +1

      No international calls included but can buy a pack.
      No global roaming either but international sims are so cheap nowadays.

  • +18

    Literally the only company ever that gives its EXISTING CUSTOMERS a great deal. Every other company is just looking to increase is customer numbers and only ever offers deals to ‘new customers only’. Congrats KM.


    Isn't this a better price?

    Same voucher expiry date as well.

  • +3

    I didn’t even know what to do with 7GB, and now 13? They way this is going, I’ll need to start watching video clips with cats on youtube to spend the data.

    • +1

      Nice problem to have, eh?! 🤣

      • It would have been better to have a cheaper plan for those who just needed 7GB. Final objective isn't more data that one can't use - it's lower cost. Still better than Lebara I must say.

    • -1

      I can’t imagine why you would be complaining…=P

    • -1

      How about netflix or youporn?

    • Well if you are not using it why not drop to a SMALL plan 3GB instead? Watch your cat videos on wifi at home instead. 🐈

  • -2

    Not going anywhere near Kogan mobile again. After receiving two faulty SIM cards (corrupted SIM card number on their side), I was on the phone arguing with 3 different support staff from their customer service for 2+ hours, because apparently they couldn't send me a replacement SIM card if I am not an existing Kogan mobile customer. They told me the only way to get a non faculty SIM card is to reorder again.

    Complained to ACCC and got a call back from their supervisor a day later saying he would send me the replacement SIM cards. Spent too much efforts to get a simple fix which was their fault at the first place.

    • +9

      While I understand your fustration in principle. I can't understand why you invested so much time into this issue. Sometimes we need to step back from a situation for our own sanity, even when we are in the right.

      • -1

        I gave up after the third call and went with another service provider. Told the third Kogan staff I was going to make a complaint against the company process, not him. The business should have a process to replace SIM card if a new SIM card can be corrupted.

    • order a dollar SIM and call them. They moved my number to a new SIM easily

    • Two faulty sims? Really? Sounds like PEBCAK to me.

      • Maybe. The first guy knew they were faculty (corrupted) once he looked up the SIM card number in the system.

    • +2

      On the other hand I've lost two Kogan Sim cards and they transferred my number and data to new ones within the hour when I called them. More than happy with their service.

      I might have had one argument on the phone with them but it wasn't anything worth remembering.

    • +4

      Here is the link to get free sim card from kogan

      • Thanks for the link :-).

      • Thanks for the link

  • +3

    Got a few family members on Kogan over the past year or so all pretty happy. Good value and just works.

    • 👍 Our family are also with Kogan on their 365 day plans (Small, Medium and Large). All happy with service and price.

      I must be the only person not receiving the emails though. 😢

      • +1

        I haven't received email too. :(

        • Oh wells, guess I am not the only one on the naughty list then. But, you would think that with 3 current accounts at least one email. 🤔😉😲

  • +4

    Catch Connect please take note!!!

  • Previous deal was buy one get one free so 399 for 2 for large plan.

    • I purchased my MEDIUM 365 plan on a "2 for 1" deal $299.90 too, although I don't recall the LARGE being offered the same deal.

      Just now purchased vouchers for the other 2 accounts; SMALL and MEDIUM (one previously a Large) 365 plans, so will be peeved as if the "2 for 1" offer surfaces again!

  • time to jump ship if lebara doesnt reward their loyal customer

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