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15% off Storewide @ Mobileciti eBay & ProGadgets eBay


Starts 10am Nov 19 through to Nov 26. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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Mod: The code is currently taking off 20% instead of the advertised 15%. See here. Code now back to 15%

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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    Seems a bit pointless but if anyone cares, here's the search link

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      Never pointless, thank you BlazinPast!

    • Search isn't working for me.

      • Were you on mobile? If you are on a desktop, does a different browser work?

        • On mobile. For example if I type in 'Nokia' it says 0 results.

          • @tranter: Works for me using the chrome app. Does this link work?

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              @BlazinPast: Original link works now. It seems I have to be signed into ebay before using the search. On Chrome mobile browser.

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      Why pointless? This is lifeblood to us all ozbargainers :D

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    When will Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 become available?

    • when will Honor Magic 2 become available? :)

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        When will Tightarse 1 become available?

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  • MobileCiti is normally pretty good when it comes to price jacking practices right? i.e. they don't?

  • up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction and 15% code discount doesn't apply to the shipping cost.

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    I think 'store-wide' would be more appropriate for title

  • So Pixel 3 should be the cheapest from here, right?

  • Anyone know if mobileciti jack prices up? Hope not though.

  • Pixel 3 XL 128 gigabyte?

  • Thanks. Might pick up a Mate 20 before my US trip if the price is right.

    • will wait to see what larry has to say…

      • … Larry?

    • +10

      Mobileciti & Allphones are two separate holdings, even though the owners may be the same. Unless you can show evidence of price 'jerking' (as you call it) for Mobileciti through all the very popular posts on OzBargain, your comment is totally unfounded and pointless. You're trying to crap on one of the most successful mobile businesses in the country, and calling them out as 'idiots' is inflammatory in the highest degree.

      • +5

        I guess we'll find out tomorrow at 10am…

        • Very confident with Mobileciti. We'll see indeed :)

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      • https://imgur.com/4HNRzCJ

        I have been watching the note 9 prices for the 512 GB model and I was disappointed to see that they have pricejacked.. @AHUANG is this a mistake or will this be something that can be rectified?

        • Hi eastmeetswests

          RRP 1799, We have sold few on this promotion @1597.99 before 15% off, I can see price has been increase today due our new price is higher on this SKU, system automatically repice at new cost, however I have manually adjusted the price, please go ahead order it tonight using PYIPPEE, PM me if you have any questions.

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    Of course they will probably jerk off the price before we come and see it. It’s a bit premature to celebrate.

  • just took a iPhone Xs when they have 11%off on their website…

  • Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless headphones currently listed for $428.00 however the RRP is listed as $499.00. Lets see what happens when the sale starts.

    • Just checked still at $428 for m3 so after discount would be $363.79 vs
      Bose QC35 II $350.19

      Which one should I pull the trigger?

      Will there is tax invoice for TRS?

  • Can I take a guess and say about 20% of the product range will be 'made available' and the RRP extensively raised?

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    Hi All

    All Mobileciti eBay prices will be the same, or less. We do not increase any prices.

    Enjoy, Thanks for all your support!

    • -8

      i want 30-50 % off please

    • -12

      So just allphones jacks the prices yet you are the same company..

      • +5

        So if Target have higher prices than Kmart we should hate on Target as well as Officeworks and Bunnings too? They're all owned by the same company.

        • -9

          Its more so selling above the RRP since you didnt get the message cutie.

          • +7

            @solidussnake: And this is a Mobileciti deal and not an Allphones deal. The rep has addressed there is no price jacking sweetheart.

            • -5

              @Clear: Same company sweetheart or is that hard to understand. I can show you with pictures if thats easier to interpret

              • +3

                @solidussnake: There is no Mobileciti price jacking.

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                @solidussnake: Please do.

                They're the same company as much as coles and woolworths are both Walgreen.

                You do understand in business a company can share a director, or owner, but have different sales tactics or CEO.


    • Thanks for that! Do you plan to have the google pixel 3 up?

    • Hey rep, what are mobileciti's views on returning a Huawei mate 20 pro if the screen leaks?

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      Why were the iPhone xs models removed from eBay store ?

