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Orient: Open Heart Bamino (Silver/Blue) $179.99 SGD, Sun and Moon Version 3 (Silver/Black, Japan) $266.99 SGD Shipped @ Qoo10


The price of this really nice Open Heart Bambino I bought only last month with the previous deal has dropped from ~$195 to $180 SGD final checkout price shipped with Orient box, which makes me a bit depressed. Comparison price $189.29+GST on eBay (no box).

You can get the price by combining the 25% off Creation Watches coupon here and the $20 off $150 SGD spend here.

The 25% and $20 off coupons also work for any other watch in the shop that have Qprime shipping (filter by gem icon). The optimal price point would be $200 SGD to take advantage of both coupons at once.

The shipping fee is only $10.24 for the titled watches, as opposed to ~$18.14 SGD for almost all the other watches from this shop (and $17.90 SGD which I paid last time). I think it was because someone re-evaluated the shipping fee after I bought it (same theory with this Seiko SKX009J that someone reported buying on the previous deal).

Example list with the cheaper shipping:

Orient Open Heart Bamino Automatic RA-AG0005L10B Mens Watch (Silver/Blue) $179.99 SGD shipped

Orient Sun Moon Automatic Made in Japan SAK00004B Mens Watch (Silver/Black) $266.99 SGD shipped

Seiko Automatic Diver Made in Japan SKX009J Mens Watch (Blue/Red/Black) $245.24 SGD shipped

Shipping time from my sample size of one: 8 working days after lodgement to arrive at Sydney Auspost sorting hub, and 1 more day to come to me.

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    A few tidbits for you guys out there:
    1. The rotor is quite loud compared to other autos and you can feel it spin on your wrist
    2. Bambinos prior to the version 4 (including the open heart one in this post) has 21mm lug width (strap size). 21mm is pretty uncommon so you're gonna have a hard time finding straps :(
    It's still a great value dress watch though. Hope you guys learned something!

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      Quite right about the 21mm lugs, though people probably would throw 22mm straps on it like I did. They look good, but are a pain to install (and probably remove). Open Heart Bambino is a new model introduced in 2018 iirc.

      I didn't pay any attention to the rotor noise until you mentioned it. It's obvious in a sealed quiet room if you keep rotating the axis of the watch. Can't say I've felt it move on my wrist, but I can feel it when it's in my hand.

      The other thing is that the second hand is a bit less smooth than I had expected, as it has a 21,600 vph (3 Hz) movement.

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    I agree, 22mm straps which aren't metal bracelets fit into the 21mm lugs with a bit of compression but sometimes it'll curl the sides or crease the leather and it ticks me off!
    To the extent of my knowledge, version 1 to 3 bambinos have 21mm lugs and I'm not sure about why they decided to revert to 21mm for the open heart.
    I'll admit the rotor thing is very nit-picky. It wouldn't be a deal breaker to any great degree.
    21600 vph movements are pretty much a mainstay in all budget watches. I actually think they're really great as 21600vph is a sweet spot where the wear on the internal components is minimal over time and some say they can last 15-20 years without service. Plus if you have a hi beat movement with a smoother sweep, not only does it wear faster so you have to service at more regular intervals, it costs more to service as well.
    The bambino is sexy 100% especially the open heart but I think the best Orient for a collection is the Orient Automatic Sun and Moon. Its supposed to be 199 USD on black friday sales at longislandwatch
    Sorry got off on a tangent happy collecting :)

    • Yeah I'm not a fan of metal bracelets at all to be honest. Uncomfortable and easily scratched.

      You make a good point on the wear and tear thing, 28800 vph would possibly wear 30% faster (might be mitigated with better materials? not sure).

      I think the Bambino open heart is really elegant since the open heart is so subtle. With a lot of open hearts you get a giant bezel surrounding it shouting "look at me!". Seiko especially is guilty of this.

      Why wait for the Sun and Moon when you can get it with this current deal for cheaper? White v2 $246.39 , Blue v2 $242.64SGD shipped. Much cheaper than $199USD + $5 shipping.

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