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Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Motion Sensor: US $9.99 (~AU $14.31) + AU$1.74 Delivery for first @ GearBest


Was waiting for these to come on special again, $14.31 isnt a bad price for them at moment

Postage is not for each product, so cheap if you buy more, i paid $2 for postage on 6 of them

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  • If its a "human" motion sensor, surely this won't detect cats and dogs going past.

    I doubt it though…

    • you want the Fibaro Z Wave Multi Sensor for that https://smartees.com.au/product/fibaro-z-wave-multi-sensor/ as it has the smarts to know the difference between human and other motion like dog/cat curtains etc

      • do you know anywhere that we can get a ripper deal on fibaro products?

        • eBay they have 5% off at moment

          • @asa79: i was hoping for more that 5% - does not really qualify as a "ripper deal"

    • ive got the first gen outside. It's triggered by birds and cats.

      • +1

        Damn that motion triggering motion sensors hey ;)

    • I have this same sensor.. it gets triggered by slight motions of the curtains as well

  • Been waiting to but a few. Bought 2.
    Thanks OP.

  • Needs the gateway. Any bargains on that?

  • Damn, can't combine this with the door sensor, both have to be ordered separately.

    • You can combine with the temperature sensor

  • Anyone know what the battery life is on this?
    I think I've changed the button cell in my temp sensors once, however I suspect the motion sensor would use more power and I'd be buying CR2450 cells quite regularly… ?

    • i've had one running for a bit over a year and not had to replace battery yet
      Just checked HA and battery is currently at 49%
      Mine is set up to turn on the stair lights when someone walks up or down the stairs, so its working very hard either maybe 10-15 times a day

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