    • +1

      And yet at some point today, for some reason the Note 9 512GB unbranded model went up in price to $1,647.99 (before discount). It was $1597.99 this morning.
      Sort of looks like price jacking to me…

      • I 100% agree @seawolf82


        I have been watching the note 9 prices for the 512 GB model and I was disappointed to see that they have pricejacked.. @AHUANG is this a mistake or will this be something that can be rectified?

  • iPhone XS max with discount is a steal

  • Currently mobileciti has 11% off … does this mean come tomorrow, the 11% will be gone and replace with 15% off?

    So there is a 10% off PUSH10 on top of the 11% sale by mobilecity - so i should buy it now …

    Also another question - will mobilecity provide AU registered tax invoice for the sale via ebay?

    Thanks in advance

  • Haha OP taking some of the comments to heart. Why get upset for?

    • +5

      When you put so much effort into posting deals and you get nothing but stupid comments and personal attacks, it does have an effect and I personally am sick of it.

      • Especially if it's TA. The name is like a magnet for them.

      • You get nothing but stupid comments? Please…when someone posts these "deals" them or their associates make a lot of money. LOL @ nothing but stupid comments.

        • +2
          • @nocure: Nawww so many heros :)
            That's nice.

            • +1

              @Retailrecommprice: Hehe put so much effort into posting deals
              This is easily funniest comment of the year. Believe effort is to make money whoops I meant share bargains

              • +1

                @Retailrecommprice: Ummm TA isn't an eBay or Mobileciti rep… he gets nothing from this. Or are you trying to say that everyone who posts deals are in to make a profit?

                • @Clear: You are very knowledgeable.
                  Also gets nothing from the thousands of clicks through cash back programs which the consumer pays for, sorry I meant get free money back (which could be passed on to the consumer honestly in the first place)
                  Notice how some are quiet and can't respond to truthful posts?

                  Edit: of course sheep will say that its not worth replying, don't want to spend effort replying, they want to spend their effort posting genuine bargains.

                  • @Retailrecommprice: Ohhhh so it's because TA posted it? The majority of clicks on deals come from guests (or signed out members) and they get delivered an affiliate link from OzBargain. So the thousands of clicks will infact put money in OzBargain's pocket and not the cashback sites.

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    I may be missing something but I can’t seem to find any iPhone xs on the eBay store

    • +3

      Gotta remove them or they cant make any money mate !!

    • They were there earlier today but now have gone.

      • -1

        Mobileciti are an exemplary company. They would never do such a thing!

        It's not really a storewide sale if they remove listings.

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    Anything bought from this store is eligible for TRS correct?

  • How do these discounts work? Does the seller take the hit in profit or ebay pays the price reduction?

  • Still not stocking iPhone XR or Pixel 3 :(

  • +2

    It's active now and it seems it's 20% off!

  • Any iPhone XS or X ? Or removed?

  • Could someone recommend a mobile deal around $300? Need a phone for my mum. Just need something new, reliable and with an okay camera.

    Edit: How about the Moto G6?

    • +3

      If you don't mind having a smaller screen (5.2" vs 5.9" with the G6) then the Moto X4 is good value at $338. It had an overpriced RRP of $699 at launch December last year but became a good option when it went down to $400 mid this year.

      The X4 has a better processor (SD 630 instead of SD 450) and 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM vs 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM that the G6 has.

      The X4 for $338 is similar specs to the Moto G6 Plus which they are selling for $410, apart from the smaller screen.

      Another option is the Nokia 8, but not on offer at Mobileciti. Nokia 8 has a better processor again at a similar price but you'd have to buy from overseas with eGlobal Central or similar (basically no warranty).

  • +2

    The term “Storewide” has been used liberally. They closed parts of their store they don’t want to be subject to discount.

    • Yep, instead of price-jacking they remove numerous items from the store.

      Same, same…

  • 15% code not working on ebay

    when trying:

    This code can't be applied to your order.

    • Just checked, the code: POWPOW still working, you may have to use Au eBay/Paypal account or double check with eBay customer support.

      • using AU ebay and still not working on huawei pro

  • I've also tried applying the CODE, doesn't work

  • I think it just worked for me on the Pixel 3